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Note: Player and DvP Data are currently based on last year's stats and should be treated with caution especially in cases where team rosters have significantly changed. We will gradually transition to 2018 after we have a few games of data to work with.

Kevin Love

Mon 10/15/2018 20:21
Kevin Love: May face limitations in season opener

Kevin Love: Coach Tyronn Lue said Love (foot) may not be able to play extended stretches during the Cavaliers season opener Wednesday at Toronto, Marla Ridenour of the Akron Beacon Journal reports. "I think Kevin will be a little gassed because hes not in game shape right now," Lue said. "To play the same style we did, it will probably be in shorter spurts for Kevin." Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sun 10/14/2018 14:20
Kevin Love (foot) could be limited in opener - Kevin Love | CLE

Coach Tyronn Lue said that hes not sure if Kevin Love (left foot soreness) will be able to play for long stretches in the Cavaliers season opener because he hasnt played since October 2.

Mon 10/08/2018 16:20
Kevin Love (foot) ruled out Monday - Kevin Love | CLE

Kevin Love (left foot soreness) has been ruled out of Mondays game vs. the Sixers.

Fri 10/05/2018 16:20
Love, Hill and Korver will not play Saturday - Kevin Love | CLE

Coach Ty Lue said Kevin Love, George Hill, Kyle Korver, and maybe Tristan Thompson will be rested and will not play Saturday against Boston.

Tue 07/24/2018 16:48
Kevin Love: Signs four-year extension

Kevin Love: Love inked a four-year, $120 million contract extension with the Cavaliers on Tuesday, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Tue 07/24/2018 16:00
ESPN: Kevin Love signs 4-yr extension w/ CLE - Kevin Love | CLE

ESPNs Adrian Wojnarowski and Brian Windhorst are reporting that Kevin Love has signed a four-year, $120 million contract extension with the Cavs.

Tue 07/03/2018 22:10
Report: Cleveland open to trading Kevin Love - Kevin Love | CLE

The Cavs are reportedly open to the idea of trading Kevin Love.

Sat 06/30/2018 16:40
Cavs plan to keep Kevin Love if LeBron leaves - Kevin Love | CLE

Joe Vardon of is reporting that the Cavaliers do not intend to trade Kevin Love if they lose LeBron James in free agency this summer.

Wed 06/20/2018 23:20
ESPN: Cavs not actively shopping Kevin Love - Kevin Love | CLE

The Cavaliers are not actively shopping Kevin Love heading into Thursdays NBA Draft, according to Dave McMenamin of

Fri 06/01/2018 19:17
Kevin Love: Avoids Game 2 suspension

Kevin Love: Love will not be suspended for leaving the bench area during the final seconds of Thursdays Game 1 against Golden State, Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

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Kevin Love 2017-2018 Game Log

05-07-18CW 128-9330.413638.540.240.260222323001.32
05-05-18CW 105-10338.41474848.248.2162111321001.26
05-03-18CW 128-11035.221752.2552.252.2112111431001.48
05-01-18CW 113-11234.213025.7523.623.613200257000.69
04-29-18PFW 105-10132.21302623.223.262001514000.72
LAST 534.114.8438.137.537.510.
04-27-18CL 87-12124.310015.2513.413.47000217000.55
04-25-18CW 98-9537.311624.522.522.5101002211000.6
04-22-18CW 104-10029.210225.2526.726.711121235000.91
04-20-18CL 90-9237.513229.526.726.761104419000.71
04-18-18CW 100-9734.416324.521.621.680003115000.63
04-15-18CL 80-9834.18137.7536.436.41721123914.410.21.07
04-09-18CW 123-10931.517542.2540.540.55120112828.618.81.29
04-06-18CL 130-13232.810537.2535.835.89401131716.711.41.09
04-05-18CW 119-11530.710230.527.727.76310321620.613.20.9
04-03-18PFW 112-10629.98643.2540.540.51511001181710.61.35
04-01-18PFW 98-8736.213534.2532.632.613011211321.516.20.9
03-30-18PFW 107-10223.61132221.621.6821025827.313.40.92
03-27-18CL 79-987211.751.21.2100012121.93.20.17
03-25-18CW 121-11432.614545.25404015400422027.218.51.23
03-23-18CW 120-95301543738.238.26230112023.814.91.27
03-21-18CW 132-12929.715448.545.445.412410112328.917.91.53
03-19-18CW 124-11724.713437.7536.436.47402201829.1151.47
02-09-18DNPW 123-1070000000000000000
01-30-18PFL 114-1254.7000000000000000
01-28-18PFW 121-10427.114038.2534.734.711100022023.713.41.28
01-26-18PFW 115-10832.58036.2535.135.113320121012.48.41.08
01-23-18CL 102-11426.58226.7526.226.211010031015.68.60.99
01-20-18CL 124-1483.120000000000026.31.70
01-18-18CW 104-1033110633.7533.233.211211131218.311.81.07
01-15-18CL 108-11826.89537.7538.938.97321051716.89.41.45
01-12-18CL 95-9736.214442434310031212122.416.91.19
01-11-18CL 99-133238723.7522.822.89200131022.710.90.99
01-08-18CL 99-12720.67065.45.4200000315.66.70.26
01-06-18CW 131-12728.117537.7534.534.55100052726.315.41.23
01-03-18CL 88-10220.511014.751616520210225.310.80.78
01-02-18CW 127-11025.77632.2530.430.47011301921.711.61.18
12-30-17CL 101-10429.416636.533.533.510100032028.417.41.14
12-27-17CL 95-10929.712634.2534345002142326.316.31.14
12-25-17CL 92-9935.525759.554.654.618020433138.428.41.54
12-21-17CW 115-11229.215540.2537.437.47200132728.917.61.28
12-19-17CL 116-11929.915044404010410202126.216.31.34
12-17-17CW 106-9931.920240.2537.837.89010122532.521.61.18
12-16-17CW 109-10028.214227.2527275400001525.715.10.96
12-14-17CW 121-11234.615654.2552.752.711321222824.617.71.52
12-12-17CW 123-11428.51333732.432.412200211726.615.81.14
12-09-17DNPW 105-980000000000000000
12-08-17CL 102-10626161034.2532.932.97300002035.619.31.27
12-06-17CW 101-9529.916338.2536.136.113110211830.318.91.21
12-04-17CW 113-9122.913544.7542.642.613001002433.315.91.86
12-02-17CW 116-11130.112338.7535.235.211200122024.115.11.17
11-30-17CW 121-11433.416848.542.242.216200522537.526.11.26
11-28-17CW 108-9725.5161756.7554.854.89220303847.825.42.15
11-27-17CW 113-9124.812322.2521.621.63210141326.113.50.87
11-24-17CW 100-9931.16430.2528.628.613001151113.38.60.92
11-22-17CW 119-10931.218637.536.536.510301141831.720.61.17
11-20-17CW 116-8825.812239.2536.236.211400231928.115.11.4
11-17-17CW 118-11342.31844545.645.6822114252017.61.08
11-15-17CW 115-10727.316339383810011232228.716.31.39
11-11-17CW 111-10435.619456.2553.553.515301112925.919.21.5
11-09-17CL 113-11728.81243229.229.26410461727.816.71.01
11-07-17CW 124-11934.8141662.562.762.716321213228.720.81.8
11-05-17CL 115-11718.56216.519.319.34130044155.81.04
11-03-17CW 130-12226.5552321.621.68010231115.48.50.82
11-01-17PFL 107-1243612437.7536.136.113301001316.512.41
10-29-17PFL 95-11434.6151040.7537.737.711110242227.519.81.09
10-28-17PFL 101-12327.512745.7541.741.711110212628.116.11.52
10-25-17PFL 107-11232.61362923.423.412000621528.119.10.72
10-24-17PFW 119-11229.416439.535.435.412200222031.719.41.2
10-21-17CL 93-11427.117434.7535.335.39111221932.218.21.3
10-20-17CW 116-9726.81274442.442.412602421732.418.11.58
10-17-17CW 102-9928.49729.2526.226.211000221521.512.70.92
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