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D.J. Augustin

No Recent News for D.J. Augustin
D.J. Augustin Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When D.J. Augustin Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When D.J. Augustin Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When D.J. Augustin Did/Didn't Play Premium

D.J. Augustin 2017-2018 Game Log

11-17-19BW 125-12124.49021.7519.119.13300201319.39.80.78
11-15-19BW 111-10925.18122.2522.622.63410001014.37.50.9
11-13-19BW 112-9726.913331.7531315810231225.514.31.15
11-10-19BL 102-10923.610021.522.422.4261001819.99.80.95
11-08-19BW 118-8624.311219.7518.618.63200111322.311.30.77
LAST 524.910.21.223.422.722.
11-06-19BL 106-10728.5632524240620421317.310.30.84
11-05-19BL 94-1022710817.2517.217.21200011321.912.30.64
11-02-19BL 87-9124.7608.757.77.7130021414.87.60.31
11-01-19PGL 91-12323.15012.51212060010410.85.20.52
10-30-19PGW 95-8327.96017.2516.716.7170001510.360.6
10-28-19PGL 95-10425.79517.2517.117.13110121020.210.80.67
10-26-19PGL 99-10323.71142221.421.42400101423.111.40.9
10-23-19PGW 94-8524.69020.7520.120.1350000916.48.40.82
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