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Spencer Dinwiddie

Mon 01/22/2018 00:00
Spencer Dinwiddie hits game-winner vs Pistons - Spencer Dinwiddie | BKN

Spencer Dinwiddie exacted some revenge vs. the Pistons on Sunday, hitting a game-winner in the paint to finish with 22 points, five assists, four rebounds and four 3-pointers.

Thu 01/18/2018 04:10
Spencer Dinwiddie drops career-high 13 dimes - Spencer Dinwiddie | BKN

Spencer Dinwiddie made 3-of-13 from the field for nine points with one rebound, two steals and a career-high 13 assists against the Spurs on Wednesday.

Sat 01/13/2018 04:00
Dinwiddie leads BKN past ATL w/ 20-10-9 line - Spencer Dinwiddie | BKN

Spencer Dinwiddie led the Nets to a 110-105 win over the Hawks on Friday with 20 points, 10 assists and nine rebounds.

Tue 01/09/2018 21:10
Atkinson comfortable pairing Dinwiddie & D-Lo - Spencer Dinwiddie | BKN

Kenny Atkinson said hes "comfortable" with the idea of Spencer Dinwiddie and DAngelo Russell (knee) sharing the backcourt.

Tue 01/09/2018 04:30
Spencer Dinwiddie scores career-high 31 pts - Spencer Dinwiddie | BKN

Spencer Dinwiddie scored a career-high 31 points in Mondays 114-113 overtime loss to the Raptors, hitting 10-of-24 shots and 8-of-9 free throws with eight assists, five rebounds, two steals and three triples in 42 minutes.

Sun 01/07/2018 02:10
Spencer Dinwiddie scores 20 points in loss - Spencer Dinwiddie | BKN

Spencer Dinwiddie scored 20 points during an 87-85 loss to the Celtics on Saturday, adding three rebounds, three assists, one steal and one 3-pointer in 37 minutes.

Thu 01/04/2018 05:30
Spencer Dinwiddie hits game-winner, scores 26 - Spencer Dinwiddie | BKN

Spencer Dinwiddie hit a game-winning shots from 11 feet with 10 seconds left to beat the Wolves 98-97 on Wednesday, matching his career-high 26 points with one rebound, nine assists, one steal and four 3-pointers in 36 minutes.

Sun 12/24/2017 03:30
Spencer Dinwiddie matches career-high w/ 26 - Spencer Dinwiddie | BKN

Spencer Dinwiddie matched his career-high with 26 points in Saturdays OT loss to the Pacers, adding one rebound eight assists, and five 3-pointers on 8-of-20 from the field.

Fri 12/15/2017 04:00
Spencer Dinwiddie posts 26/7/7 line in loss - Spencer Dinwiddie | BKN

Spencer Dinwiddie went off for a career-high 26 points (9-of-17 FGs, 4-of-5 FTs) in Thursdays loss to the Knicks.

Wed 10/25/2017 21:48
Spencer Dinwiddie will start for injured DAngelo Russell on Wednesday.

Spencer Dinwiddie will start for injured DAngelo Russell on Wednesday.

Spencer Dinwiddie Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Spencer Dinwiddie Did/Didn't Play Premium

Spencer Dinwiddie 2017-2018 Game Log

01-21-18PGW 101-10030.61303429.329.34500512227.117.30.96
01-19-18PGW 101-9529.212225.522.722.76300421527.316.60.78
01-17-18PGL 95-10035.113533.7535.735.71132004919.814.51.02
01-15-18PGL 104-11927.914420.520.320.3450002824.414.20.73
01-13-18PGL 113-11935.216330.530.230.26411221321.415.70.86
LAST 531.613.62.828.927.627.
01-12-18PGW 110-10529.715749.2545.845.891010332030.418.81.54
01-10-18PGL 80-11426.1509.759.19.1330010211.46.20.35
01-08-18PGL 113-11441.624954.2554545820123126.122.61.3
01-06-18PGL 85-8736.615528.7527.127.13310432023.918.20.74
01-03-18PGW 98-9736.114443.2540.740.71910312626.119.61.13
01-01-18PGW 98-9529.76224.7526.126.1351212712.17.50.88
12-31-17PGL 105-10829.49228.527.927.92910131015.89.70.95
12-29-17PGW 111-8729.11122829.429.42621241121.312.91.01
12-27-17PGL 113-12821.84418.7518.618.6340111713.46.10.85
12-26-17PGL 97-10926.59023.522.522.50700031214.98.20.85
12-23-17PGL 119-12338.820541.2538.238.21800132624.119.50.98
12-22-17PGW 119-8422.4712826.426.42411311520.19.41.18
12-17-17PGL 97-10924.66324.2525.125.1391002514.47.41.02
12-15-17PGL 87-12022.29215.513.913.9250032726.212.10.63
12-14-17PGL 104-11135.317550.2548.948.97711202626.219.31.39
12-12-17PGW 103-9832.314442.542.242.261221311124.816.71.31
12-09-17PGL 89-10132.215233.7531.131.13910431529.219.60.97
12-07-17PGW 100-9519.26120.519.319.3470015517.571.01
12-04-17PGW 110-9030.410029.7528285600001313.98.80.92
12-02-17PGL 102-11430.11024241.741.76903321520.112.61.39
11-29-17PGW 109-1043315834.2533.633.63601151924.7171.02
11-27-17PGL 103-1173114130.529.329.34700021421.113.60.95
11-26-17PGW 98-8832.910625.525.925.9270225921.214.50.79
11-24-17PGL 125-12730.62024342.842.84611042327.817.71.4
11-22-17PGL 109-11927.17027.7527.227.21101133816.59.31
11-19-17PGL 111-11831.1131339.539.439.42811252125.616.61.27
11-17-17PGW 118-10731.514150.254949582003252113.81.56
11-14-17PGL 102-10934.314535.2534.134.131101141222.115.80.99
11-10-17BW 101-9724.812017.2516.116.133001192311.90.65
11-07-17SGL 104-11217.1601110.410.4220000513.84.90.61
11-06-17BW 98-9226.6812019.319.3470003413.27.30.73
11-03-17BL 112-12414.9622018.818.8441025723.27.21.26
10-31-17BL 114-12222.210226262604201415219.71.17
10-29-17BL 111-12429.5101040.541.841.84430002218.911.61.42
10-27-17BL 86-10722.13221.521.521.50111021412.85.90.97
10-25-17PGW 112-10731.813440.2538385610232222.214.71.19
10-24-17BL 121-12518.15313.512.412.4240024617.56.60.69
10-22-17BW 116-10418.96018.7519.119.1351000512.751.01
10-20-17BW 126-12124.715334.2534.534.55520111626.813.81.4
10-18-17BL 131-14016.55010.759.69.6340022218.66.40.58
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