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Jae Crowder

Mon 02/10/2020 05:00
Jae Crowder double-doubles in Heat debut - Jae Crowder | MIA

Jae Crowder came off the bench in his Heat debut on Sunday and hit 6-of-11 shots and 5-of-8 3-pointers for 18 points, 11 rebounds, three assists, two steals and a block in 35 minutes off the bench in a 115-109 loss to the Blazers.

Thu 02/06/2020 02:00
Jae Crowder, Solomon Hill scratched vs. DAL - Jae Crowder | MEM

Jae Crowder and Solomon Hill are late scratches for Wednesday against the Mavs.

Mon 02/03/2020 17:00
Lowe: Memphis want a 1st rounder for Crowder - Jae Crowder | MEM

According to ESPNs Zach Lowe, the Grizzlies "have sought a first-round pick from a long list of teams inquiring about Jae Crowder."

Thu 01/30/2020 03:04
Jae Crowder has been ejected Wednesday.

Jae Crowder has been ejected Wednesday.

Wed 01/29/2020 19:00
Jae Crowder (knee) not on injury report - Jae Crowder | MEM

Jae Crowder (sore right knee) is not being listed on the injury report for Wednesdays game vs. the Knicks.

Wed 01/29/2020 00:00
Jae Crowder (knee) wont play on Tuesday - Jae Crowder | MEM

Jae Crowder (knee) has been ruled out for Tuesdays game against the Nuggets.

Tue 01/28/2020 02:00
Jae Crowder (right knee) doubtful Tuesday - Jae Crowder | MEM

Jae Crowder (right knee soreness) is listed as doubtful for Tuesdays game vs. the Nuggets.

Sun 01/26/2020 22:00
Jae Crowder (right knee) wont play Sunday - Jae Crowder | MEM

Jae Crowder (right knee soreness) will not play vs. Phoenix on Sunday.

Sun 01/26/2020 00:00
Jae Crowder (right knee) doubtful Sunday - Jae Crowder | MEM

Jae Crowder (right knee soreness) is listed as doubtful for Sundays game vs. the Suns.

Tue 01/14/2020 00:00
Jae Crowder (right hip) questionable Tuesday - Jae Crowder | MEM

Jae Crowder (right hip soreness) is listed as questionable for Tuesdays game vs. the Rockets.

Jae Crowder Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Jae Crowder Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Jae Crowder Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Jae Crowder Did/Didn't Play Premium

Jae Crowder 2017-2018 Game Log

02-05-20DNPW 121-1070000000000000000
01-24-20SFW 125-11225.22015.2515.915.973100203.61.90.63
01-22-20SFL 95-11918.38013.512.712.7611022324.49.30.69
01-20-20SFL 116-126188010.59.79.7610011218.97.10.54
01-17-20SFW 113-10930.3833032.132.1833000913.58.51.06
01-14-20DNPW 121-1100000000
01-12-20SFW 122-10220.47219.520.720.7613021518.47.81.01
LAST 522.46.6117.818.
01-10-20SFW 134-12122.95012.7511.511.5510012510.95.20.5
01-07-20SFW 119-11230.7653943.143.18350011411.37.21.4
01-05-20SFW 121-11425.34011.751010520023310.65.60.4
01-04-20SFW 140-11431.31746264.164.18733132725.816.82.05
01-02-20SFL 123-1283115234.532.832.84600031920.613.31.06
12-28-19SFL 110-11927.16013.512.212.2620020412.67.10.45
12-26-19SFW 110-9725.5801917.517.51010011516.48.70.69
12-23-19SFL 115-14529.5921312.412.4240002413.88.50.42
12-21-19SFW 119-11530.711338.535.535.510500121718.912.11.16
12-20-19SFL 107-114281502426.826.8422101102313.40.96
12-18-19SFL 122-12632.86016.516.816.844100337.55.10.51
12-16-19SFW 118-111341322221.221.26201221019.613.90.62
12-14-19DNPW 128-1110000000
12-13-19SFL 114-1273311640.2538.238.211411221518.812.91.16
12-11-19SFW 115-10831.911532.7531.931.97520331321.1141
12-09-19SFW 110-10230.36018.2519.319.3912013210.36.50.64
12-07-19SFL 112-12630.910526.527.927.92330121319.412.50.9
12-04-19PFL 99-10633.713231.530.230.26410121518.112.70.9
12-02-19PFL 104-11729.7911111.311.3410111315.59.60.38
12-01-19SFW 115-10733.211330.527.527.51030012121611.10.83
11-29-19SFL 94-10329.39323.522.122.1830011916.510.10.75
11-27-19SFL 119-12136.51162826.826.84010132015.611.90.73
11-25-19SFL 114-12631.810017.2515.615.6320001913.690.49
11-23-19SFL 108-109341333836.736.76311232120.314.41.08
11-19-19SFL 95-11433.111236.7532.232.211400221518.612.80.97
11-17-19SFL 114-13126.85022.2521.521.5531131812.97.20.8
11-15-19SFW 107-106318031.5282810400121112.480.9
11-13-19SFW 119-11731.6509.258.18.1311033310.56.90.26
11-11-19SFW 113-10930.9522827271041021811.57.40.87
11-09-19SFL 122-13830.712240.542.842.84432121818.8121.39
11-08-19SFL 86-11824.37020.520.320.3431003812.66.40.84
11-06-19SFW 137-12133.98432.2532.632.63221121812.99.10.96
11-04-19SFL 100-10729.38421.752222523044819.211.70.75
11-02-19SFL 105-11426.7801110.810.8440003012.670.4
10-29-19SFL 91-120278315.7513.513.5510032917.49.80.5
10-27-19SFW 134-13337.76028.7529.929.975121267.15.60.79
10-25-19SFL 102-11030.913029.7527.327.3930012131811.60.88
10-23-19SFL 101-12030.311624.7524245210111318.411.60.79
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