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Kris Dunn

Thu 05/16/2019 16:40
Pax doesnt view Kris Dunn as long-term PG - Kris Dunn | CHI

Bulls Executive VP of Basketball Operations, John Paxton, said that if the Bulls want to continue moving in the right direction, that they need to address the point guard position.

Wed 04/03/2019 17:00
Kris Dunn doesnt go through shootaround - Kris Dunn | CHI

Kris Dunn (back) did not participate in Wednesdays shootaround.

Tue 04/02/2019 21:50
Kris Dunn (back) doubtful for Wednesday - Kris Dunn | CHI

Kris Dunn (back) is doubtful for Wednesdays game against the Wizards.

Fri 03/29/2019 19:40
Kris Dunn (back) will not play on Saturday - Kris Dunn | CHI

Kris Dunn (back) will not play on Saturday against the Raptors.

Wed 03/27/2019 18:40
Dunn, LaVine, Porter, Markkanen out vs. POR - Kris Dunn | CHI

Kris Dunn (back), Zach LaVine (thigh), Otto Porter (rotator cuff) and Lauri Markkanen (illness) have all been ruled out for Wednesdays game against the Trail Blazers.

Tue 03/26/2019 22:20
Kris Dunn (back) out Tuesday vs. Toronto - Kris Dunn | CHI

Kris Dunn (back) will not suit up for Tuesdays game in Toronto.

Mon 03/25/2019 18:22
Kris Dunn: Doubtful for Tuesday

Kris Dunn: Dunn (back) is not expected to be available for Tuesdays game against Toronto. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Fri 03/22/2019 18:00
Kris Dunn (back) questionable for Saturday - Kris Dunn | CHI

Kris Dunn (back) is questionable for Saturdays game vs. the Jazz.

Thu 03/21/2019 03:30
Kris Dunn has big game vs. the Wizards - Kris Dunn | CHI

Kris Dunn scored a season-high 26 points with six rebounds, 13 assists, two steals and three 3-pointers in 39 minutes against the Wizards on Wednesday.

Wed 02/27/2019 18:46
Kris Dunn (migraine) will start if he plays Wednesday.

Kris Dunn (migraine) will start if he plays Wednesday.

Kris Dunn Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Kris Dunn Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Kris Dunn Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Kris Dunn Did/Didn't Play Premium

Kris Dunn 2017-2018 Game Log

04-03-19DNPW 115-1140000000
03-26-19DNPL 103-1120000000
03-23-19PGL 83-11421.48217.2518.118.1351002419.58.70.85
03-20-19PGW 126-12039.324558.556.756.76132025263125.41.44
03-18-19PGW 116-10127.11032728.928.92321141419.5111.07
03-17-19PGL 102-1292011017.7517.717.7151021826.911.20.89
03-15-19PGL 121-12827.912325.2523.523.5530146142715.70.84
LAST 527.1132.629.229293.
03-12-19PGL 107-1233316043.2541.941.97920441825.917.81.27
03-10-19PGL 108-13122.17016.51717042023718.98.70.77
03-08-19PGL 104-11228.46025.7526.926.9732123712.57.40.95
03-06-19PGW 108-10725.86022.25252554210249.55.10.97
03-05-19PGL 96-10531.29124.7525.925.9752015514.39.30.83
03-03-19PGL 118-12327.312031.530.830.84620331422.9131.13
03-01-19PGW 168-16131.811227.2526.226.21601161412.58.30.82
02-27-19PGW 109-10730.68226.528.828.84430059148.90.94
02-23-19PGW 126-11624.67012.2511.711.7150013414.27.30.48
02-22-19PGW 110-10929.39015.7515.615.6321021816.910.30.53
02-11-19PGL 99-11232.8901716.816.8461024213.89.40.51
02-09-19PGL 125-13432.6602727.827.8483041612.28.30.85
02-08-19PGW 125-10630.411434.7533.533.55901341422.314.11.1
02-06-19PGL 120-12537.51304141.841.84821231817.9141.11
02-02-19PGL 118-12531.611021.252121540114717.911.80.66
01-30-19PGW 105-8934.414335.2535355820331425.818.51.02
01-29-19PGL 117-12231.210120.7518.618.63002641521.213.80.6
01-27-19PGL 101-10434.6822628.928.9272225614.310.30.84
01-25-19PGL 101-10636.51403637.837.84104035919.514.81.04
01-23-19PGL 101-12126.811633.536.336.34322121624.713.81.35
01-21-19PGW 104-8831.210234.534.334.34920341320.613.41.1
01-19-19PGL 103-1173314021.522.322.3452021620.514.10.68
01-17-19PGL 105-13529.98011.2510.710.7130012613.28.20.36
01-15-19PGL 100-10731.27221.752222541253617.211.20.71
01-12-19PGL 102-11030.411237.2541415832261019.312.21.35
01-11-19PGL 109-14624.69217.518.518.5052015620.110.30.75
01-09-19PGL 112-12429.714034.7534.534.55720341524.2151.16
01-06-19PGL 100-11733.51503434.334.34720321624.517.11.02
01-04-19PGL 116-11940.39348.7545.545.551700241612.910.81.13
01-02-19PGL 84-11227.712129.2530.630.6343022142514.41.1
12-30-18PGL 89-9531.315231.7531.631.63802431429.319.11.01
12-28-18PGW 101-9232.11223434.834.84820111318.112.11.08
12-26-18SGL 94-11930.311332.533.133.1872026920.312.81.09
12-23-18SGW 112-9228.71114142.142.18711151720.912.51.47
12-21-18SGW 90-8035.814635.536.136.18720231226.8201.01
12-19-18SGL 93-9634.32124140.840.84620352433.724.11.19
12-17-18SGL 96-12125.7822523.923.92710431220.911.20.93
12-15-18SGW 98-9335.819240.7541.941.97320152427.420.41.17
12-13-18BL 91-9725.85013.511.811.8421044517.19.20.46
12-10-18BL 89-10820.15320.7519.619.6360024918.47.70.98
10-22-18PGL 109-11530.31302320.320.3470046924.915.70.67
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