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James Harden

Fri 12/14/2018 04:20
James Harden drops enormous 50/10/11 trip-dub - James Harden | HOU

James Harden put up one of his patented monster triple-doubles during a 126-111 win over the Lakers on Thursday, scoring 50 points with 10 rebounds, 11 assists, two steals, six turnovers and four 3-pointers in 35 minutes.

Sun 12/09/2018 01:50
James Harden scores 35 points with 8 dimes - James Harden | HOU

James Harden scored 35 points during a 107-104 loss to the Mavs on Saturday, adding four rebounds, eight assists, one steal, one block, six turnovers and six 3-pointers in 37 minutes.

Fri 12/07/2018 06:40
James Harden scores season-low 15 points - James Harden | HOU

James Harden scored a season-low 15 points during a 118-91 loss against the Jazz on Thursday, adding six rebounds, two assists, seven turnovers and two 3-pointers in 28 minutes.

Sun 12/02/2018 03:50
James Harden nets 30 with 7 dimes & 6 triples - James Harden | HOU

James Harden scored 30 points (9-of-16 FGs, 6-of-7 FTs) with six rebounds, seven assists, one block, one steal, six 3-pointers, and seven turnovers in 30 minutes against the Bulls on Saturday.

Sat 12/01/2018 04:20
James Harden scores 23 w/ 10 dimes & 3 treys - James Harden | HOU

James Harden scored 23 points (9-of-20 FGs, 2-of-2 FTs) with seven rebounds, 10 assists, one block, three 3-pointers, and two turnovers in 28 minutes against the Spurs on Friday.

Thu 11/29/2018 04:10
James Harden drops 25/11/17, 6 steals in loss - James Harden | HOU

James Harden matched his career-high 17 assists during a 128-108 loss to the Mavs on Wednesday, adding 25 points, 11 rebounds, six steals, eight turnovers and four 3-pointers in 37 minutes.

Tue 11/27/2018 03:10
James Harden goes off for 54 in loss - James Harden | HOU

James Harden scored 54 points with 13 assists, eight rebounds, three steals and seven three-pointers in Mondays 135-131 loss to the Wizards.

Sun 11/25/2018 03:10
James Harden scores 40 in loss at Cleveland - James Harden | HOU

James Harden made 14-of-30 from the field and 7-of-12 from the line for 40 points during a 117-108 loss to the Cavs on Saturday, adding four rebounds, 13 assists, one steal, nine turnovers and five 3-pointers in 44 minutes.

Sat 11/24/2018 03:20
James Harden scores 33 points in loss to DET - James Harden | HOU

James Harden scored 33 points with two rebounds, eight assists, one block, seven turnovers and three 3-pointers in 41 minutes against the Pistons during a 116-111 overtime loss to the Pistons on Friday.

Thu 11/22/2018 04:00
James Harden drops season-high 43 in win - James Harden | HOU

James Harden scored a season-high 43 points (10-of-20 FGs, 19-of-19 FTs) with seven rebounds, nine assists, four steals, four 3-pointers and six turnovers in 36 minutes against the Pistons on Wednesday.

James Harden Recent Fantasy Performance
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James Harden 2017-2018 Game Log

12-11-18SGW 111-10432.521739.2537.237.214102429001.14
12-08-18SGL 104-10736.72275651.851.84811653539.2301.41
12-06-18SGL 91-118281632318.218.26200731535.120.50.65
12-03-18SGL 91-1033717135149.849.84821552935.227.11.35
12-01-18SGW 121-10530.416751.546.746.76711713037.123.51.54
LAST 532.918.47.444.240.740.74.25.810.65.43.627.629.320.21.24
11-30-18SGW 136-10527.620250.2547.447.471001242335.720.51.72
11-28-18PGL 108-12837.415976.2573.773.7111760842530.523.81.97
11-26-18PGL 131-13547.4321588.581.181.1813301145439.338.81.71
11-24-18PGL 108-11743.6301265.558.358.341310934047.743.31.34
11-23-18SGL 111-11640.9271447.543.443.42801753338.833.11.06
11-21-18SGW 126-12436.4201972.2570.970.9794063434433.41.95
11-17-18SGW 132-11234.317105653.853.84830633433.724.11.57
11-15-18SGW 107-8632.123840.7540.140.13320142739.826.61.25
11-13-18SGW 109-9936.816852.7552.552.551131432231.824.41.43
11-11-18SGW 115-10338201565.7558.958.97911954043.634.51.55
11-10-18SGL 89-9638.5271344.546.746.76322232539.131.41.21
11-08-18SGL 80-9837.51934443.143.18531531931.424.51.15
11-05-18SGW 98-9435.11595048.848.84631552832.8241.39
11-03-18SGW 96-8833.317843.2540.740.71740832537.5261.22
10-24-18PGL 89-10031.619945.7541.541.55710742942.127.71.31
10-21-18PGL 112-11539.826662.559.859.841420313135.529.41.5
10-20-18SGW 124-11537.8191557.7554.954.9752162363225.21.45
10-17-18SGL 112-13134.715451.7551.851.891031421825.318.31.49
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