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Darius Garland

Wed 10/23/2019 18:20
Garland runs with starters at shootaround - Darius Garland | CLE

Darius Garland was spotted running with the starters at Wednesdays shootaround.

Darius Garland Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Darius Garland Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Darius Garland Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Darius Garland Did/Didn't Play Premium

Darius Garland 2017-2018 Game Log

11-17-19PGL 95-11424.813217.5181802202211000.73
11-14-19PGL 97-10824.710017.7516.216.21210211120.810.70.66
11-12-19SGL 97-9828.310018.7521.621.6323002615.89.30.76
11-10-19PGW 108-8734.18624.7523.623.63610401218.913.40.69
11-08-19PGW 113-10031.81123030.430.42620211518.312.10.96
LAST 528.710.4221.822221.83.61.8021.21114.89.10.76
11-05-19PGL 113-11928.111010.2510.110.1311021419.311.30.36
11-03-19PGL 111-13126.48221.2521.721.7152020917.39.50.82
11-01-19PGL 95-10225.51047.757.77.7130000219.410.30.3
10-30-19PGW 117-11125.311013.2510.710.7130043926.213.80.42
10-28-19PGL 112-1292311012.7511.211.2120023923.411.20.49
10-26-19PGW 110-9929.412020.2518.218.21410421223.714.50.62
10-23-19SGL 85-9431.59019.517.917.9251030816.510.80.57
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