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Austin Rivers

Sat 03/17/2018 03:10
Austin Rivers scores 23 w/ impressive line - Austin Rivers | LAC

Austin Rivers posted an impressive line vs. the Thunder on Friday, scoring 23 points with seven rebounds, two assists, three steals, two blocks and four triples in 39 minutes.

Fri 02/09/2018 22:50
Austin Rivers says hes playing vs. Pistons - Austin Rivers | LAC

Austin Rivers (ankle) said hes playing vs. Detroit on Friday.

Tue 01/23/2018 16:33
Austin Rivers: Could miss at least two more weeks

Austin Rivers: Rivers (heel) could remain out for at least two more weeks, per coach Doc Rivers, the Los Angeles Times reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Fri 01/05/2018 01:30
Austin Rivers (heel) out at least two weeks - Austin Rivers | LAC

Austin Rivers (bruised heel) will be re-evaluated in two weeks.

Fri 01/05/2018 00:51
Austin Rivers (Achilles) a game-time decision Thursday.

Austin Rivers (Achilles) a game-time decision Thursday.

Wed 01/03/2018 02:00
Austin Rivers (Achilles) ruled out Tuesday - Austin Rivers | LAC

Austin Rivers (right Achilles) will not play on Tuesday vs. Memphis.

Tue 01/02/2018 00:51
Austin Rivers: Questionable for Tuesday

Austin Rivers: Rivers (Achilles) is considered questionable to play Tuesday against the Grizzlies, Tom Azarly of ClutchPoints reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 01/01/2018 07:20
Austin Rivers (Achilles) aims to play Tuesday - Austin Rivers | LAC

Austin Rivers (right Achilles) said his recent injury stems from a muscle that gets "jammed," but he feels better and plans to play on Tuesday.

Sun 12/31/2017 20:05
Austin RIvers (Achilles) out Sunday vs. CHA - Austin Rivers | LAC

Austin Rivers (right Achilles strain) has been ruled out for Sundays game against the Hornets.

Sun 12/31/2017 00:55
Austin Rivers: Questionable Sunday

Austin Rivers: Rivers (Achilles) is listed as questionable for Sundays game against the Hornets, Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Austin Rivers Recent Fantasy Performance
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Austin Rivers 2017-2018 Game Log

03-16-18PGL 113-1213915445.2546.446.47232332320.816.91.19
03-15-18PGL 96-10138.918127.7527.127.1330013202217.80.7
03-13-18PGW 112-10635.611428.7529.629.63620111217.112.70.83
03-10-18PGW 113-10533.911025.7525.625.63610141116.111.40.76
03-09-18PGW 116-10237.814233.2534.634.63630221518.714.70.92
LAST 53713.
03-06-18PGL 116-12139.614020.2519.119.13310321116.813.90.48
03-04-18PGW 123-12036.615438.2534.534.55300312724.118.40.94
03-02-18PGW 128-10528.113032.2530305210111921.712.71.07
02-28-18SGL 92-10533.412015.2514.614.6340014618.112.60.44
02-27-18PGW 122-12029.11262726.326.34111321724.114.60.9
02-23-18PGW 128-11736.41122824.424.42600451717.913.60.67
02-22-18PGL 127-13437.710628.2528.128.13510031413.810.80.75
02-14-18PGW 129-11935.710020.2518.618.63400141013.4100.52
02-12-18PGW 114-10135.21302726.426.42410211719.214.10.75
02-10-18PGL 98-11233.81412929.729.76511121019.213.50.88
02-09-18PGW 108-953213026.524.924.92500121619.713.10.78
01-30-18DNPL 96-1040000000000000000
01-02-18DNPW 113-1050000000000000000
12-31-17DNPW 106-980000000000000000
12-29-17SGW 121-10626.51202118.918.92300131320.611.40.71
12-26-17SGW 122-9525.98217.515.915.9250022819.110.30.61
12-23-17SGL 112-11533.120648.7546.646.63210133833.523.11.41
12-22-17PGW 128-11839.325115450.950.92711423636.6301.3
12-20-17SGW 108-9529.416535.534.434.42601112129.4181.17
12-18-17SGL 91-10932.915221.7519.119.13310441226.818.40.58
12-16-17DNPL 85-900000000000000000
12-13-17SGW 106-9517.810015.516.416.4201111928.310.50.92
12-11-17SGW 96-9132.714223.2521.721.71310211521.614.70.66
12-09-17PGW 113-1123615029.527.527.50701231622.516.90.76
12-06-17PGL 107-1133718535.535.435.42420212325.219.40.96
12-03-17PGL 106-11235.914747.7543.543.55510333027.320.41.21
12-02-17PGL 82-10829.515019.7520.620.6320212924.615.10.7
11-27-17PGW 120-11537.51653937.637.68610321923.618.41
11-25-17PGW 97-9537.414126.2524.724.71710431423.218.10.66
11-22-17PGW 116-10336.512435.536.936.92521011818.313.91.01
11-20-17PGL 85-107329012.7513.713.7151002212.38.20.43
11-18-17PGL 87-10234.114219.518.318.3431031923.9170.54
11-17-17PGL 113-11834.918225.2522.222.21600451625.318.40.64
11-13-17PGL 105-1093713422.2522.622.63220111118.414.20.61
11-11-17PGL 103-11134.418031.2529.629.63220241925.718.40.86
11-10-17PGL 111-12031.81172119190200151719.813.10.6
11-07-17SGL 107-12036.117035.533.933.9232032242518.80.94
11-05-17SGL 101-10431.812429.532.932.92341121219.312.81.03
11-04-17SGL 104-11338.39418.7519.119.1332024714.511.60.5
11-01-17SGW 119-982512325.524.524.50310221927.814.50.98
10-30-17SGL 113-14127.310016.517.917.9232002515.68.90.66
10-28-17SGL 87-9533.512236.536.336.34140212019.113.31.08
10-26-17SGW 104-10334.611421.2520.220.21020361621.115.20.58
10-24-17SGW 102-8434.713121.52121021013161913.70.61
10-21-17BW 130-8832.97415.7515.615.6341024513.99.50.47
10-19-17BW 108-9226.41108.51010022012217.39.50.38
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