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Devin Booker

Mon 09/10/2018 23:14
Devin Booker: Out six weeks following surgery

Devin Booker: Booker underwent successful surgery Monday to repair the fifth metacarpophalangeal joint in his right hand and is expected to need six weeks to make a full recovery. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 09/10/2018 22:10
Devin Booker (hand) expected to miss 6 weeks - Devin Booker | PHO

Devin Booker underwent surgery to repair the fifth metacarpophalangeal joint in his right hand on Monday and hes expected to be sidelined for the next six weeks.

Mon 09/10/2018 01:29
Devin Booker: Needs hand surgery, out indefinitely

Devin Booker: Booker is scheduled to undergo right hand surgery on Monday and has been ruled out indefinitely, John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 FM reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 09/10/2018 00:00
Report: Devin Booker needs right hand surgery - Devin Booker | PHO

Devin Booker will have right hand surgery on Monday and will be out indefinitely, according to John Gambadoro.

Sun 07/08/2018 05:07
Devin Booker: Signs max deal with Suns

Devin Booker: Booker signed a five-year, $158 million contract extension with Phoenix, Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sun 07/08/2018 03:30
Devin Booker signs 5-yr, $158M max extension - Devin Booker | PHO

Devin Booker has signed a five-year, $158 million maximum contract extension with the Suns.

Wed 07/04/2018 00:46
Devin Booker: Progressing towards max extension

Devin Booker: Booker and the Suns are nearing an agreement on a five-year, $158 million max contract extension, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 07/02/2018 03:50
Devin Booker to meet w/ Suns about extension - Devin Booker | PHO

Devin Booker will meet with Suns owner Robert Sarver and GM Ryan McDonough on Tuesday, and the Suns are expected to offer him a rookie contract extension.

Sun 07/01/2018 17:20
Shams: Devin Booker upset about Ulis release - Devin Booker | PHO

Devin Booker is upset with the Suns front office over the release of Tyler Ulis, according to Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports.

Wed 05/16/2018 00:40
Phoenix Suns win top pick in 2018 Draft - Devin Booker | PHO

The Phoenix Suns won the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 Draft.

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Devin Booker 2017-2018 Game Log

04-10-18DNPW 124-970000000000000000
04-08-18DNPL 100-1170000000000000000
04-06-18DNPL 103-1220000000000000000
04-03-18DNPW 97-940000000000000000
04-01-18DNPL 107-1170000000000000000
03-30-18DNPL 103-1040000000000000000
03-28-18DNPL 99-1110000000000000000
03-24-18DNPL 99-1050000000000000000
03-23-18DNPL 95-1200000000000000000
03-20-18DNPL 88-1150000000000000000
03-17-18DNPL 109-1240000000000000000
03-15-18SGL 88-11634.318519.7517175200431229.220.90.5
03-13-18SGL 107-1293416329.2527.627.63610531724.417.30.81
03-10-18DNPL 115-1220000000000000000
03-08-18SGL 87-11535.322641.538.738.76110343033.324.51.1
03-05-18SGL 103-12533.322641.537.937.92500343134.724.11.14
03-04-18SGL 112-11333.718326.7523.723.71310532030.821.60.7
LAST 534.119.24.631.829293.43.40.6043.42230.521.70.85
03-02-18SGL 116-12438.52816156.256.26801523935.728.61.46
02-28-18SGW 110-10239291048.549.749.76130243437.730.61.27
02-26-18SGL 116-12540.728116662.562.510710344033.828.71.54
02-24-18SGL 104-10639.328350.2547.347.39302453037.330.51.2
02-23-18SGL 117-12837.4201333.2530.230.21400432730.223.50.81
02-14-18SGL 97-10736.320940.7536.536.55300222833.925.61.01
02-04-18PGL 110-11531.314038.2534.534.55900331825.616.71.1
02-02-18PGL 97-12932.524432.531.831.84601341839.626.80.98
01-31-18PGW 102-8832.41432624.424.42420541528.319.10.75
01-28-18SGL 102-11341.123251.7546.646.63100033312924.81.13
01-26-18PGL 85-10725.21222321.321.34310321226.7140.85
01-24-18SGL 101-116261693129.229.26400311937.720.41.12
01-22-18SGL 105-10936.11493534.834.84830541428.121.10.96
01-19-18SGW 108-10034.723448.2546.546.5551132303827.51.34
01-16-18SGL 111-11841.129106967.267.26821414339.133.51.64
01-14-18SGL 97-1203316431.2529.529.55700241526.818.40.89
01-12-18SGL 95-11237.21864944.744.76920922737.228.81.2
01-07-18SGW 114-10030.517123530.430.42400442639.3251
01-05-18SGL 89-10334.717233.7530305410642129210.86
01-03-18SGL 111-13429.71382724.924.92500231725.715.90.84
01-02-18SGW 104-10341.8171553.7551.551.55730813433.228.91.23
12-31-17SGL 110-12339.4221246.7541415600643234.1281.04
12-29-17SGW 111-10131.925737.2536.136.13310142641.527.61.13
12-26-17SGW 99-9734211248.2545455610563241.529.41.32
12-23-17DNPL 106-1150000000000000000
12-05-17SGL 113-12639.3151243.2545455821141923.919.61.15
12-04-17SGW 115-10138.932864.563.163.18121314642.634.51.62
12-02-17SGL 111-11639.229350.547.347.34500363835.328.81.21
11-29-17SGL 107-13127.28626.522.822.8401073222715.30.84
11-28-17SGW 104-9933.223105451.651.68411303339.227.11.55
11-26-17DNPL 108-1190000000000000000
11-24-17SGL 91-11532.813517.2515.115.13110611326.3180.46
11-22-17SGL 107-11339.624539.539.839.84403352325.921.41.01
11-19-17SGW 113-1053215329.2529.229.21620211525.116.70.91
11-17-17SGW 122-11333.227343.7538.638.63400443337.6261.16
11-16-17SGL 116-14230.31643530.430.421000541828.417.91
11-13-17SGL 93-10037.72764642.342.3430034363527.51.12
11-11-17SGW 118-11038.722557.7553.853.89610453530.524.61.39
11-10-17SGL 112-12833.710322.522.322.3451023915.811.10.66
11-08-17SGL 115-12637.3231345.2545.645.63610033032.925.61.22
11-06-17SGL 92-9834.715524.523.923.92120461824.817.90.69
11-05-17SGL 95-11226.211214.2511.611.6320041926.714.60.44
11-03-17PGL 107-12033.4191241.540.940.92120353431.822.11.22
11-01-17SGW 122-11633.815534.2533.733.71510022222.415.81
10-31-17SGW 122-11435.522547.2542.442.47400433230.622.61.19
10-28-17SGL 107-11434.319950.546.246.26600433432.2231.35
10-25-17SGW 97-8832.91913230.730.76311431729.520.20.93
10-23-17SGW 117-11528.816436.535.335.34510232230181.23
10-21-17SGL 88-13031.81442018.818.84200211327.518.20.59
10-20-17SGL 130-13239.719554.7550.250.21182062253125.61.26
10-18-17SGL 76-12427.117027.2530305221021234.219.31.11
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