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Lonzo Ball

Wed 02/13/2019 18:13
Lonzo Ball: No on-court activity

Lonzo Ball: Ball has resumed running on an anti-gravity treadmill but has yet to progress to any on-court work since spraining his left ankle Jan. 19 in Houston, Bill Oram of The Athletic reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 02/13/2019 00:10
Lonzo Ball still not doing on-court work - Lonzo Ball | LAK

Lonzo Ball (ankle) still has not been able to go through any on-court work.

Mon 02/04/2019 21:50
Lakers put in big offer for Anthony Davis - Lonzo Ball | LAK

The Lakers have reportedly offered Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, Michael Beasley and two future first-round picks for Anthony Davis.

Thu 01/31/2019 20:00
Lakers offer Lonzo, Ingram, Kuz & more for AD - Lonzo Ball | LAK

The Lakers have reportedly made five potential trade offers to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis, one of which "would include Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Ivica Zubac [and a] No. 1 pick."

Sun 01/20/2019 23:40
Lonzo Ball out 4-6 weeks w/ left ankle sprain - Lonzo Ball | LAK

Lonzo Ball will miss 4-6 weeks with a Grade-3 left ankle sprain.

Sun 01/20/2019 23:35
Lonzo Ball: Expected to miss 4-to-6 weeks

Lonzo Ball: Ball (ankle) has been diagnosed with a Grade 3 left ankle sprain and is expected to remain out for 4-to-6 weeks, Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sun 01/20/2019 04:34
Lonzo Ball: Avoids fracture

Lonzo Ball: Ball did not suffer a left ankle fracture as his X-rays came back negative Saturday, Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sun 01/20/2019 03:28
Lonzo Ball: Heading for X-rays

Lonzo Ball: Ball was diagnosed with a sprained left ankle but is headed to a local hospital for X-rays, Mike Trudell of the Lakers official site reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sun 01/20/2019 03:10
Lonzo Ball (left ankle) headed to locker room - Lonzo Ball | LAK

Lonzo Ball (left ankle) went to the locker room in the third quarter on Saturday.

Sun 01/20/2019 03:10
Lonzo Ball: Carried to locker room

Lonzo Ball: Ball was carried to the locker room after suffering what appeared to be a left ankle injury during Saturdays game against the Rockets, Bill Oram of The Athletic reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Lonzo Ball Recent Fantasy Performance
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Lonzo Ball 2017-2018 Game Log

01-19-19PGL 134-138227031.7533.133.131111118146.41.5
01-17-19PGW 138-12833.117043.539.239.261010451823.2161.18
01-15-19PGW 107-10037.81704240.640.68620301922.317.61.07
01-13-19PGL 95-10140.714239.539.639.68820141316.413.90.97
01-11-19PGL 95-11331.213028.7529.429.4762015717.211.20.94
LAST 53313.60.437.136.436.
01-09-19PGW 113-10034.76033.2534.534.55112123510.77.70.99
01-07-19PGW 107-9737.115442.2540.940.97520222120.415.81.1
01-06-19PGL 86-10822.6401312.212.264001208.94.20.54
01-04-19PGL 112-11933.71323330.230.26221641723.116.20.9
01-02-19PGL 100-10735.34523.525.325.347122439.26.80.72
12-30-18PGW 121-11431.41442422.422.42600211322.514.70.71
12-28-18PGL 107-11842.716235.7533335610441919.717.50.77
12-27-18PGL 116-11736.813057.2555.855.891221202017131.52
12-25-18PGW 127-10124.26215.2513.613.6340022616.38.20.56
12-23-18PGL 99-10727.310019.7523.623.6323222420.911.90.86
12-21-18PGW 112-10426.210021.2519195200221219.110.40.73
12-18-18PGL 110-11539.41624037.737.76320362321.217.40.96
12-16-18PGL 110-12834.511031.2533335432411017.312.40.96
12-15-18PGW 128-10034.911057.55959101051211615.311.11.69
12-13-18PGL 111-12634.99223.2522.622.6381033717.112.40.65
12-10-18PGW 108-10537.111234.7538.438.4743211101511.61.04
12-08-18PGW 111-8822.9909.51010022033420.89.90.44
12-07-18PGL 120-13337.916137.535.335.341110231319.915.70.93
12-05-18PGW 121-11339.612237.537.337.34920111414.712.10.94
12-02-18PGW 120-9630.610224.526.826.8444032718.711.90.88
11-30-18PGW 114-10328.39225.2527.227.21450561021.512.70.96
11-29-18PGW 104-9633.7602019.619.6840244212.58.80.58
11-27-18PGL 85-11718.16016.751616520001714.95.60.88
11-25-18PGL 104-10828.69026.526261020111915.190.91
11-23-18PGW 90-8333.51002523231020144918.212.70.69
11-21-18PGW 109-10536.311133.7532.432.47610331518.113.70.89
11-18-18PGW 113-9721.86019.518.718.7670010213.76.20.86
11-17-18PGL 117-13028.25016.751818542134011.970.64
11-14-18PGW 126-11732.111025.523.723.76310241116.611.10.74
11-11-18PGW 107-10627.15235.534.734.76111132812.67.11.28
11-10-18PGW 101-8619.610015.7516.616.6341002420.38.30.85
11-07-18PGW 114-110216222.752424563032319.98.71.14
11-04-18PGL 107-12123.27033.2532.832.89420231216.681.41
11-03-18PGW 114-11018.86010.759.19.1330021317.46.80.48
10-31-18PGW 114-11333.3622927.327.3470001128.660.82
10-29-18PGL 120-12423.6606.255.75.71100114115.40.24
10-27-18PGL 106-11026.98212.59.99.9230033619.110.70.37
10-25-18PGW 121-11433.21004143.243.26850321216.311.31.3
10-24-18PGW 131-11328.39133.2533.433.47620221216.59.71.18
10-22-18PGL 142-14332.89233.532.232.266101114128.20.98
10-20-18BL 115-12426.310029.527.227.26400021415.58.51.03
10-18-18BL 119-12819.57215.515.315.3411013718.27.40.78
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