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Josh Hart

Wed 02/12/2020 01:00
Josh Hart starting again on Tuesday vs. POR - Josh Hart | NO

Josh Hart will get another start on Tuesday vs. the Trail Blazers.

Sun 02/09/2020 01:00
Josh Hart to start Saturday vs. Pacers - Josh Hart | NO

Josh Hart will start Saturdays game against the Pacers.

Sun 02/09/2020 00:00
Gentry: Josh Hart likely to start for Ingram - Josh Hart | NO

Alvin Gentry said that Josh Hart will likely start in place of the injured Brandon Ingram Saturday vs. the Pacers.

Sat 02/08/2020 23:04
Josh Hart likely to start for injured Brandon Ingram on Saturday.

Josh Hart likely to start for injured Brandon Ingram on Saturday.

Tue 01/21/2020 23:00
Josh Hart (ankle) questionable for Wednesday - Josh Hart | NO

Josh Hart (left ankle soreness) is questionable to play on Wednesday vs. San Antonio.

Tue 01/07/2020 01:00
Josh Hart to start for Holiday vs. Jazz - Josh Hart | NO

Josh Hart will replace the injured Jrue Holiday in the starting lineup for Mondays game vs. the Jazz.

Mon 12/16/2019 00:10
Josh Hart scores 20 points with four treys - Josh Hart | NO

Josh Hart scored 20 points on 7-of-15 shooting in a loss to the Magic on Sunday, adding four 3-pointers, five rebounds, one assist, two steals and two turnovers in 31 minutes off the bench.

Mon 12/02/2019 00:40
Josh Hart double-doubles in Sundays loss - Josh Hart | NO

Josh Hart played 33 minutes off the bench and hit 4-of-8 shots and three 3-pointers on his way to 11 points, 11 rebounds, two assists, two steals and two blocks in Sundays loss to the Thunder.

Sat 11/30/2019 02:19
Josh Hart starts second half for injured Kenrich Williams on Friday.

Josh Hart starts second half for injured Kenrich Williams on Friday.

Thu 11/28/2019 01:30
Josh Hart (ankle) available against Lakers - Josh Hart | NO

Josh Hart (ankle) is available against the Lakers on Wednesday.

Josh Hart Recent Fantasy Performance
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Josh Hart 2017-2018 Game Log

03-08-20BW 120-10726.68210.251111502023115.38.50.41
03-06-20BW 110-10427.71244239.439.412211321924.113.91.42
03-04-20BL 123-12713.260109.89.8420000216.44.50.74
03-03-20BL 134-13926.213027.526.726.76510221121.611.81.02
03-01-20BL 114-12221.9501917.717.7630011710.54.80.81
LAST 523.
02-28-20BW 116-10419.45013.512.812.8420001511.14.50.66
02-25-20BL 109-11821.74014.7517.117.131300237.53.40.79
02-23-20BW 115-10127.59121.520201000005814.18.10.73
02-21-20BW 128-11527.65535.7532.632.613201221313.981.18
02-13-20SFL 118-12327.24421.520.120.1830012710.45.90.74
02-11-20SFW 138-11726.11013231.731.76310011716.28.81.21
02-08-20SGW 124-11729.79020.7518.918.97100019127.40.64
02-06-20BW 125-119267234.2533.433.47620211215.78.51.28
02-04-20BL 108-12029.29131.2534.434.4743101812.37.51.18
02-02-20BL 109-11729.61143431.531.51011012161811.11.06
01-31-20BW 139-11127.87127.7525.225.211001251110.96.30.91
01-28-20BW 125-11121.8501214.914.921120329.74.40.68
01-26-20BW 123-10828.58026.528.128.1812103810.96.50.99
01-24-20BL 106-11327.511241.2541.641.613221101520.111.51.51
01-22-20BL 117-12125.36220.2519.519.55101141013.370.77
01-20-20BW 126-11617.46021.2520205210201019.371.15
01-18-20SFL 130-13334.61003031.531.51013134914.710.60.91
01-16-20SGW 138-13236.68226.2528.428.4703116910.68.10.78
01-13-20SGW 117-11035.98223.521.221.26201331111.98.90.59
01-11-20SFL 105-14033.412021.2519.819.8920011715.110.50.59
01-10-20SFW 123-11136.71003228.528.510300131312.89.80.78
01-08-20SFW 123-10833.28428.529.729.76130121313.69.40.89
01-06-20SFL 126-12826.97014.2513.113.1310005811.16.20.49
01-04-20BW 117-11527.18730.7532.532.55121031616.89.51.2
01-03-20BL 113-12324.57015.516.316.3411113513.56.90.67
12-29-19BW 127-11225.88214.515.815.8442014015.88.50.61
12-28-19BW 120-9826.28220.520.320.34110021114.37.80.77
12-25-19BW 112-10029.610228.7525.825.8900011161710.50.87
12-23-19BW 102-9417.3507.756.16.1310022317.56.30.35
12-20-19BL 102-10626.511319.251919521022921.611.90.72
12-18-19BW 107-99305022.520.220.2620012118.65.40.67
12-17-19BL 101-10840.414028.7526.826.89010121414.111.90.66
12-15-19BL 119-13030.515232.7531.531.55120222025.516.21.03
12-13-19BL 109-11630.54224.7524.524.5531126109.66.10.8
12-11-19BL 112-1272610019.2519.119.1312014917.29.30.73
12-09-19BL 103-10530.414027.525.725.7650012122113.30.85
12-07-19BL 84-13018.9507.256.66.6300002311.44.50.35
12-05-19BL 132-13921.511216.515.315.3410003921.29.50.71
12-03-19BL 97-11826.58019.517.217.26000141114.78.10.65
12-01-19BL 104-10733.18037.7538.238.211222121112.88.81.15
11-29-19BL 104-10930.78619.517.817.84210321019.512.50.58
11-27-19BL 110-11425.56417.2515.515.5510012914.17.50.61
11-24-19DNPL 109-1340000000
11-23-19DNPL 120-1280000000
11-21-19DNPW 124-1210000000
11-19-19DNPW 115-1040000000
11-17-19DNPW 108-1000000000
11-16-19DNPL 94-1090000000
11-14-19DNPW 132-1270000000
11-11-19SFL 116-122308834.532.832.84420341918.911.81.09
11-09-19BW 115-11023.25026.7527.427.4722003109.14.41.18
11-08-19BL 104-12216.8905.755.65.6300002220.37.10.33
11-04-19SFL 125-13530.813031.7532.932.97140331419.612.61.07
11-02-19BL 104-11530.111040.7539.539.515311121215.9101.31
10-31-19BW 122-10726.93010.759.59.551001236.83.80.35
10-28-19SFL 123-13431.29222.522.322.34111231214.39.30.71
10-26-19SFL 123-12633.717236.2536.136.13121112321.615.21.07
10-25-19BL 116-12326.49630.7530.830.89020251620.911.51.17
10-22-19BL 122-13028.2943330.530.510101141515.59.11.08
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