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RJ Barrett

Tue 03/03/2020 03:59
RJ Barrett matches career-high with 27 PTS - RJ Barrett | NY

RJ Barrett shot 10-of-18 from the field and 4-of-7 from the foul line in Mondayโ€™s win over the Rockets, finishing with 27 points, five rebounds, five assists, one steal and three 3-pointers in 30 minutes.

Sat 02/15/2020 05:00
RJ Barrett leads Rising Stars game w/ 27 PTS - RJ Barrett | NY

RJ Barrett led all players in Fridays Rising Stars game with 27 points.

Sun 02/09/2020 00:00
RJ Barrett back in starting lineup Saturday - RJ Barrett | NY

RJ Barrett will start on Saturday against the Pistons.

Thu 02/06/2020 20:45
RJ Barrett (ankle) remains questionable Thursday.

RJ Barrett (ankle) remains questionable Thursday.

Wed 02/05/2020 19:00
Barrett (ankle) practices in full Wednesday - RJ Barrett | NY

RJ Barrett (right ankle) said he was a full participant in Wednesdays practice.

Sat 01/25/2020 18:00
Barrett (ankle) to miss at least 1 more week - RJ Barrett | NY

The Knicks announced on Saturday that RJ Barrett (ankle) has transitioned from crutches to a walking boot and will be re-evaluated in one week.

Sat 01/25/2020 17:13
RJ Barrett (ankle) to miss at least 1 more week.

RJ Barrett (ankle) to miss at least 1 more week.

Fri 01/17/2020 19:00
RJ Barrett (ankle) out at least one week - RJ Barrett | NY

The Knicks announced on Friday that X-rays on RJ Barretts right ankle were negative and that he will be re-evaluated in one week.

Fri 01/17/2020 03:00
RJ Barrett (ankle) will not return Thursday - RJ Barrett | NY

RJ Barrett (right ankle) will not return Thursday against the Suns.

Fri 01/17/2020 02:10
RJ Barrett (ankle) headed to locker room Thursday.

RJ Barrett (ankle) headed to locker room Thursday.

RJ Barrett Recent Fantasy Performance
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RJ Barrett 2017-2018 Game Log

03-11-20SGW 136-13139.414644.2545455421212621.417.61.14
03-10-20SGL 115-12229.61573131.731.76140511634.221.11.07
03-08-20SGW 96-8425.516421.2521.621.63210011233.717.90.85
03-06-20SGL 103-12629.41262725.325.34310431727.917.10.86
03-04-20SGL 104-11229.71232827.327.34510241424.2150.92
LAST 530.713.85.230.330.230.24.431.80.22.621728.317.70.98
03-02-20SGW 125-12330.518742.7540.540.55510322733211.33
02-29-20SGW 125-11531.210428.525.325.34300311921.814.20.81
02-27-20SGL 106-11535.413428.526.726.76500331523.717.50.75
02-26-20SGL 101-10721.411010.7510.110.1310000522.910.20.47
02-24-20SGL 112-12333.917733.530.730.76310522129.320.70.91
02-21-20SGL 98-10626.819323.521.821.8420032173921.80.81
02-12-20SGL 96-11429.416621.2520205000231627.917.10.68
02-09-20SGL 135-140226216.517.317.3431004510.950.79
02-08-20PGW 95-92218287.47.42200133219.20.35
02-06-20BW 105-10318.36920.2519.119.13300101225.49.71.04
01-16-20SGL 98-12114.28413.7512.612.6320013730.89.10.89
01-14-20SGL 102-12831.915641.539.139.1831130222516.61.23
01-12-20SGW 124-12139.6101038.2539.539.55320022316.113.31
01-10-20SGL 111-12332.515833.2532.832.89220331626.117.71.01
01-08-20SGL 104-12827.51041312.412.42010311023.213.30.45
01-07-20SGL 87-11730.719223.7522225000331930.319.40.72
01-05-20SGL 132-13536.6111135.536.236.2601114241914.50.99
01-03-20SGL 112-12030.810422.522.822.84221431020.413.10.74
01-01-20SGW 117-9324.6121118.88.8400032723.211.90.36
12-26-19SGW 94-8224.310018.2517.417.4721022521.310.80.72
12-23-19SGL 115-12135.515032.530.230.26410421822.616.70.85
12-21-19SGL 102-12333.416429.7528.528.55301231723.616.40.85
12-20-19SGL 114-12920.41024.54.44.4200000221.99.30.22
12-17-19SGW 143-12028.61383938.738.76110012723.213.81.35
12-15-19PGL 105-11135.812011.7510.110.1310021717.212.80.28
12-13-19PGW 103-10131.41401615.815.8420000819.9130.5
12-11-19SGW 124-12246.11644441.541.510311352217.616.90.9
12-10-19SGL 87-11518.994109.89.8400000524.19.50.52
12-07-19SGL 103-10436.411631.2531.331.39311221217.813.50.86
12-05-19SGL 92-1292210027.2529.129.1353132926.412.11.32
12-02-19SGL 88-13220925.56.56.5010100220.68.60.33
12-01-19SGL 104-11335.1131328.7530.430.47011031624.117.60.87
11-29-19SGL 95-10128.813124.2522.622.63200251824.214.50.78
11-27-19SGL 98-12630.617633.2533335430421631.820.31.08
11-24-19DNPL 101-1030000000
11-23-19SGL 104-11128.911428.7530305411121320.612.41.04
11-20-19SGL 104-10935.812025.2525.925.9732143820.515.30.72
11-18-19SGW 123-10524.21352729.929.92122121526.813.51.24
11-16-19SGL 102-10330.716530.2527275200422232.420.70.88
11-14-19SGW 106-10330.210219.7518.418.4721042820.813.10.61
11-12-19SGL 102-12031.71664645.745.76920232126.217.31.44
11-10-19SGL 87-10824.311212.7511.711.7111033924.912.60.48
11-08-19SGW 106-10234.99618.517.617.6840013315.1110.5
11-06-19PGL 102-12233.7121137.537.237.26820331527.619.41.1
11-03-19SGL 92-11340.720934.2533.533.55301202228.724.30.82
11-01-19SGL 102-10439.117634.7534.934.97511231523.118.80.89
10-30-19PGL 83-9530.81121412.412.4220022921.213.60.4
10-28-19SGW 105-9840151147.2545.545.515501231921.517.91.14
10-26-19SGL 95-11836.620738.7533.933.97300532630.723.40.93
10-25-19SGL 109-11335.716334.7537.137.13360541625.118.71.04
10-23-19PGL 111-12037.113433.2533335220332119.815.30.89
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