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Pitch by Pitch Matchup Tool
- For finding batters in favorable spots
Strike by Strike Matchup Tool - For finding pitchers in favorable strikeout matchups

Advanced Strike By Strike Matchup

How effective a Pitcher can expect to be versus a Batter based on the type of pitches he throws.
Green is a favorable rating for the batter, and Red is favorable for the pitcher.
Batter stats and rating are against that pitch-type across the league.
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Ivan Nova (R)
vs R
Yuli Gurriel (R)
vs R
PitchPitch Pct%Pitch SpdSpin RateTake%Swing%Whiff%xK%RTGMatchup RTGRTGxK%Whiff%Swing%Take%
Two-Seam Fastball48.1%92.6219645%55%10.7%22.2%102.2100.598.311.6%4.8%50%50%
Four-Seam Fastball24.5%92.9229752.8%47.2%6.2%14.2%96.791.89512.9%5.5%53.7%46.3%
Weighted Average100%89.52225.550.5%49.5%11.4%23.5%101.899.797.913.8%6%52.1%47.9%

Pitch Rate Stats are from Statcast Data provided by Baseball Savant.
RTG is xK% (expected strikeout rate), regressed to the mean and normalized to 100-scale (with 100 being league average)