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Ben Simmons

Tue 04/21/2020 15:37
Ben Simmons: Back to full health

Ben Simmons: Simmons (back) is back to full health and will be available to play if or when the 2019-20 NBA season resumes, a team source told Jackie MacMullan of "Hes feeling strong," a member of Simmons camp relayed to MacMullan. "The original restrictions were very limiting, but all of them have been removed. He would probably need another scan, so the doctors could officially clear him, but theres been no setbacks. Hes dying to get out there." Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 03/11/2020 18:41
Ben Simmons: To be re-evaluated in three weeks

Ben Simmons: Simmons (back) will be re-evaluated in three weeks as he rehabs a lower-back nerve impingement, Shams Charania of The Athletic reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 03/11/2020 18:00
Ben Simmons will be re-evaluated in 3 weeks - Ben Simmons | PHI

Ben Simmons is continuing to make progress with the lower back nerve impingement, and he will be re-evaluated in three weeks, per Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Wed 03/11/2020 17:32
Ben Simmons (back) out at least 3 more weeks.

Ben Simmons (back) out at least 3 more weeks.

Tue 02/25/2020 22:00
Ben Simmons will be re-evaluated in 2 weeks - Ben Simmons | PHI

Ben Simmons is dealing with a nerve impingement in his lower back and he will be re-evaluated in approximately two weeks, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Tue 02/25/2020 21:36
Ben Simmons (back) to miss at least 2 weeks.

Ben Simmons (back) to miss at least 2 weeks.

Mon 02/24/2020 23:00
Ben Simmons (back) not expected back soon - Ben Simmons | PHI

Ben Simmons is still being evaluated and undergoing treatment for his back injury, but hes not expected to return to the court any time soon.

Sun 02/23/2020 20:00
Ben Simmons (back) ruled out Monday vs. Hawks - Ben Simmons | PHI

Ben Simmons (lower back) underwent an initial evaluation upon the teams return to Philadelphia on Sunday and has been ruled out of Mondays game against Atlanta.

Sun 02/23/2020 05:00
Woj: Ben Simmons (back) will undergo MRI - Ben Simmons | PHI

Ben Simmons (back) is set to undergo an MRI on Sunday, reports ESPNs Adrian Wojnarowski.

Sun 02/23/2020 03:00
Ben Simmons (back) will not return Saturday - Ben Simmons | PHI

Ben Simmons (back) will not return to Saturdays game against the Bucks.

Ben Simmons Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Ben Simmons Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Ben Simmons Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Ben Simmons Did/Didn't Play Premium

Ben Simmons 2017-2018 Game Log

02-22-20PGL 98-1194.72210.510.910.9210110533.73.32.32
02-11-20PGW 110-10342.722358.555.455.4121010332626.923.91.3
02-09-20PGW 118-11136.61310535151101040731928.121.41.39
02-07-20PGW 119-10734.914547.546.846.841031732227.419.91.34
02-06-20PGL 101-11241.5644746.346.314921441111.710.11.12
LAST 532.111.44.843.342.142.18.4820.64.42.616.625.615.71.31
02-03-20PGL 106-13734.17934.532.132.18700451619.613.90.94
02-01-20PGL 95-11637.414941.7540.340.39510422325.319.71.08
01-30-20PGL 117-12742.3151352.554.754.76540323123.620.81.29
01-28-20PGW 115-10427.3111030.530.330.34510221728.516.21.11
01-25-20PGW 108-9141.215659595910840532824.621.11.43
01-22-20PGL 95-107387942.5393910820831722.918.11.03
01-20-20PGW 117-11142.3141481.584.484.4121252333422.419.72
01-18-20PGW 90-8739.715845.7547.447.47820012122.518.61.19
01-17-20PGW 100-8937.217046.2544.744.71171022202519.41.2
01-15-20PGW 117-10641.11374745.745.761111452021.118.11.11
01-13-20PGL 95-10140.31744846.346.314310232422.919.21.15
01-11-20PGL 91-1093711142.7545.545.551140051113.910.71.23
01-09-20PGW 109-9838.715435.2534.334.39310311922.818.40.89
01-06-20PGW 120-11337.912649.75484815810241719.515.41.27
01-03-20PGL 108-11842.220776.2579.179.113113435292622.91.87
12-31-19PGL 97-115321183531.531.510301621827.618.40.98
12-28-19PGL 116-11743.512648.7550.950.971131141515.614.11.17
12-27-19PGL 97-9839.111641.2543.343.39740351318.4151.11
12-25-19PGW 121-10938.110254.7557.457.471432231514.111.21.51
12-23-19PGW 125-10937.314057.7553.153.1131700441620.716.11.42
12-21-19PGW 125-10832.910946.546.146.181140641424.8171.4
12-20-19PGL 98-11735.71073535.235.26830531221.5160.99
12-18-19PGL 104-10842.51343839.239.26621341718.1160.92
12-15-19PGL 89-10928.810836.2538.538.55312132022.213.31.34
12-13-19PGW 116-10937.5151054.7558.158.131132122423.618.41.55
12-12-19PGW 115-10936.56425.523.623.6860154716.312.40.65
12-10-19PGW 97-9237.26428.7527.327.3971043713.710.60.73
12-08-19PGW 110-10439.211041.7537.737.711900521618.615.20.96
12-07-19PGW 141-9425.7141256.2559.159.13722123435.118.82.3
12-05-19PGL 113-1193610441.75404051030751723.117.31.11
12-02-19PGW 103-9433.81144446.146.18940341419.513.71.36
11-30-19PGW 119-11637.813751.553.753.761341331523.118.21.42
11-29-19SGW 101-9537.7111035.2535355820441523.418.40.93
11-27-19PGW 97-9136.911037.535.335.314520531019.815.20.96
11-25-19PGL 96-10140.78243.7540.840.891420721016.914.31
11-23-19PGW 113-8626.6603133.133.1874033415.58.61.24
11-22-19PGW 115-10431.910847.545.545.5101321551024.816.51.43
11-20-19PGW 109-10441.89451.2550.950.971311121812.310.71.22
11-17-19PGW 114-9525.8803737.337.341112341019.510.51.45
11-15-19PGL 119-12745.68642.2539.239.211810561614.513.80.86
11-13-19PGL 97-11235.312034.533.133.1850024181712.50.94
11-12-19PGW 98-97359336.2538385622431518.113.21.09
11-06-19PGL 104-10610.1208.259.29.212100028.61.80.91
11-04-19PGL 109-11435.68233.253838567043614.710.91.07
11-02-19PGW 129-12836.416547.2546.246.211820331822.717.21.27
10-30-19PGW 117-9532.713437.2539.139.13732631624.116.41.2
10-28-19PGW 105-10337.811231.531.231.26611441316.813.20.83
10-26-19PGW 117-11135.213745.548.848.841070541323.617.31.39
10-23-19PGW 107-933516545.543.143.18900442426.319.21.23
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