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Kris Dunn

Mon 04/02/2018 18:24
Kris Dunn: Done for season

Kris Dunn: Dunn (toe) will be shut down for the remainder of the season, KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Tue 03/20/2018 17:20
Kris Dunn (toe) ruled out Wednesday vs. DEN - Kris Dunn | CHI

Kris Dunn (toe) has been ruled out of Wednesdays game vs. Denver.

Mon 03/19/2018 23:30
Kris Dunn: Suffers setback, placed in walking boot

Kris Dunn: Dunn has suffered a setback with his toe injury and has been placed in a walking boot, K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 03/19/2018 22:30
Dunn suffers setback, in a walking boot - Kris Dunn | CHI

Kris Dunn (toe) has suffered a setback and will go into a walking boot.

Sun 03/18/2018 22:53
Kris Dunn: Will remain out Monday

Kris Dunn: Dunn (toe) did not travel with the Bulls for Mondays game against the Knicks, K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sat 03/17/2018 22:40
Hoiberg: Kris Dunn has turf-toe type injury - Kris Dunn | CHI

Coach Fred Hoiberg said Kris Dunn is dealing with "like a turf-toe type injury."

Fri 03/16/2018 18:25
Kris Dunn: Ruled out Saturday

Kris Dunn: Dunn (toe) has been ruled out for Saturdays game against the Cavaliers, KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Fri 03/16/2018 17:40
Kris Dunn and Lauri Markkanen ruled out Sat - Kris Dunn | CHI

Coach Fred Hoiberg said that Kris Dunn (toe) and Lauri Markkanen (back) have both been ruled out of Saturdays game vs. Cleveland.

Fri 03/16/2018 03:10
X-rays come back negative on Dunns toe - Kris Dunn | CHI

X-rays came back negative on Kris Dunns right toe, and hes being listed as day-to-day.

Fri 03/16/2018 02:20
Kris Dunn (toe) wont return Thursday - Kris Dunn | CHI

Kris Dunn (sprained big toe on right foot) will not return to Thursdays game against the Grizzlies.

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Kris Dunn 2017-2018 Game Log

03-15-18PGW 111-11025.27017.518.418.42420226168.40.73
03-13-18PGL 106-11226.49631.2532.232.21620251821.311.71.22
03-11-18PGW 129-12230.613229.530.930.9253014132113.41.01
03-09-18PGL 83-9925.312026.7529.229.21430031320.710.91.15
03-07-18PGW 119-11032111043.7544.144.13931652128.418.91.38
LAST 527.910.43.629.831311.
03-05-18PGL 89-10528.51001917.817.8441033721.612.80.62
03-02-18PGW 108-10034.312441.7540.940.97711251819.914.21.19
02-27-18PGL 103-11830.111817.515.915.92302741031.119.50.53
02-26-18PGL 87-10430.515539.2540.640.63422422328.818.31.33
02-24-18PGL 104-12228.912227.7530305223451024.9151.04
02-22-18PGL 115-116281122122.322.345201351911.10.8
02-14-18PGL 98-12219.89218.2519.119.1331002822.59.30.96
01-17-18PGL 112-1193017134.2536365430131624151.2
01-15-18PGW 119-11132.611024.524.424.4210102461812.20.75
01-13-18PGW 107-10531.413451.555.655.68833221824.5161.77
01-10-18PGW 122-11946.11803539.439.428512391716.30.85
01-08-18PGL 107-11630.22004446.846.84831141931.8201.55
01-06-18PGL 86-12528.31002320.820.8480042822.713.40.73
01-05-18PGW 127-12432.31755655.955.92940433231.521.21.73
01-03-18PGL 115-12428.96024.752626582134213.17.90.9
01-01-18PGL 120-12434.920337.2534.434.4741184223223.30.99
12-31-17PGL 110-11431.717244.2540.940.97110035192818.51.29
12-29-17DNPW 119-1070000000000000000
12-27-17PGW 92-873218436.2537.537.55521231730.220.11.17
12-26-17PGW 115-10633.717451.554.454.421242452027.1191.61
12-23-17PGL 92-11724.71201412.912.9270021224.312.50.52
12-21-17PGL 112-1153511038.25363651410421020.414.91.03
12-18-17PGW 117-11534.114238.536.836.84620522224.217.21.08
12-15-17PGW 115-1092512530.531.531.50720261727.514.31.26
12-13-17PGW 103-10033.918240.7543.443.47840241326.618.81.28
12-11-17PGW 108-8524.91402323.323.34301131228.9150.94
12-09-17PGW 104-10229.711643.7544.944.97930331725.415.71.51
12-08-17PGW 119-11141.22465253.253.261230152026.222.51.29
12-06-17PGL 96-9834.11433736.236.26611441825.618.21.06
12-04-17PGL 91-11330.813331.529.729.76501331526.817.20.96
12-01-17PGL 106-10727.6912627.427.4283021619.1110.99
11-30-17PGL 110-11126.511334.7534.534.55510141923.5131.3
11-28-17PGL 99-10432.616048.547.847.84840542428.919.61.47
11-26-17PGL 93-10023.6621617.317.3433032218.390.73
11-24-17PGL 94-1432511211.259.29.2140042625.313.20.37
11-22-17PGL 80-11027.79427.2526.326.3912042122514.40.95
11-21-17PGL 94-10332.114229.7529295611451224.516.40.9
11-19-17BL 105-11327.31603635.235.26620431729.716.91.29
11-17-17BW 123-12026.216045.2546.546.55730152228.915.81.77
11-15-17SGL 79-9229.311016.515.715.763102332213.40.54
11-11-17BL 94-13326.315025.7526.626.63220121527.915.31.01
11-10-17BL 87-10533.614032.533.333.34530421623.616.50.99
11-07-17BL 114-11926.1643133.233.26440231017.19.31.27
11-04-17BL 90-9616.99017.518.318.3433042430.410.71.08
11-03-17BW 105-8324.1901612.412.42200431124.912.50.51
11-01-17BL 91-9729.415228.7527.927.97502551131.219.10.95
10-28-17BL 69-10122.29023.525.325.3433145826.612.31.14
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