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Dejounte Murray

Fri 03/16/2018 04:00
Dejounte Murray (ankle) exits late Thursday - Dejounte Murray | SA

Dejounte Murray exited late on Thursday with an ankle injury, finishing with 18 points on 8-of-13 shooting, 12 rebounds, four steals and one 3-pointer in 26 minutes.

Tue 02/13/2018 00:39
Dejounte Murray (ankle) will start Monday.

Dejounte Murray (ankle) will start Monday.

Fri 02/09/2018 20:50
Dejounte Murray, Tony Parker out Saturday - Dejounte Murray | SA

Dejounte Murray (sprained left ankle) and Tony Parker (back tightness) are out for Saturdays game against the Warriors.

Thu 02/08/2018 14:52
Dejounte Murray: No timetable for return

Dejounte Murray: Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich said Wednesday after the Spurs 129-81 win over the Suns that there is no timetable for Murrays (ankle) return, Michael C. Wright of reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Thu 02/08/2018 06:20
Pop says no timetable for Dejounte Murray - Dejounte Murray | SA

Coach Gregg Popovich said Dejounte Murray (ankle) does not have a timetable to return.

Thu 02/08/2018 04:40
Dejounte Murray (left ankle) to locker room - Dejounte Murray | SA

Dejounte Murray (left ankle) went to the locker room on Wednesday.

Thu 02/08/2018 04:33
Dejounte Murray (ankle) wont return Wednesday.

Dejounte Murray (ankle) wont return Wednesday.

Wed 01/24/2018 03:50
Dejounte Murray goes off in win over Cavs - Dejounte Murray | SA

Dejounte Murray has taken over the reins from Tony Parker and had one of the best games of his career with 19 points, 10 rebounds, three assists and a career-high seven steals on 8-of-15 shooting in 30 minutes on Tuesday.

Mon 01/22/2018 14:52
Dejounte Murray: Likely to continue starting at point guard

Dejounte Murray: Teammate Tony Parker suggested that Murray, who started at point guard in Sundays 94-86 loss to the Pacers, would continue to work with the top unit until further notice, Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express-News reports. "Just like Manu [Ginobili], just like Pau [Gasol], you know that day is going to come," Parker said following Sundays game. "If [head coach Gregg Popovich] sees something that is good for the team, I will try to do my best...I will support Pops decision, and I will try to help [Murray] as best as I can and try to be the best I can in that second unit with Manu and Patty [Mills]." Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 01/22/2018 03:20
Dejounte Murray starts ahead of Tony Parker - Dejounte Murray | SA

Dejounte Murray was a surprise starter vs. the Pacers on Sunday, posting eight points, seven rebounds, four assists, three steals and one block in 28 minutes.

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Dejounte Murray 2017-2018 Game Log

03-15-18PGW 98-9326.41324243.443.412040151823.112.71.64
03-13-18PGW 108-7224.17329.531.631.68230111117.58.81.31
03-12-18PGL 93-10919.77217.517.317.3431020723.19.50.88
03-10-18PGL 94-10429.810021.2520.520.5531023918.711.60.69
03-08-18PGL 107-11029.614029.752929561032142414.80.98
LAST 525.910.21.42828.428.46.82.8201.82.211.821.311.51.09
03-05-18PGW 100-9818.4501111.811.840100041350.64
03-03-18PGL 112-11623.911227.2528.928.97130221222.711.31.21
02-28-18PGL 116-12130.715140.2540.340.39511231823.5151.31
02-25-18PGW 110-9433.812445.7552.352.39543021317.912.61.55
02-23-18PGL 119-12223.5922524.324.34501321224.111.81.03
02-13-18PGL 109-11727.310030.533.233.26223441222.512.81.22
02-12-18PGL 99-10128.714024.524.824.84410121223.4140.86
02-10-18DNPL 105-1220000000000000000
02-07-18PGW 129-8113.212125.526.326.34310011438.510.61.99
02-03-18PGL 111-1202212018.7518185200131025.511.70.82
02-01-18PGL 91-10224.16222.2519.719.71130040620.310.20.82
01-30-18PGW 106-10425.74029.7530.130.11370223010.15.41.17
01-28-18PGW 113-9826.56236.53535106000214126.61.32
01-26-18PGL 78-9733.811231.7532.332.39511221021.415.10.96
01-24-18PGW 108-8524.49226.525.325.34700131120.310.31.04
01-23-18PGW 114-10229.81544952.552.510370441930.418.91.76
01-21-18PGL 86-9427.98228.7530.430.4743145820.6121.09
01-19-18BL 83-8625.810218.7516.916.97100331023.112.40.66
01-17-18BW 100-9522.65221.7522.322.3932024315.97.50.99
01-15-18BL 99-10218.25214.514.814.8401012817.46.60.81
01-13-18BW 112-8011.4121312.812.84210204163.81.12
01-11-18PGL 81-9326.414043.7545.745.711531101426.514.61.73
01-08-18BW 107-10018.1622829.229.2662130724.99.41.61
01-07-18PGL 110-11120.6618.757.27.2140031320.78.90.35
01-05-18BW 103-898.5224.253.63.6300012120.33.60.42
01-03-18PGL 106-11213.7506.757.27.2100114418.95.40.53
01-02-18BW 100-9113.65021.525.125.1812201216.94.81.85
12-30-17BL 79-93136013.7515.115.1312132432.18.71.16
12-28-17BW 119-10794710.7510.710.7110001835.76.71.19
12-26-17BW 109-974.1206.756.16.13100102342.91.49
12-23-17BW 108-9924.911232.7533.433.47601001322.711.81.34
12-21-17BL 89-10018.8602020.120.1831011418.17.11.07
12-20-17PGW 93-9127.48017.7515.315.3930041420.111.50.56
12-18-17BW 109-9119.9812020.320.34301139218.71.02
12-16-17PGW 98-9624.111228.528.228.26410241427.513.81.17
12-15-17BL 109-12417.3842019.919.925102392810.11.15
12-12-17BL 89-954.7102.52.42.4200002010.210.51
12-09-17PGW 104-10126.61103129.829.81440014819.110.61.12
12-08-17BW 105-1020.1000000000000000
12-06-17BW 117-1051000000000000000
12-04-17BW 96-938.6003.753.23.212001205.610.37
12-03-17PGL 87-9039.515544.7544.744.711531551726.121.51.13
12-01-17BW 95-7910103.52.42.4200021214.93.10.24
11-29-17BW 104-954.81233300000132020.63
11-27-17BW 115-1085.5105.255.15.131000008.710.93
11-25-17BW 106-8623.54215.7516.616.6321122613.96.80.71
11-22-17BL 90-10724.411430.7533.633.63431241426.613.51.38
11-20-17BW 96-8515.1206.755.75.7130021211.83.70.38
11-17-17BW 104-10112408.759.69.6321003015.63.90.8
11-15-17BL 86-9819.8509.59.39.3410120216.76.90.47
11-14-17BW 97-9119.97219.2518.418.47000031018.67.70.92
11-11-17BW 133-9424.512431.530.330.34501221729.4151.24
11-10-17BL 87-948.9204.254.74.7111010015.62.90.53
11-07-17BW 120-10718.6281918.718.7631022618.37.11.01
11-05-17BW 112-9522.41062322.722.76110221330141.01
11-03-17BW 108-10119.56217.7518.718.71310011015.56.30.96
11-02-17BL 92-11219.9501514.214.2621030417.17.10.71
10-30-17PGL 94-10829.411223.7523235420521025.815.80.78
10-29-17PGL 94-9720.28012.511.711.761001041980.58
10-27-17PGL 87-11420.3942121.821.8442020725.510.81.07
10-25-17PGW 117-10024.3607.757.17.1330013013.66.90.29
10-23-17PGW 101-9728.112641.537.837.814600421626.515.51.35
10-21-17PGW 87-7726.410033343410620108189.91.29
10-18-17PGW 107-9925.48230.2532325221241618.9101.26
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