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Advanced Pitch By Pitch Matchup

How a Batter Performs versus the types of pitches a Pitcher Throws
Green is a favorable rating for the batter, and Red is favorable for the pitcher.
Batter stats and rating are against that pitch-type across the league.
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Max Scherzer (R)
vs L
Brett Gardner (L)
vs R
PitchPitch Pct%Pitch SpdHR%xwOBAxISORTGMatchup RTGRTGxISOxwOBAHR%Lch SpdLch Angle
Four-Seam Fastball48%93.91.3%0.3360.203103.4103.199.70.1530.3440.5%82.123.1°
Two-Seam Fastball2.5%93.52.4%0.3120.333101.1108106.80.2040.4221.1%86.410.9°
Weighted Average100%88.81%0.2910.15798.997980.1070.3190.4%81.314°

"Expected" stats are from Statcast Data provided by Baseball Savant
RTG is wOBA+ISO, regressed to the mean and normalized to 100-scale (with 100 being league average)