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Note: Player and DvP Data are currently based on last year's stats and should be treated with caution especially in cases where team rosters have significantly changed. We will gradually transition to 2018 after we have a few games of data to work with.

Ersan Ilyasova

Thu 03/01/2018 17:00
Ersan Ilyasova is available on Thursday - Ersan Ilyasova | PHI

Ersan Ilyasova is available to play on Thursday vs. the Cavaliers.

Thu 03/01/2018 16:44
Ersan Ilyasova will make Sixers season debut Thursday.

Ersan Ilyasova will make Sixers season debut Thursday.

Thu 03/01/2018 02:30
Ersan Ilyasova officially signs w/ Philly - Ersan Ilyasova | PHI

Ersan Ilyasova has officially signed with the Sixers.

Mon 02/26/2018 20:50
Hawks reach buyout with Ersan Ilyasova - Ersan Ilyasova | ATL

The Hawks have finalized Ersan Ilyasovas buyout.

Sun 02/25/2018 22:10
Ersan Ilyasova expected to sign with Philly - Ersan Ilyasova | ATL

Once Ersan Ilyasovas buyout is completed with Atlanta, hes expected to sign a deal with Philadelphia.

Fri 02/23/2018 22:50
Ersan Ilyasova will not play on Friday night - Ersan Ilyasova | ATL

Ersan Ilyasova will not play on Friday night against the Pacers.

Fri 02/23/2018 21:20
Report: Hawks nearing buyout with Ilyasova - Ersan Ilyasova | ATL

The Hawks are nearing a buyout with Ersan Ilyasova, according to Sam Amick of USA Today.

Tue 02/06/2018 16:21
Ersan Ilyasova (illness) expected to start Tuesday.

Ersan Ilyasova (illness) expected to start Tuesday.

Sun 02/04/2018 16:00
Ersan Ilyasova (illness) out, Dedmon to start - Ersan Ilyasova | ATL

Ersan Ilyasova (illness) will not play vs. the Knicks on Sunday.

Sun 02/04/2018 15:53
Ersan Ilyasova: Sidelined Sunday with illness

Ersan Ilyasova: Ilyasova didnt travel with the Hawks due to an illness and has been ruled out for Sundays game against the Knicks, KL Chouinard of the Hawks official site reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Ersan Ilyasova Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Ersan Ilyasova Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Ersan Ilyasova Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Ersan Ilyasova Did/Didn't Play Premium

Ersan Ilyasova 2017-2018 Game Log

02-23-18DNPL 93-1160000000000000000
02-13-18PFL 92-9727.915631.2532.432.47220011528.416.51.16
02-11-18PFW 118-11528.29730.2531315020031919.211.31.1
02-09-18PFL 107-12326.36421.2521215010011213.57.40.8
02-08-18PFL 98-10015.5428.56.86.8400034521.770.44
02-06-18PFW 108-8219.1402021.821.840210089.53.81.14
LAST 523.47.63.822.322.622.650.
02-02-18PFL 110-11925701413.813.8400111714.47.50.55
01-31-18PFL 110-12324.710018.7519.119.13101021120.410.50.77
01-29-18PFW 105-10030.210022.525.825.84022111016.410.30.85
01-27-18PFL 104-12923.78122.523.323.34111111217.48.60.98
01-26-18PFL 110-12128.65522.2524.224.21420011111.16.60.85
01-24-18PFL 93-10819.8403.252.62.6300012010.44.30.13
01-22-18PFW 104-9023.74120.7519.719.71111033514.47.10.83
01-20-18PFL 97-11323.312114.2514.114.1310002922.210.80.61
01-17-18PFW 94-9329.49025.7522.922.97100241517.110.50.78
01-15-18PFW 102-9928.315026.7525255000112025.314.90.88
01-12-18PFL 105-11027.36213.2512.512.5510013612.77.20.46
01-10-18PFW 110-9729.58224.7523.323.39110241017.110.50.79
01-08-18PFL 107-10829.79634.7532.632.613201221317.911.11.1
01-07-18PFL 113-13228.310225.7525.825.8922021818.310.80.91
01-05-18PFL 89-11027.111033.7535.735.71132101917.7101.32
01-02-18PFL 103-10433.515535.2533.833.89010102122.9161.01
12-30-17PFW 104-8928.61523131.631.68211011324.514.61.1
12-29-17PFL 98-11128.5611817.117.1810130613.88.20.6
12-27-17PFW 113-9929.314533.7531.831.89010212025.415.51.09
12-23-17PFW 112-10735.79536.7536.436.4721125211813.41.02
12-22-17PFL 117-12030.810430.7529.129.13110132218.511.90.94
12-20-17PFL 95-10526.311217.7516.516.55100131023.212.70.63
12-18-17PFW 110-10431.612619.7518.618.63200131321.914.40.59
12-15-17PFL 94-9630.98020.7519.519.5531031916.910.90.63
12-14-17PFL 91-10526.814128.7527.127.13100102328.515.91.01
12-12-17PFL 114-12322.611014.514.414.4221012723.611.10.64
12-10-17PFL 107-11130.711237.537.837.84222232020.513.11.23
12-09-17PFW 117-11027.99538.2535.635.63400012618.810.91.28
12-06-17PFL 106-11027.510026.7528.428.4721212916.29.31.03
12-04-17PFL 90-11020.55015.517.917.9213002510.54.50.87
12-02-17PFW 114-10223.811524.2524.224.21101013925.412.61.02
11-30-17BL 114-12130.411237.2539.639.63041152223.7151.3
11-25-17BL 78-11221.57010.511.311.3411000215.26.80.53
11-24-17BW 116-10425.2902019.219.26010101016.88.80.76
11-22-17BL 103-1165.4102.752.72.711000108.910.5
11-20-17BL 85-967.4306.756.26.2100000518.82.90.84
11-18-17DNPL 99-1100000000000000000
11-15-17BW 126-8018421413.613.6820001112.54.70.76
11-10-17DNPL 104-1110000000000000000
10-27-17PFL 100-10529.811018.2519.619.6322004716.810.40.66
10-26-17DNPL 86-910000000000000000
10-23-17DNPL 93-1040000000000000000
10-22-17PFL 104-11622.510222.2523.423.4702003918.68.71.04
10-20-17PFL 91-10921.34010.510.710.761101509.94.40.5
10-18-17PFW 117-11123.84217.519.219.260110568.74.30.81
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