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Kyle Kuzma

Tue 02/04/2020 23:00
Report: Knicks interested in Kyle Kuzma - Kyle Kuzma | LAK

The Knicks have reportedly had "exploratory" conversations with the Lakers regarding Kyle Kuzma.

Mon 02/03/2020 17:00
LAL have investigated trade market for Kuzma? - Kyle Kuzma | LAK

The Lakers have "investigated" the trade market for Kyle Kuzma according to ESPNs Zach Lowe.

Sun 01/26/2020 00:00
Kyle Kuzma (ankle) available to play Saturday - Kyle Kuzma | LAK

Kyle Kuzma (left ankle) is available to play Saturday vs. the 76ers.

Thu 01/23/2020 18:00
Kyle Kuzma (ankle) probable for Thursday - Kyle Kuzma | LAK

Kyle Kuzma (sore left ankle) is probable to play on Thursday vs. the Nets.

Sun 01/19/2020 04:00
Kyle Kuzma (ankle) available to return Sat. - Kyle Kuzma | LAK

Kyle Kuzma (left ankle) is available to return to Saturdays game vs. the Rockets.

Sun 01/19/2020 03:30
Kyle Kuzma (ankle) available to return Saturday.

Kyle Kuzma (ankle) available to return Saturday.

Sun 01/19/2020 03:23
Kyle Kuzma (ankle) headed to locker room Saturday.

Kyle Kuzma (ankle) headed to locker room Saturday.

Sun 01/12/2020 04:00
Kyle Kuzma lights up Thunder for 36 points - Kyle Kuzma | LAK

Kyle Kuzma shot 15-of-24 from the field in Saturdayโ€™s win over the Thunder, scoring 36 points with seven rebounds and four 3-pointers.

Sun 01/12/2020 02:00
Kyle Kuzma will start again on Saturday night - Kyle Kuzma | LAK

Kyle Kuzma will start on Saturday against the Thunder with Anthony Davis (tailbone) out another game.

Sat 01/11/2020 23:36
Kyle Kuzma will start if Anthony Davis (glute) is ruled out on Saturday.

Kyle Kuzma will start if Anthony Davis (glute) is ruled out on Saturday.

Kyle Kuzma Recent Fantasy Performance
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Kyle Kuzma 2017-2018 Game Log

02-25-20BW 118-10912.310112.2513.213.21010019328.21.07
02-23-20BW 114-11227.213422.521.821.84001211625.614.50.8
02-21-20BW 117-10523.413217.517.317.3430005824.211.80.74
02-12-20BW 120-11616.4408.757.77.7130012312.64.30.47
02-10-20BW 125-10020.45130.531.631.6841221914.86.31.55
LAST 519.991.618.318.318.33.620.40.612921.890.92
02-08-20BW 125-12029.4842727.427.42630521219.111.70.93
02-06-20BL 111-12119.8811515.715.7611002418.27.50.79
02-04-20BW 129-10230.31124036.436.41240022182012.61.2
02-01-20BW 129-11320.21041817.917.92101131227.111.40.89
01-31-20BL 119-12725.112734.75313115000421728.915.11.24
01-25-20BL 91-10826.76012.751212520012411.76.50.45
01-23-20BW 128-11328.49320.517.917.92100221617.710.50.63
01-22-20BW 100-9227.910323.7524.924.97102121020.311.80.89
01-20-20BL 107-13923.412717.7517.617.63010221329.914.60.75
01-18-20PFW 124-11537.51663532.132.18100222321.216.60.86
01-15-20PFL 118-11926.910021.7521.521.5570121418.210.20.8
01-13-20PFW 128-9925.713218.7518.618.63201241127.114.50.72
01-11-20PFW 125-11039.724446.2543.443.47000103628.123.21.09
01-10-20PFW 129-11433.922637.536.236.26200022631.722.41.07
01-07-20BW 117-8720.71122522.722.76100241629.712.81.1
01-05-20BW 106-992181119.89.8420021420.89.10.47
01-03-20BW 123-1131910016.515.915.92101121025.3100.84
01-01-20BW 117-10727.21562928.328.34110021926.615.11.04
12-29-19BW 108-9526.4707.7588501013013.67.50.3
12-25-19BL 106-11127.51763432.832.8401001252916.61.19
12-22-19BL 104-12821.815226.527.827.84012211635.2161.28
12-08-19BW 142-12526.3709.758.78.71100107137.10.33
12-06-19BW 136-11324.413024.521.721.76100221525.6130.89
12-04-19BW 121-963111728.7533.233.21043201323.114.91.07
12-03-19BW 105-9619.26213.751212520031621.88.70.63
12-01-19BL 100-11421.4836.255.75.7110012420.99.30.27
11-29-19BW 125-103177075.95.9210020421.77.70.35
11-27-19BW 114-11024.38025.7522225200351619.69.90.91
11-25-19BW 114-10423.310416.2515.615.63200111024.912.10.67
11-23-19BW 109-108263313.7514.114.1311122510.35.60.54
11-22-19BW 130-12726.66316.517.417.420021110137.20.65
11-19-19BW 112-107940544000011523.54.40.44
11-17-19BW 122-10125.514227.7526.526.55101121726.714.21.04
11-15-19BW 99-9726.49221.2518.518.55100221320.911.50.7
11-13-19PFW 120-9430.212630.7527275200442225.616.10.89
11-12-19BW 123-11525.11623129.829.84010132330.215.81.19
11-10-19BL 104-11324.313022.7521215000031522.511.40.86
11-08-19BW 95-8025.39013.2510.510.5510042722.411.80.42
11-05-19BW 118-11221.11612119.819.84001311537.516.50.94
11-03-19BW 103-9616709.258.68.6300002518.66.20.54
11-01-19BW 119-11018.78413.7513.113.1310010923.99.30.7
10-27-19DNPW 120-1010000000
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