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Evan Fournier

Thu 04/23/2020 20:07
Evan Fournier: Expected back when season resumes

Evan Fournier: Fournier is expected to make a full recovery from the UCL sprain in his right elbow by the time the suspended NBA season resumes, Josh Robbins of The Athletic reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Fri 03/06/2020 18:00
Fournier (elbow) to miss extended period - Evan Fournier | ORL

Coach Steve Clifford said that Evan Fourniers sprained UCL could "keep him out for an extended period of time."

Fri 03/06/2020 17:00
Evan Fournier (right elbow) ruled out Friday - Evan Fournier | ORL

Evan Fournier (right elbow UCL sprain) has been ruled out of Fridays game in Minnesota.

Sun 03/01/2020 04:59
Evan Fournier leads Orlando with 23 points - Evan Fournier | ORL

Evan Fournier scored 23 points (8-of-16 FGs, 2-of-2 FTs) with three rebounds, five assists, four steals, one block and five 3-pointers in 30 minutes against San Antonio.

Thu 02/27/2020 04:00
Evan Fournier scores 28 points in win at ATL - Evan Fournier | ORL

Evan Fournier scored 28 points during a 130-120 win over the Hawks on Wednesday, adding four rebounds, five assists, three steals and two 3-pointers in 35 minutes.

Mon 02/03/2020 23:00
Evan Fournier (back) will play on Monday - Evan Fournier | ORL

Evan Fournier (back) is good to go for Mondays matchup with the Hornets.

Mon 02/03/2020 15:56
Evan Fournier (back) to go through shootaround; likely a game-time decision Monday.

Evan Fournier (back) to go through shootaround; likely a game-time decision Monday.

Sat 02/01/2020 19:00
Fournier (back) available to play Saturday - Evan Fournier | ORL

Coach Steve Clifford said Evan Fournier (lower back pain) would be available to play Saturday vs. the Heat.

Fri 01/31/2020 23:00
Evan Fournier (back) is questionable Saturday - Evan Fournier | ORL

Evan Fournier (lower back pain) is questionable for Saturday vs. the Heat.

Sat 01/25/2020 03:00
Evan Fournier scores 30 in loss to Boston - Evan Fournier | ORL

Evan Fournier scored 30 points with four rebounds, one assist, one steal and five 3-pointers in 35 minutes against the Celtics during a 109-98 loss on Friday.

Evan Fournier Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Evan Fournier Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Evan Fournier Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Evan Fournier Did/Didn't Play Premium

Evan Fournier 2017-2018 Game Log

03-04-20SGL 113-11631.1922830.530.501220217159.70.98
03-02-20SGL 107-13029.914120.518.918.92300111322.213.80.63
02-29-20SGL 113-11429.516245.7547.147.13541232327.316.81.6
02-28-20SGW 136-12528.28019.2518.718.71311421116.79.80.66
02-26-20SGW 130-12034.918746.547.347.34530212826.719.41.36
LAST 530.7132.43232.532.523.420.81.81.818.421.613.91.06
02-24-20SGW 115-1133116429.7528.228.21400012125.916.70.91
02-21-20SGL 106-12233.41933836.936.92120132825.717.91.1
02-12-20SGW 116-112391343129.929.92320221917.814.50.77
02-10-20SGW 135-12632.317132.2532.632.63021222225.3171.01
02-08-20SGL 95-11133.914028.2526.626.63420331421.2150.78
02-06-20SGL 103-10532.57921.2519.619.63010351619.112.90.6
02-05-20SGL 100-1163415435.532.332.34100022622.415.90.95
02-03-20SGW 112-10030.814022.2519.119.13100311727.417.60.62
02-01-20SGL 89-10233.713422.7522.222.21420321225.517.90.66
01-27-20SGL 92-11330.613227.526.826.8481023924.315.50.88
01-26-20SGL 97-11229.919022.523.923.92311031126.516.50.8
01-24-20SGL 98-10935.819441.7539.539.5511011302619.41.1
01-22-20SGL 114-1203612121.2518.218.21610731222.917.20.51
01-20-20SGW 106-8332.11414037.437.42411322624.816.61.17
01-18-20SGL 95-10932.21102521.821.8441044122114.10.68
01-16-20SGL 95-12229.71552322.822.84200021525.715.90.77
01-15-20DNPW 119-1180000000
01-13-20SGW 114-11236.616123636360610122525.819.70.98
01-10-20SGL 94-9837.621839.2539.139.13130322830.924.21.04
01-08-20SGW 123-8923.110133.531.931.92520331923.711.41.38
01-06-20SGW 101-89358420.2519.719.71500021111.98.70.56
01-04-20SGL 96-10931.815023.2524.624.6342002922.6150.77
01-03-20SGW 105-8528.510324.523.923.9230114152011.90.84
01-01-20SGW 122-10137.61632827.827.84021441823.518.40.74
12-30-19SGL 93-10136.621229.7527.627.63210452231.223.80.75
12-27-19SGW 98-9732.414536.537.437.42620032021.214.31.15
12-23-19SGW 103-9531.9541919.819.8422023812.68.40.62
12-20-19SGL 103-11829.217225.525.925.92310011623140.89
12-18-19SGL 104-11331.410222.7521.721.71311331319.612.80.69
12-17-19SGL 102-10933.417525.7525.225.21400131928.319.70.75
12-15-19SGW 130-11928.214126.7526.226.21410021622.513.20.93
12-13-19SGL 107-13024.61823937.437.42220132737.319.11.52
12-11-19SGL 87-96341722824.924.92500311828.820.40.73
12-09-19SGL 101-110321793836.836.84210032627.318.21.15
12-06-19SGW 93-8729.215525.524.424.42201231828.917.60.84
12-04-19SGW 128-11427.51503128.428.42410432129.316.81.03
12-03-19SGW 127-12035.118440.536.936.92300133124.818.11.05
12-01-19SGW 100-9634.621039.7536.636.63010233229.421.21.06
11-29-19SGL 83-9033.891435.534.834.84620421924.317.11.03
11-27-19SGW 116-10439.22264139.339.34120303030.424.81
11-25-19SGL 88-10337.41682627.427.42220131725.7200.73
11-23-19SGL 106-11134.523035.7533.233.21410322633.323.90.96
11-20-19SGL 97-11327.91553433.933.92330322130.517.71.22
11-17-19SGW 125-12131.113843.7541.741.71910122524.115.61.34
11-15-19SGW 111-10932.31543936.336.3431021262516.81.12
11-13-19SGW 112-973110321.520.920.92310211318.111.70.67
11-10-19SGL 102-10930.413239.2536.636.63601142223.114.61.2
11-08-19SGW 118-8627.213339.7539.439.47601031922.212.61.45
11-06-19SGL 106-10727.75210.59.59.5010016910.76.20.34
11-05-19SGL 94-10232.97414.2514.514.5512032415.610.70.44
11-02-19SGL 87-9127.112020.518.918.92500211123.413.20.7
11-01-19SGL 91-12321.512127.524.324.34110421932.114.41.13
10-30-19SGW 95-8328.212224.7524.124.13310101423.513.80.85
10-28-19SGL 95-10428.915325.523.823.84200221826.916.20.82
10-26-19SGL 99-10329.718731.2530.630.6321022233119.21.03
10-23-19SGW 94-8528.113229.2528.628.63411331626.815.71.02
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