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JaVale McGee

Mon 12/31/2018 05:30
JaVale McGee returns, plays well for Lakers - JaVale McGee | LAK

After missing a couple weeks with a bout with pneumonia, JaVale McGee returned to the starting lineup on Sunday and played 24 minutes, finishing with eight points, 12 rebounds, two steals and a block.

Mon 12/31/2018 01:00
JaVale McGee starting; Zubac to the bench - JaVale McGee | LAK

JaVale McGee (illness) will replace Ivica Zubac in the starting lineup on Sunday against the Kings.

Mon 12/31/2018 00:55
JaVale McGee: Cleared to play

JaVale McGee: McGee (illness) will take the court Sunday against the Kings. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 12/31/2018 00:50
JaVale McGee (illness) will start Sunday but will be on a minutes limit.

JaVale McGee (illness) will start Sunday but will be on a minutes limit.

Sun 12/30/2018 18:20
JaVale McGee (illness) upgraded to probable - JaVale McGee | LAK

JaVale McGee (illness) has been upgraded to probable for Sundays game against the Kings.

Sun 12/30/2018 18:09
JaVale McGee: Upgraded to probable

JaVale McGee: McGee (illness) has been upgraded to probable for Sundays game against the Kings, Kyle Goon of the Southern California News Group reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sat 12/29/2018 02:00
JaVale McGee (illness) out against Clippers - JaVale McGee | LAK

JaVale McGee (illness) is out against Clippers on Friday.

Sat 12/29/2018 01:56
JaVale McGee: Ruled out Friday

JaVale McGee: McGee (illness) wont play Friday against the Clippers, Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Fri 12/28/2018 01:40
Ivica Zubac starting for McGee (illness) - JaVale McGee | LAK

JaVale McGee (illness) will not play and Ivica Zubac will start in his place against the Kings.

Thu 12/27/2018 19:10
JaVale McGee participates at shootaround - JaVale McGee | LAK

JaVale McGee (illness) participated at Thursdays shootaround.

JaVale McGee Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When JaVale McGee Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When JaVale McGee Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When JaVale McGee Did/Didn't Play Premium

JaVale McGee 2017-2018 Game Log

01-15-19BW 107-1001410421.524.324.3410301935.310.31.74
01-13-19CL 95-10123.2301414.614.680010325.42.60.63
01-11-19CL 95-11315.9801920.120.1810212421.77.21.26
01-09-19CW 113-10024.66223.2525255202021012.96.61.02
01-07-19CW 107-9723.4711917171000035818.18.80.73
LAST 520.26.81.419.420.220.270.801.
01-06-19CL 86-10815.93299.99.9212021214.84.90.62
01-04-19CL 112-1192514032.2532.332.39101131823.412.21.29
01-02-19CL 100-10720.316333.536.136.18104231538.116.11.78
12-30-18CW 121-11423.5803031.931.91212111815.37.51.36
12-27-18DNPL 116-1170000000000000000
12-25-18DNPW 127-1010000000
12-23-18DNPL 99-1070000000
12-21-18DNPW 112-1040000000
12-18-18DNPL 110-1150000000
12-16-18DNPL 110-1280000000000000000
12-15-18CW 128-10017.81023437.237.26013121927.210.12.09
12-13-18CL 111-12630.26422.2524245012231114.99.40.79
12-10-18CW 108-10514.6742123.623.6800421431.99.71.62
12-08-18CW 111-8821.610225.5232310200241023.610.61.06
12-07-18CL 120-13324.1642927.427.412001211216.58.31.14
12-05-18CW 121-11319.2401311.811.8400144817.570.61
12-02-18CW 120-9620.610027.528.628.68011111422.19.51.39
11-30-18CW 114-10320.45018.2519.419.47011166125.10.95
11-29-18CW 104-9622.16026.528.128.1830442619.18.81.27
11-27-18CL 85-11715.7401417.917.9210400211.33.71.14
11-25-18CL 104-10824.29234.2540.440.47007131219.49.81.67
11-23-18CW 90-8327.2902629.829.84032231217.6101.1
11-21-18CW 109-10524.86026.2528285203231214.77.61.13
11-18-18CW 113-9723.86216.7518.618.6322001612.36.10.78
11-17-18CL 117-13015.97215.514.814.84000111123.27.70.93
11-14-18CW 126-11723.912232.535.835.84022132023.711.81.5
11-11-18CW 107-10626.79428.2531.331.3911312816.99.41.17
11-10-18CW 101-8622.9602526.626.68012201013.86.61.16
11-07-18CW 114-11025.11002120.820.84000011616.88.80.83
11-04-18CL 107-12117.26621.522.222.2620221826.29.41.29
11-03-18CW 114-11027.18237.7543.343.39116231216.59.31.6
10-31-18CW 114-1133515049.7553.553.515125351621.515.71.53
10-29-18CL 120-12430.98227.7531315023331314.39.21
10-27-18CL 106-11024.55222.2523.523.5510454919.29.80.96
10-25-18CW 121-11431.716136.7538.438.47211022121.714.31.21
10-24-18CW 131-11325.61364145.245.26214022024.813.21.77
10-22-18CL 142-14328.21333132.132.18111161619.611.51.14
10-20-18CL 115-12419.911335.539.239.26205241629.212.11.97
10-18-18CL 119-12821.66432.536.136.18113031314.26.41.67
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