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NEW 5x5 Cheatsheet for FD and DK
Note: You can now specifically look up DK fantasy points in the DvP Deep Dive Tool

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Here are some tips and best practices for getting the most out of your membership and building better lineups:
  • Your membership is valid for multiple users. You are free to share a single membership with friends, family, or your fantasy league. Success comes faster through sharing ideas.
  • On the Projections Page, most of the boosts are combined into a single line, so you can quickly see when multiple beneficial situations are lining up for a player.
  • Once you have a core of players that you like for the day, you can plug them into the 5x5 Optimizer and fill it in with recommendations to finalize your lineup.
  • The 5x5 optimizer is unique in that you can optimize your lineup around other stats besides just projected fantasy points. One of the best stats to optimize on is "Shots". If there is a single stat that most predicts future fantasy production, as well as upside potential, it is field goal attempts. Trying to cram as many Shots/Salary$ into your lineup is never a bad idea.

  • It has been so amazing hearing your stories of huge GPP wins using 5x5 data. We are all getting better and better at beating this game!

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