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Josh Hart

Tue 01/15/2019 19:50
Luke Walton considering lineup change Tuesday - Josh Hart | LAK

Luke Walton said hes considering changing his starting lineup for Tuesdays game against the Bulls.

Mon 12/31/2018 05:30
Josh Hart scores season-high 22 in win - Josh Hart | LAK

Josh Hart hit 8-of-14 shots and three 3-pointers for a season-high 22 points, seven rebounds, three assists and two steals in 40 minutes of Sundays 121-114 win over the Kings.

Sat 12/29/2018 06:00
Josh Hart ejected after two technical fouls - Josh Hart | LAK

Josh Hart was ejected after being assessed two technical fouls for arguing a non-call in the fourth quarter of Fridays game against the Clippers.

Sat 12/29/2018 05:47
Josh Hart has been ejected Friday after being assessed two technical fouls.

Josh Hart has been ejected Friday after being assessed two technical fouls.

Thu 12/27/2018 19:20
Josh Hart will start Thursday vs. Sacramento - Josh Hart | LAK

Josh Hart will move into the starting lineup for Thursdays game in Sacramento, with LeBron James (groin) unavailable.

Thu 12/27/2018 19:05
Josh Hart will start for injured LeBron James on Thursday.

Josh Hart will start for injured LeBron James on Thursday.

Fri 12/14/2018 03:50
Josh Hart scores 15 points, blocks two - Josh Hart | LAK

Josh Hart made 6-of-8 from the field for 15 points with two rebounds, one assist, two blocks and two 3-pointers in 29 minutes against the Rockets on Thursday.

Sat 12/08/2018 01:20
Josh Hart will start for Brandon Ingram - Josh Hart | LAK

Josh Hart will start for Brandon Ingram (ankle) against the Spurs on Friday.

Sat 12/08/2018 01:09
Josh Hart will start for injured Brandon Ingram on Friday.

Josh Hart will start for injured Brandon Ingram on Friday.

Thu 12/06/2018 07:00
Josh Hart starts 2nd half, struggles w/ fouls - Josh Hart | LAK

Josh Hart started the second half of Wednesdays game, but foul trouble plagued him and he finished with six points on 2-of-5 shooting (all 3-pointers) and one rebound.

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Josh Hart 2017-2018 Game Log

01-15-19BW 107-10022.11010.511.811.840201123.91.80.53
01-13-19SGL 95-10132.212222.2523.523.5511222919.513.10.73
01-11-19SGL 95-11329.56213.2511.511.5510026611.67.10.39
01-09-19SGW 113-10026.33011.7511.411.470012228.84.80.43
01-07-19SGW 107-9743.713348.550.450.41265024141513.71.15
LAST 530.871.421.321.721.
01-06-19SFL 86-10825.91222020.420.42220101021.311.50.79
01-04-19PFL 112-11933.211125.2526.426.4740205613.49.30.8
01-02-19SGL 100-10737.716439.75393915211151319.915.61.03
12-30-18SGW 121-11439.614539.7538.938.97320232218.315.10.98
12-28-18SGL 107-11834.810030.531.731.76330111212.79.20.91
12-27-18SGL 116-11732.9802729.829.84231041010.270.91
12-25-18BW 127-101299216.7516.216.21011301219.511.80.56
12-23-18BL 99-10726.77222.7522.122.133010111147.80.83
12-21-18BW 112-10419.9507.756.26.2100010612.55.20.31
12-18-18SGL 110-11534.410216.2516.516.5511000613.39.50.48
12-16-18SGL 110-12820.5100677000102419.48.30.34
12-15-18SGW 128-10026.18111.7511.111.1311022516.48.90.43
12-13-18SGL 111-12628.78323.523.923.92102151516.69.90.83
12-10-18SGW 108-10534.99217.751717500112913.59.80.49
12-08-18SGW 111-8835.71023638.838.84232041612.191.09
12-07-18SGL 120-13336.28113.25131350000379.57.20.36
12-05-18BW 121-11313.4507.756.26.2100015618.65.20.46
12-02-18BW 120-9617.950141515021102611.54.30.84
11-30-18BW 114-10323.15010.2510.710.711010158.94.30.46
11-29-18BW 104-9625.17123.2525.225.21230121314.27.41
11-27-18BL 85-11720.9601313.913.9231002412.95.60.67
11-25-18BL 104-10815.2006.756.66.63200010000.43
11-23-18BW 90-8314.52021.41.420001008.92.70.1
11-21-18BW 109-10521.45014.516.816.8400311412.85.70.79
11-18-18BW 113-9729701615.715.7610113511.87.10.54
11-17-18BL 117-13020.27022.522.922.92102021314.56.11.13
11-14-18BW 126-11723.97015.7514.514.5510122615.57.70.61
11-11-18BW 107-10622.79215.2514.214.2121022920.19.50.63
11-10-18BW 101-8617.89025.7526265220021120.27.51.46
11-07-18BW 114-11021.5763027.827.840101221219.41.29
11-04-18BL 107-12129.95320.2522.522.5513000695.60.75
11-03-18BW 114-11025.33419.521.521.5011202117.84.10.85
10-31-18BW 114-11316.230888021014310.43.50.49
10-29-18BL 120-12424.58016.516.716.7611003512.16.20.68
10-27-18SGL 106-11036.31021513.913.9211021915.311.60.38
10-25-18SGW 121-11431.910623.2523.523.55120221219.112.70.74
10-24-18SGW 131-11326.4822625.425.42220141515.38.40.96
10-22-18BL 142-14338.714040.538.538.510120122013.911.20.99
10-20-18BL 115-12430.413225.7527275221231121.313.50.89
10-18-18BL 119-12827.51233739.339.34132252022.212.71.43
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