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Jamal Murray

Thu 02/07/2019 04:00
Jamal Murray (ankle) drops 19 & 11 in return - Jamal Murray | DEN

Jamal Murray (sprained left ankle) played 32 minutes in his return on Wednesday, scoring 19 points with 11 assists, three rebounds, one steal and two 3-pointers.

Wed 02/06/2019 23:50
Jamal Murray (ankle) will play on Wednesday - Jamal Murray | DEN

Jamal Murray (ankle) will play on Wednesday against the Nets.

Wed 02/06/2019 23:48
Jamal Murray: Good to go Wednesday

Jamal Murray: Murray (ankle) will play in Wednesdays game against the Nets, Chris Dempsey of the Nuggets official site reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 02/06/2019 17:40
Malone says Murray is definitely closer - Jamal Murray | DEN

Mike Malone said that Jamal Murray (ankle) is "definitely closer" to being cleared, but added hell "probably" be questionable for Wednesdays game in Brooklyn.

Wed 02/06/2019 16:58
Jamal Murray (ankle) remains questionable Wednesday.

Jamal Murray (ankle) remains questionable Wednesday.

Tue 02/05/2019 20:53
Jamal Murray: Questionable for Wednesday

Jamal Murray: Murray (ankle) is listed as questionable for Wednesdays game in Brooklyn, Harrison Wind of reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 02/04/2019 23:50
Jamal Murray (left ankle) ruled out Monday - Jamal Murray | DEN

Jamal Murray (left ankle) will not play on Monday vs. the Pistons.

Mon 02/04/2019 23:44
Jamal Murray: Unavailable Monday

Jamal Murray: Murray (ankle) has been ruled out for Mondays game against the Pistons. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 02/04/2019 22:50
Malone doesnt expect Murray to play Monday - Jamal Murray | DEN

Mike Malone said he doesnt expect Jamal Murray (left ankle) to play on Monday against the Pistons.

Mon 02/04/2019 22:42
Jamal Murray: Unlikely to play Monday

Jamal Murray: Coach Michael Malone said he doesnt believe Murray (ankle) will play Monday against the Pistons, Chris Dempsey of the Nuggets official site reports. "I dont think hes going to be able to go, in all honesty," the coach said. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Jamal Murray Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Jamal Murray Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Jamal Murray Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Jamal Murray Did/Didn't Play Premium

Jamal Murray 2017-2018 Game Log

02-22-19PGW 114-10433.316032.7535355431131219.313.41.05
02-13-19PGW 120-11831.2821815.415.42400331014.99.70.49
02-11-19PGW 103-8733.712124.2523.723.71530431021.4150.7
02-08-19PGL 110-11735.720340.7540405601102326.9201.12
02-06-19PGL 130-13531.917142.2540.140.131110221924.1161.26
LAST 533.214.61.431.630.830.
01-25-19PGW 132-9523.39024.522.922.92500021315.77.60.98
01-23-19PGL 108-11428.51131311.511.5030024921.712.90.4
01-19-19PGW 124-10224.91463733.933.92500222634.317.81.36
01-17-19PGW 135-10529.11623833.933.92500122526.4161.16
01-15-19PGL 111-14231.216134.7533.633.63401012123.715.41.08
01-13-19PGW 116-11333.41853534.334.34310232431.6221.03
01-12-19PGL 93-10233.717335.7535.335.39530421228.219.81.05
01-10-19PGW 121-10032.216132.529.229.26200422326.8180.91
01-08-19PGW 103-9931.61943433.833.84601141829.919.71.07
01-07-19PGL 113-12529.21342018.418.42400331323.714.40.63
01-05-19PGW 123-11031.71302623.723.7670022819.212.70.75
01-03-19PGW 117-11337.4241056.7552.452.47610433635.827.91.4
01-01-19PGW 115-10832.412022.7524.124.135111181711.50.74
12-29-18PGW 122-11839.624669.563.263.26801524635.429.21.6
12-28-18PGW 102-9940.12724541.741.76310403133.628.11.04
12-26-18PGL 103-1112719019.751919521023933.218.70.7
12-22-18PGL 111-13230.916526.7526.626.63210101825.516.40.86
12-18-18PGW 126-11839.418256.2553.953.971511522225.821.21.37
12-16-18PGW 95-863816236.2536365411101922.617.90.95
12-14-18PGW 109-983315329.2526.326.39100531928.419.50.8
12-10-18PGW 105-9936.210435.540.540.50542131616.812.71.12
12-08-18PGL 98-10624901513.713.7630021418.29.10.57
12-07-18PGL 107-11336.720540.2541.541.5572014202519.11.13
12-05-18PGW 124-11846.1251150.549.849.84810133129.728.51.08
12-03-18PGW 106-10340.621139.2534.434.47800712128.123.80.85
11-30-18PGW 113-11235.61372322.422.42610211022.216.50.63
11-27-18PGW 117-8534.318229.2526.626.63400312026.719.10.78
11-24-18PGW 105-9839.723243.540.640.68800312227.222.51.02
11-23-18PGW 112-8735.818335.753636562142162820.91.01
11-21-18PGW 103-10138.715234.7534.634.63412241821.217.10.89
11-19-18PGL 98-10436.21424138.138.18901531723.117.41.05
11-17-18PGL 115-12528.714224.524.424.42601131123.4140.85
11-15-18BW 138-9323.110329.528.328.34501111421.410.31.23
11-13-18PGL 99-10934.613124.2523.723.7151031152316.60.68
11-11-18PGL 114-12134.316025.7526265220321424.617.60.76
11-09-18PGL 110-11240.41462726.926.92510251619.516.40.67
11-07-18PGL 87-8936.82123230.330.34710321530.523.40.82
11-05-18PGW 115-10738.230560.2555555400514840.632.31.44
11-03-18PGW 103-8835.216430.7529295400231924.818.20.82
11-01-18PGW 110-9122.78015.2514.714.713001010188.50.65
10-31-18PGW 108-10743.513232.532.632.68601111213.412.10.75
10-29-18PGW 116-11138.919343.7547475251312324.820.11.21
10-25-18PGL 114-121341773938.538.510111322227.219.31.13
10-23-18PGW 126-11218.510429.7529.229.21410031925.9101.58
10-21-18PGW 100-9826.4948.58.48.4220005317.59.60.32
10-20-18PGW 119-9137.218543.2543.143.13521322625.8201.16
10-17-18PGW 107-9831.612019.7519.519.5531012717.211.30.62
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