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Kristaps Porzingis

Thu 07/05/2018 20:50
Fizdale wants to play Porzingis at SF, PF, C - Kristaps Porzingis | NY

Coach David Fizdale wants to use Kristaps Porzingis at small forward sometimes and have "a whole bunch of wingspan" with that lineup.

Thu 04/19/2018 15:20
Kristaps Porzingis could miss 2018-19 season? - Kristaps Porzingis | NY

Kristaps Porzingis (knee surgery) could miss the entire 2018-19 season according to Knicks owner James Dolan.

Wed 03/14/2018 15:40
No official timetable for Kristaps Porzingis - Kristaps Porzingis | NY

Kristaps Porzingis (ACL surgery) does not have an official timetable for his return.

Tue 02/13/2018 18:48
Kristaps Porzingis: Out at least 10 months

Kristaps Porzingis: Porzingis, who underwent surgery on his torn left ACL on Tuesday, is expected to miss at least 10 months, Dan Feldman of NBC Sports reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Tue 02/13/2018 05:04
Kristaps Porzingis: Surgery on tap for Tuesday

Kristaps Porzingis: Porzingis will undergo surgery Tuesday to repair the torn ACL in his left knee, Steve Popper of The Bergen Record reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 02/07/2018 04:10
Kristaps Porzingis diagnosed with torn ACL - Kristaps Porzingis | NY

An MRI confirmed that Kristaps Porzingis tore the ACL in his left knee.

Wed 02/07/2018 04:05
Kristaps Porzingis: Tears ACL

Kristaps Porzingis: An MRI following Tuesdays tilt versus the Bucks confirmed that Porzingis suffered an ACL tear in his left knee, Ian Begley of reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 02/07/2018 04:04
Kristaps Porzingis to undergo season-ending knee surgery.

Kristaps Porzingis to undergo season-ending knee surgery.

Wed 02/07/2018 01:50
Woj: Kristaps Porzingis (knee) getting MRI - Kristaps Porzingis | NY

Kristaps Porzingis is undergoing an MRI on his left knee on Tuesday night, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of

Wed 02/07/2018 01:49
Kristaps Porzingis: Set to undergo MRI

Kristaps Porzingis: Porzingis is set to undergo an MRI on his left knee after injuring it in Tuesdays matchup versus the Bucks, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Kristaps Porzingis Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Kristaps Porzingis Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Kristaps Porzingis Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Kristaps Porzingis Did/Didn't Play Premium

Kristaps Porzingis 2017-2018 Game Log

02-06-18PFL 89-10311.4541921.421.42003001025.361.88
02-04-18PFL 96-9932.42055056.656.6804524223120.91.75
02-02-18PFL 90-9235.415429.7530.430.47002141720.915.40.86
01-31-18PFL 73-10335.118331.533.333.34303121625.218.40.95
01-30-18PFW 111-9530.219445.7545455212112831.219.61.49
LAST 528.915.4435.237.337.35.211312.218.626.716.11.29
01-26-18PFW 107-8527.611637.7538.438.4720312192313.21.39
01-25-18CL 118-13027.216631.7531.431.47001162133.919.21.15
01-23-18DNPL 112-1230000000000000000
01-21-18PFL 107-12728.413328.529.329.34111031723.7141.03
01-19-18PFW 117-11530.71473032.932.92113151825.516.31.07
01-17-18PFL 99-10533.319351.2558.858.89036022127.719.21.77
01-15-18PFW 119-10427141141.7541.841.89002142632.218.11.55
01-14-18PFL 118-12343.624251.554.754.76352352524.2221.25
01-12-18SFL 108-1183619443.5444410223331730.823.11.22
01-10-18PFL 119-12244.124439.539.739.76104522427.2250.9
01-07-18PFW 100-9638.52584341.141.18101232935.728.61.07
01-05-18PFL 103-1073714432.7534.934.97113241521.116.30.94
01-03-18PFL 103-12135.61362827.727.76102321623.317.30.78
01-02-18PFL 91-10035.619427.7527.327.39102441330.622.70.77
12-30-17PFW 105-10331.722851.7554.954.97322053035.423.41.73
12-28-17PFL 107-11933.816640.2544.944.97106161825.718.11.33
12-27-17PFL 87-923922440.543.743.7611302232721.91.12
12-25-17PFL 98-10534.4191440.7544.444.47005112231.422.51.29
12-22-17SFL 101-10438.428247.2545.845.89211342935.128.11.19
12-21-17PFW 102-93231127.756.56.5510024126.912.90.28
12-14-17SFW 111-10417.81022322.422.4241023133111.51.26
12-12-17SFW 113-10940.126566.2566.766.711115333731.1261.66
12-10-17SFW 111-10737.8231052.555.655.68223223034.927.51.47
12-09-17SFL 102-10436.125232.531.831.8420121233425.60.88
12-06-17SFW 99-8834.119028.7529295011101829.420.90.85
11-29-17PFW 115-862.5203.533000010455.72.91.2
11-27-17PFL 91-1033316935.7534.934.97111342230.120.71.06
11-25-17DNPL 102-1170000000000000000
11-24-17PFL 104-11636.218840.538.838.84202342830.923.31.07
11-22-17PFW 108-10035.121545.545.945.912103142229.721.71.31
11-20-17PFW 107-8529.520943.2543.443.47222542541.325.41.47
11-17-17PFL 84-10734.813625.526.826.84004341323.917.30.77
11-15-17PFW 106-10136.119638.538.638.68202212230.6231.07
11-11-17PFW 118-9126.621949.2549495202023441.923.21.84
11-07-17PFW 118-11328.815441.2539.539.55103532836.221.71.37
11-05-17PFW 108-10138.32496468.168.18106124033.526.71.78
11-03-17PFW 120-10731.2221353.2555.455.47013213741.5271.78
11-01-17PFL 97-11927.618530.2529.529.55301321935.120.21.07
10-30-17PFW 116-11034.226655.2553.453.47203553841.429.51.56
10-29-17PFW 114-9535.827553.552.452.412012343238.528.71.46
10-27-17PFW 107-8629.424349.7552.852.89013033035.421.71.8
10-24-17PFL 89-11031.714917.2516165000211227.618.20.5
10-21-17PFL 107-11134.8201046.7546465211233334.224.81.32
10-19-17PFL 84-10538.325950.547.947.912101233134.627.61.25
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