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Luke Kornet

Sat 03/16/2019 01:47
Luke Kornet starts second half for injured Noah Vonleh on Friday.

Luke Kornet starts second half for injured Noah Vonleh on Friday.

Tue 03/05/2019 01:36
Luke Kornet will start ahead of Lance Thomas on Monday.

Luke Kornet will start ahead of Lance Thomas on Monday.

Sat 02/02/2019 00:00
Update: Luke Kornet starting over Lance - Luke Kornet | NY

Updating a previous item, Luke Kornet will start over Lance Thomas on Friday against the Celtics.

Fri 02/01/2019 22:50
Luke Kornet (ankle) available for Friday - Luke Kornet | NY

Luke Kornet (ankle) is available for Friday against the Celtics.

Thu 01/31/2019 18:20
Luke Kornet (ankle) probable for Friday - Luke Kornet | NY

Luke Kornet (ankle) is being listed as probable for Fridays game against the Celtics.

Thu 01/31/2019 18:12
Luke Kornet: Could return Friday

Luke Kornet: Kornet (ankle) is listed as probable for Fridays game against the Celtics, Chris Iseman of The Bergen Record reports. Visit RotoWire.com for more analysis on this update.

Tue 01/22/2019 18:20
Luke Kornet (ankle) to miss a couple of weeks - Luke Kornet | NY

Coach David Fizdale said that Luke Kornet (ankle) is going to miss "a couple of weeks."

Mon 01/21/2019 20:50
Luke Kornet (ankle) headed for an MRI - Luke Kornet | NY

X-rays came back inconclusive on Luke Kornets left ankle and he is scheduled to undergo an MRI.

Mon 01/21/2019 19:00
Luke Kornet (ankle) will not return Monday - Luke Kornet | NY

Luke Kornet (sprained left ankle) will not return on Monday vs. the Thunder.

Sat 12/29/2018 15:04
Luke Kornet will remain in starting lineup Saturday.

Luke Kornet will remain in starting lineup Saturday.

Luke Kornet Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Luke Kornet Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Luke Kornet Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Luke Kornet Did/Didn't Play Premium

Luke Kornet 2017-2018 Game Log

03-20-19BL 116-13711.32077.87.840100007.61.80.69
03-18-19BL 92-12813.2839.759.69.6300000630.28.30.73
03-17-19DNPW 124-1230000000000000000
03-15-19BL 83-10910303.54.54.5010100013.42.80.45
03-12-19DNPL 98-1030000000000000000
03-10-19DNPL 92-1030000000000000000
03-09-19BL 94-10213.3421212.412.4220100415.94.40.93
03-06-19DNPL 96-1070000000000000000
03-04-19CL 108-115266212.7511.611.6300123714.47.80.45
LAST 514.84.61.499.
03-03-19BL 107-12821.46323.2527.627.6322301614.16.31.29
02-28-19DNPL 118-1250000000000000000
02-26-19BW 108-1034.5001.52200101009.60.90.44
02-24-19DNPW 130-1180000000000000000
02-22-19PFL 104-11510.6401.251.21.2100002015.43.40.11
02-14-19PFW 106-9131.416226.2529.629.63041021123.515.40.94
02-13-19BL 111-12628.111215.513.713.7610023719.111.20.49
02-11-19BL 104-107126012.2513.213.2101101621.65.41.1
02-09-19DNPL 99-1040000000000000000
02-08-19BL 103-1203.6106.255.75.71100003120.91.58
02-05-19DNPL 92-1050000000000000000
02-03-19BL 84-9620.3902526.326.34103011121.59.11.3
02-01-19CL 99-11316.59013.513.413.4201010926.89.20.81
01-21-19CL 109-1276.8405.256.26.2101000224.73.50.91
01-17-19CL 100-10133.911235.7538.638.63251211618.513.11.14
01-13-19BL 105-10833.613839.7538.538.55510132322.9161.15
01-11-19CL 106-121217012.7512.112.1330122318.58.10.58
01-08-19CL 95-12218.95013.514.414.4201100611.24.40.76
01-07-19CL 101-11118.8421213.413.4200210613.55.30.71
01-04-19CW 119-11221.28216.2516.516.5511001616.37.20.78
01-01-19CL 108-11527933230.730.76101031916.99.51.14
12-29-18CL 97-12928.61103229.729.76510211419.811.81.04
12-27-18CL 96-11233.617039.2536.136.13501112322.615.81.07
12-25-18BL 95-10913.86016.2515.615.6300100917.451.13
12-21-18BL 107-11411.4401312.412.42200027163.81.09
12-19-18BL 109-13110.2407.757.27.2120001317.43.70.71
12-17-18BL 110-12813.75414.2513.613.6321020624.97.10.99
12-16-18BL 99-1109.5409.258.68.6300002517.73.50.91
12-14-18BW 126-12424.28231.534.234.26023111316.18.11.41
12-12-18BL 106-1137.6105.255.15.131000005.70.90.67
12-09-18DNPL 107-1190000000000000000
12-08-18DNPL 104-1120000000000000000
12-06-18BL 100-1282.7103.254.24.21001000160.91.56
12-03-18DNPL 107-1100000000000000000
12-01-18DNPW 136-1340000000000000000
11-04-18BL 95-1082.210000000000019.60.90
11-02-18DNPW 118-1060000000000000000
10-31-18DNPL 101-1070000000000000000
10-29-18BW 115-962.4001.51.51.50100000000.63
10-26-18BL 100-1282.1000000000000000
10-24-18BL 87-1106.21010.50.5010010013.91.80.08
10-22-18DNPL 113-1240000000000000000
10-20-18DNPL 101-1030000000000000000
10-19-18DNPL 105-1070000000000000000
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