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Lauri Markkanen

Thu 03/05/2020 06:00
Lauri Markkanen scores 13 points in return - Lauri Markkanen | CHI

Lauri Markkanen returned from a pelvic stress reaction on Wednesday, scoring 13 points on 6-of-10 shooting with four rebounds and one 3-pointer in 21 minutes.

Wed 03/04/2020 19:00
Lauri Markkanen (pelvis) will start Wednesday - Lauri Markkanen | CHI

Lauri Markkanen (pelvis) will return to the starting lineup for Wednesdays game against the Timberwolves, and hell be on a 18-20 minute limit.

Wed 03/04/2020 17:54
Lauri Markkanen (pelvis) will be limited to 18-20 minutes Wednesday.

Lauri Markkanen (pelvis) will be limited to 18-20 minutes Wednesday.

Wed 03/04/2020 17:51
Lauri Markkanen (pelvis) will start Wednesday.

Lauri Markkanen (pelvis) will start Wednesday.

Wed 03/04/2020 13:57
Lauri Markkanen (pelvis) questionable vs. MIN - Lauri Markkanen | CHI

Lauri Markkanen (right pelvic stress reaction) is questionable to play on Wednesday against the Timberwolves.

Tue 03/03/2020 19:59
Markkanen (hip) hopeful to play Wednesday - Lauri Markkanen | CHI

Lauri Markkanen (right pelvic stress reaction) participated fully in practice on Tuesday and said he is hoping to play Wednesday vs. the Wolves.

Mon 03/02/2020 23:59
Boylen says that Lauri Markkanen is close - Lauri Markkanen | CHI

Jim Boylen said that Lauri Markkanen is getting "close" to a return and while he wont play on Mnoday, he will travel with the team for Wednesdays game in Minnesota.

Mon 03/02/2020 19:00
Lauri Markkanen (pelvis) ruled out Monday - Lauri Markkanen | CHI

Lauri Markkanen (right pelvic stress reaction) is out for Monday vs. the Mavericks.

Fri 01/24/2020 21:00
Lauri Markkanen (right hip) out 4-6 weeks - Lauri Markkanen | CHI

Lauri Markkanen (right hip) underwent an MRI of his right hip to reveal an early stress reaction of his right pelvis, and he will miss the next 4-6 weeks.

Sat 01/11/2020 01:00
Lauri Markkanen will start on Friday night - Lauri Markkanen | CHI

Lauri Markkanen (ankle) will start on Friday night against the Pacers.

Lauri Markkanen Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Lauri Markkanen Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Lauri Markkanen Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Lauri Markkanen Did/Didn't Play Premium

Lauri Markkanen 2017-2018 Game Log

03-10-20PFW 108-10327.313022.520.820.84010231523.613.40.76
03-08-20PFL 107-11026.18228.527.427.42410011614.98.11.05
03-06-20PFL 102-10822.510212.751414501110321.19.90.62
03-04-20PFL 108-11520.71001816.816.84000101323.410.10.81
01-22-20PFW 117-11034.214632.529.729.76110342124.617.50.87
LAST 526.211222.921.721.
01-20-20PFL 98-11131.31141715.615.6800020819.512.70.5
01-18-20PFW 118-1163314128.2529.129.13121221722.415.40.88
01-17-20PFL 89-10028.89024.525.325.34121201217.710.60.88
01-15-20PFW 115-10631.28426.525.125.18101211316.510.70.8
01-13-20PFL 101-11325.39220.522.222.2602003917.69.30.88
01-11-20PFW 108-9928.211025.7523.423.47200231421.412.60.83
01-10-20PFL 105-116349023.7521215400221115.210.80.62
01-08-20CL 108-12329.313521.520.320.3410005142213.40.69
01-06-20PFL 110-11835.918240.7538.838.89010112623.917.91.08
01-04-20PFL 104-1112912224.523.323.34110121521.212.80.8
01-02-20PFL 98-10232.11623533.633.68210001822.615.11.05
12-30-19PFL 102-12327.412229.527.227.26010131820.111.50.99
12-23-19PFL 95-1033011019.7519.619.63201001016100.65
12-21-19PFW 119-10728.711233.2535.435.47212001518.711.21.23
12-18-19PFW 110-10936.619249.2547.347.39111233123.517.91.29
12-16-19PFL 106-10935.814124.7527.127.13122311322.116.50.76
12-14-19PFW 109-10639.68245.2542.442.417411341313.110.81.07
12-13-19PFL 73-8325.612020.519.819.84210141022.5120.77
12-11-19PFW 136-10223.49532.531.831.84201132221.710.61.36
12-09-19PFL 92-9332.51422523.623.68010221322.915.50.73
12-08-19PFL 105-11037.815237.2535.435.47210112220.215.90.94
12-06-19PFL 98-10036.117031.7531.131.13130332025.519.20.86
12-04-19PFW 106-9929.39227.7526.526.55102221517.210.50.9
12-02-19PFW 113-10629.612431.2527.927.97100222024.214.90.94
11-29-19PFL 103-10732.41442826.126.18300131321.514.50.81
11-27-19PFL 90-10425.31011918.318.3431022820.710.90.72
11-25-19PFL 94-11727.27218.7518.718.71301001012.57.10.69
11-23-19PFW 116-11523.7901514.214.2621020319.69.70.6
11-22-19PFL 108-11623.712418.7517.917.9710011926.713.20.76
11-20-19PFW 109-8929.1141138.539.239.26012132428171.35
11-18-19PFL 101-11526.61262019.619.6801025925.614.20.74
11-16-19PFL 111-11735.510635.534.534.510111131614.510.70.97
11-14-19PFL 115-12431.99622.520.620.68010351117.811.80.65
11-12-19PFW 120-10227.910427.525.625.68211621326.815.60.92
11-09-19PFL 94-11733.11072525.725.76120211318.112.50.78
11-06-19PFW 113-9334.411236.2536365403211717.412.51.05
11-05-19PFL 112-11830.38214.2513.113.1311020715.59.80.43
11-03-19PFL 95-10829.2951816.216.26000221118.911.50.55
11-01-19PFW 112-10625.29331.2531315420121418.79.81.23
10-30-19PFL 111-11727.512833.533.133.18301021625.514.61.2
10-28-19SFL 98-10529.413631.531.231.26210031824.815.21.06
10-26-19PFL 84-10830.310423.7523.923.9713041920.312.80.79
10-25-19PFW 110-10231.815027.2524.724.7113015192617.20.78
10-23-19PFL 125-12634.4251062.2560.460.41721011353424.41.76
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