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Dwyane Wade

Fri 01/11/2019 03:10
Dwyane Wade scores 19 points in win vs. BOS - Dwyane Wade | MIA

Dwyane Wade was effective off the bench against the Celtics on Thursday, making 8-of-12 from the field for 19 points with one assist, one steal and three 3-pointers in 23 minutes.

Fri 01/04/2019 17:29
Dwyane Wade: Active Friday

Dwyane Wade: Wade (illness) is active for Fridays game against the Wizards. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 01/02/2019 22:40
Dwyane Wade (illness) will not play Wednesday - Dwyane Wade | MIA

Dwyane Wade (illness) will not play Wednesday against the Cavs.

Wed 01/02/2019 17:00
Dwyane Wade (illness) questionable Wednesday - Dwyane Wade | MIA

Dwyane Wade (illness) did not attend shootaround and is questionable for Wednesdays game against the Cavs.

Mon 12/17/2018 03:10
Dwyane Wade scores 19 in win over Pels - Dwyane Wade | MIA

Dwyane Wade hit 6-of-12 shots and three 3-pointers for 19 points, six rebounds, two assists and five turnovers in Sundays win over the Pelicans.

Sat 12/15/2018 23:30
Dwyane Wade (soreness) questionable Sunday - Dwyane Wade | MIA

Dwyane Wade (general soreness) is questionable to play Sunday against the Pelicans.

Fri 12/14/2018 23:40
Dwayne Wade (general soreness) out Friday - Dwyane Wade | MIA

Dwayne Wade (general soreness) is out for Friday against the Grizzlies.

Fri 12/14/2018 17:40
Dwyane Wade (illness) questionable Friday - Dwyane Wade | MIA

Dwyane Wade (illness) is questionable for Fridays game vs. the Grizzlies.

Mon 11/26/2018 02:50
Dwyane Wade turns back the clock, drops 35 - Dwyane Wade | MIA

Dwyane Wade scored 35 points (13-of-22 FGs, 5-of-7 FTs) with five rebounds, six assists, one block, and and four 3-pointers in 34 minutes against the Raptors on Sunday.

Tue 11/20/2018 16:40
Dwyane Wade (personal) will play Tuesday - Dwyane Wade | MIA

Dwyane Wade (personal) will play Tuesday vs. the Nets.

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Dwyane Wade 2017-2018 Game Log

01-15-19BL 86-12422.17018.2516.616.6340021918.58.50.75
01-12-19BW 112-10824.911223.7524.124.1350102102211.40.97
01-10-19BW 115-9922.61202321.521.50110211927.6130.95
01-08-19BL 99-10328.77628.2529.629.63621221019.411.61.03
01-06-19BL 82-10622.98724.525.325.34311101122.610.81.1
LAST 524.29323.623.423.
01-04-19BW 115-10925.211629.2529.629.63611311422.711.91.17
01-02-19DNPW 117-920000000
12-30-18BL 104-11327.81573433.333.3450133213017.41.2
12-28-18BW 118-9423.81002728.228.26420121021.210.51.18
12-26-18BL 104-10623.612223.7524.224.21611211030.114.81.03
12-23-18BW 115-9123.712117.7517.217.21400011024.111.90.73
12-22-18BW 94-8726.59629.530.130.1831000131910.51.14
12-20-18BW 101-9925.81721817.917.92310211031.6170.69
12-16-18BW 102-9623.212428.524.224.26200501932.715.81.04
12-14-18DNPW 100-970000000
12-12-18BL 84-11118.96210.259.29.2120012619.87.80.49
12-10-18BL 105-1083219440.25404051011231529.319.51.25
12-08-18BW 121-983221846.544.244.26611312534.422.91.38
12-07-18BW 115-9821.1626.756.26.2121032221.29.30.29
12-04-18BL 90-10522.213021.2521.221.2141132113214.80.95
12-02-18BW 102-10030.415535.2535.635.63811101525.115.91.17
11-30-18BW 106-10126.815633.7532325600111829.416.41.19
11-27-18BL 113-11526.711625.7525.725.71301111821.912.20.96
11-25-18BL 115-12534.122752.7550505601333534.124.21.47
11-23-18BW 103-9624.11002222.822.84221411024.312.20.95
11-20-18BL 92-10413.9821212.412.42201135288.10.89
11-05-18BW 120-11528.815622.7522.222.21201321826.7160.77
11-03-18BL 118-12326.413629.527.327.34310411931.517.31.03
10-30-18BL 113-12524.710329.7528.228.21410121921.4111.14
10-29-18BL 113-12327.410216.2514.114.1330022817.910.20.51
10-27-18BW 120-11120.812225.2522.122.13100231928.812.51.06
10-24-18BW 110-8725.91001716.416.4240121720.811.20.63
10-20-18BL 112-11324.715232.7532.132.13302352131.716.31.3
10-18-18BW 113-11226.411227.527.627.6842031921.111.61.05
10-17-18BL 101-1042613423.7521.221.21120042928.215.30.82
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