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Note: Player and DvP Data are currently based on last year's stats and should be treated with caution especially in cases where team rosters have significantly changed. We will gradually transition to 2018 after we have a few games of data to work with.

Jimmy Butler

Thu 10/18/2018 00:10
Teague, Jimmy, Wiggins, Taj, KAT starting - Jimmy Butler | MIN

Jeff Teague, Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins, Taj Gibson and Karl-Anthony Towns will start against the Spurs on Wednesday.

Wed 10/17/2018 19:00
Thibs hints hell limit Butlers minutes Weds - Jimmy Butler | MIN

Tom Thibodeau said that Jimmy Butler will probably play in "shorter segments" during Wednesdays regular-season opener against the Spurs.

Wed 10/17/2018 15:43
Jimmy Butler: Still seeking trade, will play Wednesday

Jimmy Butler: Wolves owner Glen Taylor said Tuesday that he remains committed to finding a trade for Butler, who has maintained that he will play in Wednesdays opener against the Spurs, Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune reports. "The latest is he is going to be going to practice every day, which he has been, and plans to play in games,: said Taylor. "He will be a regular team player. What I said to him in the meantime is our GM, Scott Layden, will be talking to other teams to see if there is a trade that works." Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sun 10/14/2018 18:20
Jimmy Butler expected to play Wednesday - Jimmy Butler | MIN

Coach Tom Thibodeau confirmed that Jimmy Butler practiced on Sunday and that he expects him to play Wednesday.

Fri 10/12/2018 17:33
Jimmy Butler: Not with team in Milwaukee

Jimmy Butler: Butler is not with the Timberwolves for their preseason finale Friday in Milwaukee, Bucks sideline reporter Katie George reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Fri 10/12/2018 15:00
Jimmy Butler not with team for Fridays game - Jimmy Butler | MIN

Coach Tom Thibodeau said that Jimmy Butler is not with the team for the Wolves preseason game vs. the Bucks on Friday.

Thu 10/11/2018 14:20
Timberwolves cancel Thursdays practice - Jimmy Butler | MIN

The Timberwolves cancelled Thursdays practice and will not have media availability.

Wed 10/10/2018 19:52
Jimmy Butler: Practices with Wolves

Jimmy Butler: Butler practiced with the Timberwolves on Wednesday, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 10/10/2018 19:00
Woj: Jimmy Butler practiced with the Wolves - Jimmy Butler | MIN

Jimmy Butler practiced with the Wolves on Wednesday.

Tue 10/09/2018 21:20
Jimmy Butler wont be traded prior to opener - Jimmy Butler | MIN

The Timberwolves reportedly plan to open the 2018-19 season with Jimmy Butler on the roster.

Jimmy Butler Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Jimmy Butler Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Jimmy Butler Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Jimmy Butler Did/Didn't Play Premium

Jimmy Butler 2017-2018 Game Log

04-25-18SGL 104-12229.710025.7527.527.55511008000.93
04-23-18SGL 100-11938.117537.7536.336.395001219000.95
04-21-18SGW 121-10541.419647.7545.945.975101228001.11
04-18-18SGL 82-10225641815.815.842003111000.63
04-15-18SGL 101-10436.211328.7529.529.55320041315.511.70.81
LAST 534.112.63.631.63131640.80.211.815.
04-11-18SGW 112-10641.8211347.7547.547.55511333131.627.51.14
04-09-18SGW 113-942381127.529.929.92330101525121.3
04-06-18SFW 113-9622.610829.532.932.92140111826.512.51.46
04-05-18DNPL 96-1000000000000000000
03-01-18DNPL 99-1080000000000000000
02-23-18SGL 102-1202514123.2523.523.55310011025130.94
02-15-18SGW 119-11141.3201143.7547475413132426.422.71.14
02-13-18SGL 108-12636.313532.7532.432.47600011519.714.90.89
02-11-18SGW 111-10639.19931.7531.531.55320311818.815.30.81
02-09-18SGL 113-11440.8261563.2564.964.97540113835.229.91.59
02-07-18SGL 138-14046.521355.255454562022352322.31.16
02-03-18SGW 118-10736.721954.554.154.18720213030.923.61.47
02-01-18SGW 108-8939.6151143.541.841.84610312826.421.81.06
01-30-18SGL 104-10938.3171041.2540405600022525.920.71.04
01-29-18SGL 100-10536.315939.7538.938.97311422429.222.11.07
01-27-18SGW 111-9735.2141442.544.744.76521032124.417.91.27
01-25-18DNPL 113-1260000000000000000
01-24-18DNPL 114-1230000000000000000
01-22-18DNPW 126-1180000000000000000
01-20-18DNPW 115-1090000000000000000
01-18-18SGL 98-11642.315836.538.838.84221112321.919.30.92
01-16-18SGL 102-10839.122457.7563.463.47452032826.621.71.62
01-14-18SGW 120-10334.1111140.7542425420022421.1151.23
01-12-18SGW 118-10833.912128.530.830.8423121131812.70.91
01-10-18SGW 104-8836.1131257.2560.460.47842402627.9211.67
01-08-18SGW 127-9927.313451.551.151.18930212126.214.91.87
01-06-18SGW 116-9832.315643.7542.442.47810202126.918.11.31
01-05-18SGL 84-9134.7121029.530.430.42630411428.120.30.88
01-03-18SGL 97-9838.8171844.7546.646.63421213032.926.61.2
01-01-18SGW 114-9637.1141150.2550.150.1393172283023.21.35
12-31-17SGW 107-9027111146.548.748.76530102628.816.21.8
12-28-17SFL 96-10243.116739.2538.538.55720422026.223.50.89
12-27-17SGW 128-12542.4201854.553.353.3451010393026.51.26
12-25-17SGW 121-10441.120044.7545455820202324.420.91.09
12-20-17SGW 112-10434.915836.536.436.42420312528.620.81.04
12-18-17SGW 108-10735.3211257.559.259.26430003732.423.81.68
12-16-17SGL 106-10836.51802628.228.26230111022.4170.77
12-14-17SGW 119-9635.610751.2554.954.97922002117.713.11.54
12-12-17SGL 112-11845.53355351.751.76310113829.427.91.14
12-10-17SGW 97-9240.91734444.144.18520112222.719.31.08
12-06-17SGW 113-10742.812540.539.639.6880012191614.30.93
12-04-17SGL 92-95402174849.949.92540223032.527.11.25
12-03-17SGW 112-10639.5201353.553.653.68411123329.924.61.36
12-01-17SGL 107-1114116745.2548.148.13732322225.521.81.17
11-29-17SGW 120-102331223029.329.34310201920.4140.89
11-28-17SGL 89-9238.517444.7542.442.471010111724.319.51.1
11-26-17SGW 119-10836.41954548.348.34531122526.520.11.33
11-24-17SGL 97-109351763129.229.26400201828.120.50.83
11-22-17SGW 124-11836.319539.2539.139.13320112625.819.51.08
11-20-17SGL 102-1183315124.7524.424.47010121421.514.80.74
11-19-17SGL 97-10041.715654545410450512624.621.41.29
11-17-17SGW 111-8737.31924241.641.68420122125.920.11.12
11-15-17SGW 98-863313227.2530.530.5553110621.714.90.92
11-13-17SGW 109-9838.612104747.847.841021202123.118.61.24
11-11-17SGL 110-11840.5171644.2543.943.97511322526.222.11.08
11-08-17SGL 101-12531.512026.2527.127.13520111116.911.10.86
11-05-17SGW 112-9430.46323.521.721.76110311314.59.20.71
11-04-17SGW 112-9933.67219.7518.518.5570023413.39.30.55
11-01-17SGW 104-9833.318103637.837.84230202330.721.31.14
10-30-17SGW 125-12239.513531.2531.531.55330451619.115.70.8
10-27-17SGW 119-11638.2101341.2540.540.55700112518.114.41.06
10-24-17DNPL 107-1300000000000000000
10-22-17SGW 115-11339.217031.530.230.26600121519.515.90.77
10-20-17SGW 100-9738.614334.2536.936.97350411322.4180.96
10-18-17SGL 99-10735.41202321.321.34310331218.813.90.6
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