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Kyrie Irving

Fri 02/22/2019 05:20
Kyrie Irving scores 22 in 41 minutes in loss - Kyrie Irving | BOS

Kyrie Irving (strained right knee) struggled on Thursday, shooting just 9-of-27 from the field for 22 points with one rebound, five assists, two blocks, two steals and four 3-pointers in 41 minutes against the Bucks.

Sat 02/16/2019 17:00
Kyrie Irving (knee) says he will play Sunday - Kyrie Irving | BOS

Kyrie Irving (right knee strain) said hes healthy and will play in the All-Star Game on Sunday night.

Wed 02/13/2019 18:00
Kyrie Irving out, Rozier doubtful Wednesday - Kyrie Irving | BOS

Kyrie Irving (knee) will not play on Wednesday against the Pistons and Terry Rozier (illness) is doubtful to get out there.

Wed 02/13/2019 17:45
Kyrie Irving: Out again Wednesday

Kyrie Irving: Irving (knee) wont play Wednesday against the Pistons, Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 02/11/2019 18:20
Kyrie Irving (strained knee) out Tuesday - Kyrie Irving | BOS

Kyrie Irving (strained right knee) will not play on Tuesday vs. the 76ers.

Mon 02/11/2019 18:03
Kyrie Irving: Will not play Tuesday

Kyrie Irving: Coach Brad Stevens said Irving (knee) will not play Tuesday against the 76ers, Jay King of The Athletic reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sun 02/10/2019 20:30
Irvings knee injury not serious; day-to-day - Kyrie Irving | BOS

Kyrie Irvings right knee sprain is reportedly not considered serious and he is being listed as day-to-day.

Sun 02/10/2019 20:25
Kyrie Irving: Knee injury not considered serious

Kyrie Irving: Irvings knee injury isnt considered serious and he considered day-to-day to return, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sun 02/10/2019 16:38
Kyrie Irving: Getting MRI on knee

Kyrie Irving: Irving is slated to undergo an MRI on his right knee after exiting Saturdays 123-112 loss to the Clippers with an injury, Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sun 02/10/2019 09:00
Kyrie Irving (knee) will undergo testing Sun. - Kyrie Irving | BOS

Kyrie Irving (right knee sprain) will undergo further testing on his knee to better determine the status of his injury, coach Brad Stevens said post-game.

Kyrie Irving Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Kyrie Irving Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Kyrie Irving Did/Didn't Play Premium
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Kyrie Irving 2017-2018 Game Log

02-21-19PGL 97-9841.127040.7542.742.71522022228.324.21.04
02-09-19PGL 112-12314.37518.7518.218.21200011426.27.81.27
02-07-19PGL 128-12935.8211048.2547.447.47820322434.325.61.32
02-03-19PGW 134-12936.81915350.350.341101453027.120.81.37
02-01-19SGW 113-9935.620348.5464610620432330.622.71.29
LAST 532.718.83.841.940.940.
01-26-19PGL 111-11539.927459.556.256.26102044323327.41.41
01-21-19PGW 107-9934.219363.2568.668.631081322629.621.12.01
01-19-19PGW 113-10536.519545.7542.142.13510413229.122.11.15
01-18-19PGW 122-1163621966.7562.962.971101333833.124.81.75
01-16-19PGW 117-1083819263.25595951811742730.424.11.55
01-12-19PGL 103-10532.9161345.7548485621102530.120.61.46
01-10-19PGL 99-11534.719039.2538.538.55511322228.620.71.11
01-09-19PGW 135-108249118.517.417.42210301222.411.20.73
01-07-19PGW 116-9527.81603537.437.42630031724.914.41.35
12-31-18PGL 111-12028.814234.7534.634.63820301627.316.41.2
12-29-18PGW 112-10334.916852.549.349.341310442630.822.41.41
12-27-18PGL 113-12735.813751.2550.550.551111132320.515.31.41
12-25-18PGW 121-11439.633161.557.557.510310234034.228.21.45
12-23-18PGW 119-10328.91244139.339.34501112522.113.31.36
12-21-18PGL 107-12038.820036.7535.335.39700111523.318.80.91
12-19-18PGL 103-1113619561.25616151041422931.323.51.69
12-15-18PGL 104-11332.925347.547.647.68430332636.224.81.45
12-14-18PGW 129-10823.615445.7545.545.55540412433.816.61.93
12-12-18PGW 130-12540.2281054.2551.151.13710413833.928.41.27
12-08-18PGW 133-7722.81022624.324.34500141323.411.11.07
12-06-18PGW 128-10030.115241.539.839.8480122222616.31.32
12-01-18PGW 118-10934.715737.2534.134.13900432128.220.40.98
11-30-18PGW 128-9527.115441.537.837.84400222930.517.21.39
11-26-18PGW 124-1073222157.75565651050622637.424.91.75
11-24-18PGL 104-11334.624137.7538385621521937.627.11.1
11-23-18PGW 114-9619.81122523.323.34310231328.811.91.18
11-21-18PGL 109-117372525858.758.761331212230.423.41.59
11-19-18PGL 112-11733.725354.2553.553.551120242737261.59
11-17-18PGL 86-9830.416535.536.136.18120152026.716.91.19
11-16-18PGW 123-11638.52667170.970.921131334333.526.91.84
11-14-18PGW 111-8227.8843939.739.76720111717.19.91.43
11-11-18PGL 94-10032.424042.544.444.42650332136.624.71.37
11-09-18DNPL 115-1230000000
11-08-18PGW 116-10943.328766.2565.465.47631353929.826.91.51
11-05-18PGL 107-1153417153.7554.554.55531233126.318.61.6
11-03-18PGL 101-10227.412232.529.729.76301331826.3151.08
11-01-18PGW 117-11333.320250.2549.149.13712222830.120.91.47
10-30-18PGW 108-10533.416847.7545.545.55510203127.619.21.36
10-27-18PGW 109-8923.55022.7522.922.9751121313.16.40.97
10-25-18PGW 101-9533.513428.2525.525.55500331522.815.90.76
10-22-18PGL 90-933419044.544.144.18521412230.421.51.3
10-20-18PGW 103-10132.116727.7528.728.71520231628.318.90.89
10-19-18PGL 101-11335.92003736.836.84601132123.917.91.03
10-16-18PGW 105-872914221.519.319.3470031725.315.30.67
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