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Damian Lillard

Tue 05/26/2020 18:50
Damian Lillard: Wont play meaningless games

Damian Lillard: Lillard said Tuesday in an interview with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports that he doesnt plan to play in regular season games when the NBA season resumes unless the Trail Blazers have an opportunity to qualify for the playoffs. "If we come back and theyre just like, Were adding a few games to finish the regular season, and theyre throwing us out there for meaningless games and we dont have a true opportunity to get into the playoffs, Im going to be with my team because Im a part of the team," Lillard said. "But Im not going to be participating. Im telling you that right now. And you can put that in there." Visit for more analysis on this update.

Thu 03/05/2020 06:00
Damian Lillard (groin) returns, plays 22 mins - Damian Lillard | POR

Damian Lillard (strained right groin) returned to action on Wednesday with 22 points on 6-of-12 FGs and 6-of-6 FTs in 32 minutes vs. the Wizards.

Wed 03/04/2020 00:59
Damian Lillard (groin) probable for Wednesday - Damian Lillard | POR

Damian Lillard (right groin) is probable to play on Wednesday vs. the Wizards.

Mon 03/02/2020 20:59
Damian Lillard (groin) targeting Wednesday - Damian Lillard | POR

Damian Lillard (right groin) is reportedly targeting a return to the court for Wednesdays home game against the Wizards.

Sat 02/29/2020 23:46
Damian Lillard (groin) will not play Monday - Damian Lillard | POR

Damian Lillard (right groin) will not play in Mondays game against the Magic.

Thu 02/27/2020 14:00
Damian Lillard (groin) wont play on Thursday - Damian Lillard | POR

Damian Lillard (right groin) has been ruled out for Thursdays game against the Pacers.

Wed 02/26/2020 20:00
Damian Lillard (groin) not traveling to IND - Damian Lillard | POR

Damian Lillard (right groin) did not travel with the team to Indiana for the first game of their three-game road trip.

Wed 02/26/2020 16:00
Lillard hopeful to get back during road trip - Damian Lillard | POR

Damian Lillard (right groin) will travel with the team on their upcoming three-game road trip, and hes hopeful to return to the court at some point during the trip.

Tue 02/25/2020 21:00
Damian Lillard (groin) ruled out for Tuesday - Damian Lillard | POR

Damian Lillard (groin) has been ruled out for Tuesdays game against the Celtics, as expected.

Thu 02/20/2020 21:00
Damian Lillard (groin) likely out 3+ games - Damian Lillard | POR

Damian Lillard (right groin strain) said he could miss "at least three or four games."

Damian Lillard Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Damian Lillard Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Damian Lillard Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Damian Lillard Did/Didn't Play Premium

Damian Lillard 2017-2018 Game Log

03-10-20PGW 121-10540.417453.2554.554.55732232522.919.31.35
03-07-20PGL 111-12333.315429.2529.629.63620111221.514.90.89
03-06-20PGL 117-12738161036.2532.632.63600422427.221.50.86
03-04-20PGW 125-10431.81264140.340.34521312224.2161.27
02-29-20DNPL 117-1290000000
02-27-20DNPL 100-1060000000
02-25-20DNPL 106-1180000000
02-23-20DNPW 107-1040000000
02-21-20DNPL 115-1280000000
02-12-20PGL 104-11136.719443.25404051010432027.320.91.09
LAST 53615.85.640.639.439.446.
02-11-20PGL 117-13829.116933.7532325600312031.719.21.1
02-09-20PGW 115-10937.523655.552.852.84811323333.826.41.41
02-07-20PGL 114-11743.530366.563.263.26612424234.831.51.45
02-06-20PGW 125-11737.320542.536.436.421000712634.426.70.98
02-04-20PGL 99-12730.123439.539.939.9291000213622.61.33
02-01-20PGW 124-10736.32987872.472.421210225140.730.81.99
01-31-20PGW 127-11940.330882.2578.878.891020114836.9311.96
01-29-20PGW 125-11239.221106859.559.5101110833634.428.11.52
01-26-20PGW 139-12938.5231683.578.778.76131010504233.72.04
01-23-20PGL 125-13341.72877064.264.26810504757.850.21.54
01-20-20PGW 129-12445.1371691.584.584.510710216139.236.81.87
01-18-20PGL 106-11935.9231245.542420610423438.528.81.17
01-17-20PGL 112-12039.825754.7552.252.211020413436.330.11.31
01-15-20PGW 117-10737.820848.2548.948.97720132527.221.41.29
01-13-20PGW 115-11235.616747.7543.143.13900413029.822.11.21
01-11-20PGL 101-1223520337.2534.134.13500322628.420.70.97
01-09-20PGL 102-11629.618638.536.836.84800002028.117.31.24
01-07-20PGW 101-993711642.540.340.34902402021.916.91.09
01-05-20PGL 111-12241.722761.7559.259.211230313430.526.51.42
01-03-20PGW 122-10334.3201445.7545.145.13310113534.724.81.31
01-01-20SGL 93-11735.420038363610810211133.224.51.02
12-30-19PGL 116-12238.1201253.2550.550.55710213330.724.41.33
12-26-19PGL 115-12137.52185449.849.84800143429.823.31.33
12-23-19PGL 94-10236.921634.7535.135.13720311831.524.20.95
12-21-19PGW 113-1063825947.2546.146.1371130293426.91.21
12-20-19PGW 118-10336.421351.7546.646.6361051363224.31.28
12-18-19PGW 122-11237.3201361.2559.559.55131131313124.11.6
12-16-19PGW 111-11036.821735.2531.731.71500442732.524.90.86
12-12-19PGL 99-11437.61623532.932.921110201324.419.10.88
12-10-19PGW 115-87291554539.439.42600323129.8181.36
12-08-19PGL 96-10838.624841.7540.140.13710332632.726.31.04
12-06-19PGL 113-13640.7181148.7545.445.47800402927.823.61.12
12-04-19PGW 127-11637.51275148.848.841021422423.218.11.3
12-03-19PGL 97-11729.91553129.929.92710221627.917.41
11-29-19PGW 107-10336.71893935.435.42600412831.123.80.96
11-27-19PGW 136-11929.615844.7542.542.55510132727.917.21.44
11-25-19PGW 117-9427.310438.538.438.421220101319.711.21.41
11-23-19PGL 104-11036.52064743.643.68801422333.725.61.19
11-19-19DNPL 104-1150000000
11-18-19PGL 108-13234.515436.532.732.761100441323.516.90.95
11-16-19PGW 121-11640.319134039.239.26610232227.4230.97
11-13-19PGL 106-1143712329.2529.229.21100223917.313.30.79
11-12-19PGL 99-10737.610144443.343.34521512725.119.71.15
11-10-19PGW 124-11344.3171251.2549.449.47611423021.319.71.12
11-08-19PGL 115-11940.333157570.370.3450021604235.31.74
11-07-19PGL 101-10738.123244.544.244.26630322227.321.71.16
11-04-19PGL 118-12737.326451.549.449.42401103941.131.91.32
11-02-19PGL 128-12939.116357.2551.551.55920713327.922.71.32
10-30-19PGW 102-9938.219657.7555.955.97132012232519.91.46
10-28-19PGL 110-11338.828854.7554.354.3970213283326.71.4
10-27-19PGW 121-11938.420942.7543.143.13511232828.422.71.12
10-25-19PGW 122-1123420854.7554.554.55530343533.9241.6
10-23-19PGL 100-10837.821105148.848.84810333230.924.31.29
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