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Harrison Barnes

Thu 02/07/2019 03:21
Harrison Barnes: Dealt to Sacramento

Harrison Barnes: The Mavericks traded Barnes to the Kings on Wednesday in exchange for Justin Jackson and Zach Randolph, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Thu 02/07/2019 03:20
Shams: Harrison Barnes headed to the Kings - Harrison Barnes | SAC

The Mavericks are finalizing a deal to trade Harrison Barnes to the Kings in exchange for Zach Randolph and Justin Jackson, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Fri 02/01/2019 03:30
Harrison Barnes scores 27 points in win - Harrison Barnes | DAL

Harrison Barnes scored a team-high 27 points with seven rebounds, four assists and two 3-pointers in 39 minutes during a 93-89 loss to the Pistons on Thursday.

Wed 12/19/2018 13:52
Harrison Barnes: Team-high scoring haul in loss

Harrison Barnes: Barnes generated 30 points (10-16 FG, 5-8 3Pt, 5-6 FT), four rebounds, one steal and one block across 34 minutes in the Mavericks 126-118 loss to the Nuggets on Tuesday. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 12/19/2018 05:30
Harrison Barnes scores 30 w/ five triples - Harrison Barnes | DAL

Harrison Barnes hit 10-of-16 shots, 5-of-8 3-pointers and 5-of-6 free throws for 30 points, four rebounds, a steal, a block and zero turnovers in 34 minutes of Tuesdays loss to the Nuggets.

Thu 12/13/2018 05:20
Harrison Barnes scores 25, makes 5 triples - Harrison Barnes | DAL

Harrison Barnes scored 25 points (8-of-16 FGs, 4-of-4 FTs) with three rebounds, one steal, and five 3-pointers in 32 minutes against the Hawks on Wednesday.

Mon 12/03/2018 03:20
Harrison Barnes scores season-high 30 points - Harrison Barnes | DAL

Harrison Barnes scored a season-high 30 points during Sundays road win, making 11-of-28 FGs and 5-of-5 FTs with nine rebounds, one assist and one block.

Thu 11/22/2018 04:30
Harrison Barnes scores season-high 28 points - Harrison Barnes | DAL

Harrison Barnes broke out on Wednesday with a season-high 28 points on 10-of-20 shooting, with five 3-pointers, five rebounds and one steal in 34 minutes.

Tue 11/13/2018 05:30
Harrison Barnes scores season-high 23 vs. CHI - Harrison Barnes | DAL

Harrison Barnes scored a season-high 23 points (7-of-16 FG, 8-of-9 FT) with five rebounds, one assist, a season-high four steals, and one 3-pointer in 33 minutes against the Bulls on Monday.

Fri 10/26/2018 17:09
Harrison Barnes: Will play tonight

Harrison Barnes: Barnes (hamstring) will play Friday against the Raptors but will see a slightly lighter workload than usual, Tim Cato of The Athletic reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Harrison Barnes Recent Fantasy Performance
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Harrison Barnes 2017-2018 Game Log

02-06-19PFW 99-9325.813015.7514.114.13100101022.712.20.55
02-02-19SFW 111-9836.118028.7527275201211725.3190.75
01-31-19SFL 89-9339.224540.7537.437.47400402735.5290.95
01-30-19SFW 114-902914526.524.824.84200211928.1170.86
01-27-19PFL 120-12331.31192727.227.26210021420.113.10.87
LAST 532.3163.827.826.
01-25-19PFW 106-10135.410420.519.319.343102391813.30.55
01-22-19PFW 106-9833.614425.523.923.92100022021.4150.71
01-21-19PFL 106-11631.215212.2511.111.1310021823.415.20.36
01-19-19SFL 99-11132.415527.7525.625.63200132024.616.60.79
01-16-19SFL 101-10535.418325.524.124.1830011112619.20.68
01-13-19SFL 114-11936.815628.525.825.8400011222116.10.7
01-11-19SFW 119-11533.11952724.424.42000122328.119.40.74
01-09-19SFW 104-9434.9111030.531.331.34320111720.815.10.9
01-07-19PFL 97-10734.513320.520.820.84020111118.613.40.6
01-05-19PFL 100-10626.39415.251414520023720.611.30.53
01-04-19PFL 93-11431.812426.7524.124.13100102020.213.40.76
01-02-19PFW 122-8429.314528.529.329.34111011723.614.41
12-31-18SFL 102-12229.311237.2533.533.55110232519.812.11.14
12-30-18SFW 105-10335.41332727.227.26020221619.514.40.77
12-28-18SFL 112-11435.318633.7534.534.55120012125.8190.98
12-26-18SFW 122-119311242422.322.34100011619.412.50.72
12-23-18PFL 118-12135.420130.2527.227.21000132723.517.30.77
12-22-18PFL 116-12035.71653132.232.26211121722.116.40.9
12-20-18PFL 121-12534.514221.2519.719.7111023162014.40.57
12-18-18PFL 118-1263416641.540.840.84011013024.617.41.2
12-16-18SFL 113-12029.116222.522.422.42011111523.914.50.77
12-13-18PFL 89-993215221.519.319.34100201523.315.50.6
12-12-18PFW 114-10731.416433.2531.631.63010022525.216.51.01
12-10-18PFW 101-7627.715026.7523235000211928.416.40.83
12-08-18PFW 107-10437.213223.522.922.92301101418.314.20.62
12-05-18SFL 106-13223.61342219.919.92110311630.5150.84
12-04-18SFW 111-10232.21252020.320.34111311122.214.90.63
12-02-18SFW 114-11038.228544.7542.342.39101313034.127.11.11
11-30-18SFL 103-11434.217943.7543435220112926.418.81.26
11-28-18SFW 128-10829.314019.2517.117.13100101322.413.70.58
11-24-18SFW 113-10430.412134.2533.133.13311122018.9121.09
11-21-18SFW 119-1133520338.2536365010102828.120.51.03
11-19-18SFL 88-9836.914412.7511.711.71100131020.615.80.32
11-17-18SFW 112-10936.7141135.534.134.18100042322.2170.93
11-14-18SFW 118-6826.511428.526.826.84200011921.7121.01
11-12-18SFW 103-9832.716938.2540.540.55140202329.119.81.24
11-10-18SFW 111-9617.26311.7510.210.210002411269.30.59
11-07-18SFL 102-11735.813418.7515155000521423.117.20.42
11-06-18SFW 119-10031.313544.7543.143.113320241924.115.71.38
11-02-18SFL 106-11835.314617.7516.216.21200241423.1170.46
10-31-18SFL 113-11427.916427.525.825.84001121927.5160.92
10-29-18SFL 108-11334.114130.2528.928.97110221819.313.70.85
10-28-18SFL 104-11334.413217.7520.120.131301271812.90.58
10-26-18SFL 107-11628.21752827.727.76301121429.417.30.98
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