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Tyreke Evans

Tue 03/27/2018 22:00
Tyreke Evans (personal) still not with team - Tyreke Evans | MEM

Tyreke Evans (personal) has still not rejoined his team and is unlikely to play Wednesday against the Trail Blazers.

Sun 03/25/2018 22:30
Tyreke Evans (personal) not with Grizzlies - Tyreke Evans | MEM

Tyreke Evans (personal reasons) is not with the Grizzlies for Mondays road game vs. the Wolves.

Sat 03/24/2018 20:09
Tyreke Evans: Will not play Saturday

Tyreke Evans: Evans will not play in Saturdays matchup with the Lakers for personal reasons, Chris Herrington of The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Fri 03/23/2018 01:30
Tyreke Evans scores 16, rests final 17 mins - Tyreke Evans | MEM

Tyreke Evans scored 16 points with seven rebounds, four assists, one steal, one block, six turnovers and one 3-pointer in 19 minutes during a 140-79 loss to the Hornets on Thursday.

Thu 03/22/2018 23:10
Tyreke Evans, Deyonta Davis starting - Tyreke Evans | MEM

Tyreke Evans and Deyonta Davis are in the starting lineup on Thursday against the Hornets.

Thu 03/22/2018 20:30
Tyreke Evans expected to be available - Tyreke Evans | MEM

Tyreke Evans is expected to be available for Thursday against the Hornets.

Thu 03/22/2018 16:39
Tyreke Evans: Back in the lineup Thursday

Tyreke Evans: Evans will return to the lineup for Thursdays game against the Hornets, Ronald Tillery of the Memphis Commercial Appeal reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 03/21/2018 19:28
Tyreke Evans: Out for rest Wednesday

Tyreke Evans: Evans is out for Wednesdays contest against the 76ers for rest purposes. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 03/21/2018 18:40
Tyreke Evans (rest) will not play Wednesday - Tyreke Evans | MEM

Tyreke Evans (rest) will not play Wednesday against the 76ers.

Tue 03/20/2018 23:07
Tyreke Evans: Not on injury report Wednesday

Tyreke Evans: Evans (undisclosed) is not on the injury report ahead of Wednesdays contest against the 76ers. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Tyreke Evans Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Tyreke Evans Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Tyreke Evans Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Tyreke Evans Did/Didn't Play Premium

Tyreke Evans 2017-2018 Game Log

03-22-18PGL 79-14019.111432.2530.430.47411621644.517.71.59
03-17-18PGW 101-9437.819839.7540.140.13721332030.724.21.06
03-15-18PGL 110-11132.818549.7547.547.55920312530.320.71.45
02-28-18DNPL 102-1100000000000000000
02-23-18PGL 89-11230.713241.539.839.841030401524.715.81.3
02-14-18PGL 114-12130.618549.2547.347.39711322334.822.21.55
LAST 530.215.84.842.541415.
02-11-18SGL 92-11026.211621.2518.518.55300431229.516.10.71
02-01-18DNPL 102-1040000000000000000
01-31-18DNPL 101-1050000000000000000
01-29-18BW 120-10926.317237.2536.236.21410122731171.38
01-26-18DNPL 100-1090000000000000000
01-22-18PGW 105-1013516736.535.835.84810221827.4201.02
01-20-18PGL 104-11135.516425.522.822.84600321227.320.20.64
01-19-18PGW 106-8827.915629.527.727.76510401433.519.50.99
01-17-18PGW 105-9933.621348.546.246.261010222331.722.21.38
01-15-18PGW 123-11435.615046.7544.844.89121022152014.81.26
01-12-18PGL 78-8731.713024.2522.622.6342052122818.50.71
01-10-18PGW 105-10232.924742.541.741.76310102836.925.31.27
01-05-18PGL 100-10231.624344.7542.542.55710332638251.34
01-02-18PGL 105-11336.7131337.7538385630421827.621.11.04
12-31-17PGW 114-9625.716145.7542.942.97510222633.6181.67
12-30-17PGL 128-14130.616342.2541.141.1391011222616.61.34
12-27-17PGW 109-9931.9171551.2548.948.97700223239.326.11.53
12-26-17PGL 97-9936.522443.2543.543.55511132529.722.61.19
12-23-17PGW 115-11238.520464.2561.961.971130233026.921.61.61
12-21-17PGL 95-973421443.7543.343.39510132331.622.41.27
12-20-17PGL 84-9732.81613030.230.26620211024.9170.92
12-16-17PGL 93-1023816841.7541.141.1351110252620.61.08
12-15-17PGW 96-943015032.530.930.92310132224151.03
12-13-17DNPL 87-930000000000000000
12-11-17PGL 82-10732.917017.515.915.92300231128.319.40.48
12-09-17PGL 101-10240.624255.7553.153.113501222929.124.61.31
12-08-17PGL 107-11627.419439.2537.637.6341025273721.11.37
12-06-17PGL 88-993313522.2521.721.71111221526.518.20.66
12-04-17PGW 95-9233.214243.2544.544.55913311626.218.11.34
12-02-17PGL 111-1163920662.7559.459.471210113128.423.11.52
12-01-17PGL 79-9528.77214.2514.614.6341011315.29.10.51
11-29-17PGL 95-10430.717232.7529.129.13500422233.921.70.95
11-26-17BL 88-9831.615830.528.728.76300131829.219.20.91
11-24-17BL 92-10429.115425.526.926.9213141153521.20.92
11-22-17BL 94-9530.113343.7542.342.39721631831.119.51.41
11-20-17BL 92-10031.415630.7531.131.13301022025.816.90.99
11-18-17BL 83-10524.710219.7519.419.4720121723.512.10.79
11-15-17BL 113-11632.715744.545.745.76912211826.918.31.4
11-13-17BL 103-110331624037.737.76300122726.2181.14
11-11-17BL 96-11128.812641.2541415630512230.818.51.42
11-07-17BW 98-9732.315638.540.940.92531222129.7201.27
11-05-17BL 102-10732.416333.2532.232.21210132625.817.40.99
11-04-17BW 113-10431.113629.7527.627.63400222025.816.70.89
11-01-17BL 99-10134.420345.2542.642.6342054323625.81.24
10-30-17BL 99-10430.11753835.535.510300001926.816.81.18
10-28-17BW 103-8924.412231.2530.430.47410111427.5141.25
10-26-17BW 96-9122.312230.528.728.76110211930.814.31.29
10-25-17BL 94-10325.18223.523.823.842100213178.90.95
10-23-17BW 98-9023.37116.751717521001515.97.70.73
10-21-17BW 111-1012312125.7524.424.47210201228.213.51.06
10-18-17BW 103-9120.112220.2519195200131128.7120.95
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