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Lonzo Ball

Thu 09/20/2018 23:52
Lonzo Ball: Medically cleared, will remain limited

Lonzo Ball: Ball (knee) has been medically cleared to return to full basketball activity, but the Lakers are still expected to keep him out of 5-on-5 drills to start training camp, Mike Bresnahan of Spectrum SportsNet reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Thu 09/20/2018 22:40
Lonzo Ball (knee) cleared by Lakers doctors - Lonzo Ball | LAK

Lonzo Ball (left meniscus) has been "100 percent cleared" for full basketball activities by the Lakers medical staff, according to GM Rob Pelinka.

Wed 09/19/2018 00:00
Lonzo Ball (knee) will be limited at camp - Lonzo Ball | LAK

Lakers coach Luke Walton said Lonzo Ball (knee) wonโ€™t be ready for 5-on-5 scrimmages when training camp starts next week.

Tue 09/18/2018 23:44
Lonzo Ball: Will be limited to start camp

Lonzo Ball: Ball (knee) wont be ready for 5-on-5 scrimmages when training camp opens for the Lakers next week, Mike Bresnahan of Spectrum SportsNet reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 09/12/2018 17:34
Lonzo Ball: Had partial meniscus removal

Lonzo Ball: The surgery Ball underwent on his left knee in July involved a partial removal of his meniscus, Christian Rivas of USA Today reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 07/18/2018 01:12
Lonzo Ball: Undergoes knee surgery

Lonzo Ball: Ball underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on his left knee Tuesday. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 07/18/2018 00:10
Lonzo Ball undergoes successful surgery - Lonzo Ball | LAK

Lonzo Ball had successful arthroscopic surgery on his left knee on Tuesday.

Fri 07/13/2018 23:11
Lonzo Ball: To undergo surgery

Lonzo Ball: Ball will undergo surgery on his left knee Tuesday. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Fri 07/13/2018 22:10
Lonzo Ball to have arthroscopic knee surgery - Lonzo Ball | LAK

Lonzo Ball is scheduled to undergo arthroscopic surgery to his left knee on Tuesday.

Fri 06/29/2018 23:33
Lonzo Ball: Diagnosed with torn meniscus

Lonzo Ball: Ball is dealing with a torn meniscus in his left knee, but hes expected to be ready for training camp, Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

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Lonzo Ball 2017-2018 Game Log

04-08-18DNPL 97-1120000000000000000
04-03-18DNPL 110-1170000000000000000
04-01-18DNPL 83-840000000000000000
03-30-18DNPL 122-1240000000000000000
03-28-18PGW 103-9324.17220.519.319.3450011816.78.40.8
03-26-18PGL 106-11243804645.145.181120241510.59.41.05
03-24-18PGW 100-9342.213439.537.637.681010231217.615.50.89
03-22-18PGL 125-12844.115238.7538.138.11390234617.916.40.86
03-19-18PGL 100-11037.4422120.420.4282041410.48.10.55
LAST 538.29.4233.
03-16-18PGL 91-9238.11503636.636.6882130921.4170.96
03-14-18PGL 106-11738.811337.7539.539.55113134817.3141.02
03-13-18PGW 112-10340.811236.7538.838.8983241516.113.70.95
03-11-18PGW 127-11331.511021.7522.122.1371002514.29.30.7
03-09-18PGL 116-12537.716045.547.647.68841421522.317.51.26
03-07-18PGW 108-10737.216037.536.736.76521331622.817.70.99
03-05-18PGL 103-108339320.520.420.4222013101510.30.62
03-03-18PGW 116-11234.812052.2549.949.971112241816.311.81.43
03-01-18PGW 131-11333.8513841.741.7676024810.27.21.23
02-26-18BW 123-10424.14235.7535.935.97530231311.45.71.49
02-23-18BW 124-10217.48027.2524.424.4760020923.48.51.4
01-13-18PGW 107-10143.113030.7530.930.9771001912.411.10.72
01-11-18PGW 93-8135.911048464610640511819.814.81.28
01-09-18PGW 99-8636.710048.2551.751.711115111512.99.91.41
01-07-18PGW 132-11329.713038353510610241321131.18
01-05-18PGL 94-10827.28028.528.328.34520121113.87.81.04
12-23-17PGL 92-9536.51304240.140.181121521021.416.31.1
12-22-17PGL 106-1133716439.7535.535.55501522424.919.20.96
12-20-17PGW 122-1163814737.7536.836.89412521624.519.40.97
12-18-17PGL 114-11638.61223939.239.26612241615.512.51.02
12-14-17PGL 112-12137.91104339.139.181120631318.114.31.03
12-12-17PGL 109-11339.51334343.643.68621131714.912.31.1
12-09-17PGW 110-9926.55226.2525.525.5590124513.27.30.96
12-07-17PGW 107-10438.41104652.652.68834001011.89.41.37
12-03-17PGL 95-118224210.2510.710.7130231214.66.70.49
12-02-17PGL 100-11533.410029.7528.328.3952053918.512.90.85
11-29-17PGL 123-12743.31223633.433.421010221513.412.10.77
11-27-17PGL 115-12026.37020.7519.519.5571034315.58.50.74
11-22-17PGL 102-11337.38238.7534.934.971110421116.312.70.94
11-21-17PGW 103-943213032.7531.631.61341013818.612.40.99
11-19-17PGW 127-10939.91305350.750.7161102241114.812.31.27
11-17-17PGL 113-12237.7723337.237.2665132611.590.99
11-15-17PGL 109-11521.49012.251212521023219.18.50.56
11-13-17PGW 100-9328.110023.2522.522.555204272112.30.8
11-11-17PGL 90-9838.81246969.969.9121334431919.8161.8
11-09-17PGL 95-11128.512734.533.633.68820411026.115.51.18
11-08-17PGL 96-10738.615033.753737561421918.214.60.96
11-05-17PGW 107-10235.213328.2526.526.559002292014.70.75
11-03-17PGW 124-11228.615126.7528.528.5572004621.312.71
11-02-17PGL 110-11328.12015.2517.617.6341211052.90.63
10-31-17PGW 113-9327.813029.530.730.76302001320.211.71.1
10-28-17PGL 81-9635.810020.518.418.424205291914.20.51
10-27-17PGL 92-10131.57025.2524.424.4762040515.2100.77
10-25-17PGW 102-9939.611334.535.635.68101113613.511.10.9
10-22-17PGL 112-11936.41323735.135.18131051821.516.30.96
10-20-17PGW 132-13037.527259.2554.754.711910442932251.46
10-19-17PGL 92-10829.46223.7523.823.8941121312.17.40.81
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