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Here are some tips and best practices for getting the most out of your membership and building better lineups:
  • The main tools page includes many tools which attempt to identify players who are in a unique beneficial situation today. The most important of these are the Vegas Boosts, Injury Boosts, and On/Off Boosts. These will point you towards a handful of games and players you can consider building a lineup around.
  • The other splits tools like the "Well-rested boosts", "B2B Warning", "Home/Away Boosts" are also extremely useful for identifying value, as many players are reliably better (or worse) in certain situations
  • On the Projections Page, most of the boosts are combined into a single line, so you can quickly see when multiple beneficial situations are lining up for a player.
  • You can select any player in a tool to go to that player's page. If an injured player is showing up at the top of one of the boost tools, it usually means that they also have some interesting charts to look at.
  • On each player page, you can visually see how he affects his teammates when he doesn't play, when he's off the court, who he assists, and how well he stacks with each player.
  • Stacking teammates in NBA is a subtle art that takes some practice. Some teammates have a tendency to Boom/Bust together and are suitable for GPP lineups. These players often complement each other in mutually beneficial ways, most notably by assisting each other, which is the only way for two teammates in your lineup to score FP on the same play.

    Other teammates compete with each other for minutes, shots, and rebounds, and dampen each other's upside. Put another way, when one teammate has a poor game, the other tends to pick up the slack. These types of teammates have more limited upside, but they also have higher floors than if played individually, and can be useful for cash games.
  • Once you have a core of players that you like for the day, you can plug them into the ATOM Optimizer and fill it in with recommendations to finalize your lineup.
  • Our optimizer is unique in that you can optimize your lineup around other stats besides just projected fantasy points. One of the best stats to optimize on is "Shots". If there is a single stat that most predicts future fantasy production, as well as upside potential, it is field goal attempts. Trying to cram as many Shots/Salary$ into your lineup is never a bad idea.