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Tobias Harris

Sat 04/20/2019 22:30
Tobias Harris puts up 24/8/6 in Game 4 win - Tobias Harris | PHI

Tobias Harris scored 24 points (10-of-20 FGs, 4-of-6 FTs) with eight rebounds, six assists, one block and one steal in a game-high 43 minutes against the Nets on Saturday.

Fri 04/19/2019 02:50
Tobias Harris scores 29 points in win at BK - Tobias Harris | PHI

Tobias Harris scored a playoff career-high 29 points with 16 rebounds, three assists, one steal and six 3-pointers in 36 minutes against the Nets on Thursday.l

Thu 04/04/2019 15:00
Harris expects to miss 1-2 games for rest - Tobias Harris | PHI

Tobias Harris said hes expecting to sit out one or two games of Phillys final four games in order to get some additional rest heading into the postseason.

Fri 03/01/2019 04:50
Tobias Harris leads Sixers with 32 points - Tobias Harris | PHI

Tobias Harris kept it rolling on Thursday, scoring 32 points (11-of-19 FGs, 5-of-7 FTs) with five rebounds, three assists, one block, one steal and five 3-pointers in 40 minutes against the Thunder.

Tue 02/26/2019 05:20
Tobias Harris drops an efficient 29 vs. Pels - Tobias Harris | PHI

Tobias Harris led the 76ers on Monday, scoring 29 points (10-of-16 FGs, 7-of-8 FTs) with 10 rebounds, three assists, two blocks and two 3-pointers in 39 minutes against the Pelicans.

Fri 02/22/2019 03:00
Tobias Harris double-doubles in win vs. Heat - Tobias Harris | PHI

Tobias Harris double-doubled with 23 points (8-of-15 FGs, 4-of-6 FTs), 11 rebounds, one assist, one block and three 3-pointers in 36 minutes on Thursday against the Heat.

Sun 02/10/2019 23:50
Tobias Harris posts 22/6/6 with three triples - Tobias Harris | PHI

Tobias Harris got hot on Sunday with 22 points on 9-of-14 shooting, adding six rebounds, six assists, three 3-pointers and one block in 29 minutes.

Sat 02/09/2019 06:00
Tobias Harris: Solid Sixers debut

Tobias Harris: Harris scored 14 points (6-12 FG, 2-3 3Pt) while adding eight rebounds, three assists and a steal in 32 minutes during Fridays 117-110 win over the Nuggers. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sat 02/09/2019 03:10
Tobias Harris scores 14 in his 76ers debut - Tobias Harris | PHI

Tobias Harris made his 76ers debut on Friday, scoring 14 points (6-of-12 FGs) with eight rebounds, three assists, one steal and two 3-pointers in 32 minutes against the Nuggets.

Sat 02/09/2019 00:00
Ben, JJ, Jimmy, Tobias, Joel will start - Tobias Harris | PHI

Ben Simmons, J.J. Redick, Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris and Joel Embiid will start against the Nuggets on Friday.

Tobias Harris Recent Fantasy Performance
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Tobias Harris 2017-2018 Game Log

05-12-19PFL 90-9242.3943432.532.510310251515.513.70.77
05-09-19PFW 112-10138.517236.7535.335.39510221620.916.80.92
05-07-19PFL 89-12534.212226.527.227.26002131518.2130.8
05-05-19PFL 96-10141.123035.536.236.26430221627.823.80.88
05-02-19PFW 116-953711234.534.134.18502231316.9130.92
LAST 538.614.4233.533.
04-29-19PFW 94-893611230.2529.229.21141024917.3130.81
04-27-19PFL 95-10837.817043.25393915610531424.919.61.03
04-23-19PFW 122-10026.6803536.636.68430001212.56.91.38
04-20-19PFW 112-10843.42064748.648.68611012421.819.71.12
04-18-19PFW 131-11536.31915752.752.716310342926.820.31.45
04-15-19PFW 145-12329.312731.2531315201011920.512.51.06
04-13-19PFL 102-11140.57023.7524.424.476100247.160.6
04-09-19PFL 99-12220.416020.2519.819.8920000631.513.40.97
04-06-19SFW 116-9631.914629.527.727.76500301627.1180.87
04-04-19SFL 122-12830.415030.2529.329.39301251323.214.70.96
04-03-19PFL 122-13036.914732.7530.430.47200252119.414.90.82
04-01-19PFL 102-12233.719538.537.737.76301212527.819.51.12
03-30-19PFW 118-1093920541.2539.439.47400032523.919.41.01
03-28-19PFW 123-11035.48026262610410116118.10.73
03-25-19PFL 98-11933.610625.525.325.3431024152114.70.75
03-23-19PFL 127-12936.917128.7527.827.89201221320.8160.75
03-20-19PFW 118-11536.71763634.134.18300122123.117.70.93
03-19-19PFW 118-11438.817642.7540.740.711310232225.520.61.05
03-17-19PFW 130-12534.27429.2529.429.4741000129.76.90.86
03-15-19PFW 123-11434.616437.7538.438.4741111192316.61.11
03-12-19PFW 106-993912025.2522.322.39300441117.414.10.57
03-10-19PFW 106-89351603635.635.68411221621.815.91.02
03-08-19PFL 91-10733.615034.2532.832.89000012217.412.20.98
03-06-19PFL 107-10836.413218.516.316.34100321319.8150.45
03-05-19PFW 114-10634.21545049.949.912521222124.117.21.46
03-02-19PFL 117-12043.520335.2531.331.39300442023.2210.72
02-28-19PFW 108-10439.719548.7547.547.55311123221.317.61.2
02-25-19PFW 111-11038.81685149.549.510302202920.816.81.28
02-23-19PFL 115-13035.214134.533.633.68011232020.314.90.95
02-21-19PFW 106-10235.615642.2539.739.711101122322.416.61.12
02-13-19PFW 126-11135.21454038.738.7630113252115.41.1
02-12-19PFL 109-11234.514222.521.621.68200141020.614.80.63
02-10-19PFW 143-12028.814241.540.240.26601132223.3141.4
02-08-19PFW 117-11032.512031.531.131.18310021416.2110.96
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