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Anthony Davis

Tue 02/25/2020 02:00
Anthony Davis (calf) probable to play Tuesday - Anthony Davis | LAK

Anthony Davis (bruised right calf) is listed as probable for Tuesdays game against the Pelicans.

Mon 02/24/2020 01:00
Anthony Davis (calf) double-doubles in win - Anthony Davis | LAK

Anthony Davis (calf) posted a 32-point, 13-rebound double-double during Sundays 114-112 win over the Celtics, adding three triples, three assists, two blocks and six turnovers in 39 minutes.

Sun 02/23/2020 18:52
Anthony Davis (calf) remains probable Sunday.

Anthony Davis (calf) remains probable Sunday.

Sat 02/22/2020 22:00
Anthony Davis (calf) probable for Sunday - Anthony Davis | LAK

Coach Frank Vogel said Anthony Davis (bruised right calf) is probable to play against the Celtics on Sunday, but should be good to go.

Sat 02/22/2020 07:00
Anthony Davis (calf) dominant in win vs. MEM - Anthony Davis | LAK

Anthony Davis played through a bruised right calf in a 117-105 win over the Grizzlies on Friday, scoring 28 points with 13 rebounds, four assists, one steal, seven blocks and two triples.

Sat 02/22/2020 05:00
Anthony Davis checks back into game - Anthony Davis | LAK

Anthony Davis checked back into Fridays game vs. the Grizzlies with eight minutes to go in the second quarter.

Sat 02/22/2020 04:00
Anthony Davis limps to locker room - Anthony Davis | LAK

Anthony Davis exited Fridays game vs. the Grizzlies with a lower leg injury and went back to the locker room.

Sat 02/22/2020 03:44
Anthony Davis (leg) headed to locker room Friday.

Anthony Davis (leg) headed to locker room Friday.

Wed 02/12/2020 02:00
Anthony Davis gets another probable tag - Anthony Davis | LAK

Anthony Davis (right ring finger sprain) is probable for Wednesday vs. Denver.

Tue 02/11/2020 06:00
Anthony Davis (finger) posts 25/10/5/1/1 line - Anthony Davis | LAK

Anthony Davis (sprained right index finger) shot 9-of-17 from the field and 7-of-8 from the foul line in Mondayโ€™s win over the Suns, finishing with 25 points, 10 rebounds, five assists, one steal and one blocked shot in 31 minutes.

Anthony Davis Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Anthony Davis Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Anthony Davis Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Anthony Davis Did/Didn't Play Premium

Anthony Davis 2017-2018 Game Log

02-25-20PFW 118-1093621105761.361.314316232128.721.51.7
02-23-20PFW 114-11239.1251256.2552.152.113302633238.731.51.33
02-21-20PFW 117-10530.6171566.2569.669.613417422836.923.52.27
02-12-20PFW 120-11641.923958585810222223328.424.81.38
02-10-20PFW 125-1003117848.547.547.510511322530.819.91.53
LAST 535.720.610.857.257.757.7123.413.63.42.427.832.724.21.62
02-08-20PFW 125-12035.2141353.5555510431222723.517.21.56
02-06-20PFL 111-12140.321565.7570.170.113333033224.420.51.74
02-04-20PFW 129-10229.11232725.725.76110411826.115.80.88
02-01-20PFW 129-11329.791040.541.841.84621212122.313.81.41
01-31-20PFL 119-12738.822878.579.279.216615413728.923.42.04
01-25-20PFL 91-10838.622447.2546.446.47221533133.526.91.2
01-23-20PFW 128-11326.99837.2536.236.211211231621.912.31.35
01-22-20SFW 100-9230.1141347.7549.549.55512102831.719.91.64
01-20-20CL 107-13922.6732223.823.8421225918.78.81.05
01-18-20DNPW 124-1150000000
01-13-20DNPW 128-990000000
01-11-20DNPW 125-1100000000
01-07-20PFW 117-8728.28228.531.731.7653232518.7111.12
01-05-20PFW 106-9938161064.2573.273.211238032422.417.71.93
01-03-20PFW 123-11338211372.7572.172.11313133463426.91.9
01-01-20PFW 117-10737.916844.7542.242.211201312624.419.31.11
12-29-19PFW 108-9535.912944.2544.844.89421422325.118.81.25
12-25-19PFL 106-11139.41784344.744.76322342424.219.91.13
12-22-19PFL 104-12833.723654.2553.753.71110454323927.41.59
12-19-19PFL 104-11143.1251764.566.566.510513143634.5311.54
12-15-19PFW 101-9635.523752.2551.151.113312552734.925.81.44
12-13-19PFW 113-11038.420955.554.554.510103133326.921.51.42
12-11-19PFW 96-8736.620448.549.449.412622221628.721.91.35
12-08-19PFW 142-12539.3291077.2581.481.47641115037.330.52.07
12-06-19PFW 136-11332.2211562.7564.864.89223323939.526.52.01
12-04-19PFW 121-96261194346.746.76113022625.713.91.8
12-03-19PFW 105-9636.51894240.540.510101132526.720.31.11
12-01-19PFL 100-11435.82164949491021222273123.11.37
11-29-19PFW 125-10327.4151252.7553.653.613203012630.317.31.96
11-27-19PFW 114-11037.2301261.2563.363.39131234143.433.61.7
11-25-19PFW 114-10432.619452.554.454.412622031928.919.61.67
11-23-19PFW 109-10834.714647.552.352.34335312224.117.41.51
11-22-19PFW 130-12735.2191161.7558.758.711710133329.321.51.67
11-19-19PFW 112-10737.124661.2564.464.47442223432.725.31.74
11-17-19PFW 122-10128.414530.7533.733.71505411430.4181.19
11-15-19PFW 99-9735.512934.2537375214421726.119.31.04
11-12-19PFW 123-11537.51765252.452.412421112423.318.21.4
11-10-19PFL 104-11337.72065254.154.18324532730.824.21.44
11-08-19PFW 95-8034.717455.559.159.1872324262618.81.7
11-05-19PFW 118-11231.415235.2536.936.97313341524.616.11.18
11-03-19PFW 103-963620448.2547.247.211204622532.724.51.31
11-01-19PFW 119-11042.728251.554.654.68222113128.925.71.28
10-29-19PFW 120-9130.6172773737320202024037.323.82.39
10-27-19PFW 120-10132.51965957.357.314313532935.223.81.76
10-25-19PFW 95-8632.317745.2550.450.47225342131.120.91.56
10-22-19SFL 102-11237.4211448.2549.349.39512332535.827.91.32
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