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Kyle Lowry

Sun 02/10/2019 03:40
Kyle Lowry hits five 3-pointers in road win - Kyle Lowry | TOR

Kyle Lowry shot 5-of-7 from three in Saturdayโ€™s win over the Knicks, finishing with 22 points (6-of-10 FGs, 5-of-6 FTs), five assists, four rebounds, two steals and two blocked shots in 34 minutes.

Fri 02/08/2019 04:30
Kyle Lowry drops 13/8/13 line vs. Hawks - Kyle Lowry | TOR

Kyle Lowry made just 3-of-13 from the field for 13 points with eight rebounds, 13 assists, one block and three 3-pointers in 36 minutes against the Hawks on Thursday.

Wed 02/06/2019 17:36
Kyle Lowry: Expects back to remain issue

Kyle Lowry: Lowry said after Tuesdays 119-107 win over the 76ers that he expects to play through back soreness for the rest of the season, Michael Grange of reports. "I can do everything I need to do to kind of keep [playing]" Lowry said. "Thats huge. To be able to do everything -- lifting, cardio, Pilates -- doing the things that strengthens your body... but I still have to be smart about it. I cant push, push, push. Its not going to be Ill be back in shape tomorrow or next week, its just an all-year type of thing, rest of the season, because, you know its long term." Visit for more analysis on this update.

Wed 02/06/2019 05:20
Kyle Lowry plays well despite trade rumors - Kyle Lowry | TOR

Kyle Lowry returned from a sore back and trade rumors to hit 7-of-16 shots and five 3-pointers for 20 points, one rebound, six assists and two steals in 35 minutes on Tuesday.

Tue 02/05/2019 15:20
Kyle Lowry (back) says hell play Tuesday - Kyle Lowry | TOR

Kyle Lowry (back) said he will play Tuesday vs. the Sixers.

Tue 02/05/2019 15:19
Kyle Lowry: Says he will play Tuesday

Kyle Lowry: Lowry (back) said he will play in Tuesdays game against the 76ers, Blake Murphy of The Athletic reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 02/04/2019 17:29
Kyle Lowry: Likely out Tuesday

Kyle Lowry: Lowry (back) is considered doubtful for Tuesdays game against the 76ers, Josh Lewenberg of TSN reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Sun 02/03/2019 18:40
Kyle Lowry (back) ruled out Sunday vs. LAC - Kyle Lowry | TOR

Kyle Lowry (back soreness) will not play Sunday against the Clippers.

Sun 02/03/2019 18:26
Kyle Lowry: Will not play Sunday

Kyle Lowry: Lowry will not play in Sundays game against the Clippers with back soreness, Blake Murphy of The Athletic reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 01/28/2019 03:20
Kyle Lowry posts 19/9/5/2/1 and five triples - Kyle Lowry | TOR

Kyle Lowry had 19 points, nine assists, five rebounds, five 3-pointers, two blocks and one steal in 37 minutes on Sunday.

Kyle Lowry Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Kyle Lowry Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Kyle Lowry Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Kyle Lowry Did/Didn't Play Premium

Kyle Lowry 2017-2018 Game Log

02-13-19PGW 129-12034.312245.543.343.341330451419.914.21.26
02-11-19PGW 127-125349032.530.730.76700041311.27.90.9
02-09-19PGW 104-9933.91064444.344.34522242218.713.21.31
02-07-19SGW 119-10136.21364643.143.181301231321.316.11.19
02-05-19PGW 119-10735.116235.2533.233.21620342024.117.60.95
LAST 534.7123.240.738.938.
01-31-19PGL 92-10534.311117.514.314.3430053102014.30.42
01-27-19PGW 123-12037.314446.7546.546.55912141920.215.71.25
01-25-19PGL 119-12138943129.329.34111042915.812.50.77
01-23-19PGL 106-11036.613637.7534.534.55701562024.418.60.94
01-22-19PGW 120-10534.115339.536.336.34901431923.416.61.06
01-19-19PGW 119-90298533.535.335.34721111217.210.41.22
01-17-19PGW 111-10939.715942.2540.840.8982044162520.71.03
01-16-19PGL 108-11733.51033232.732.76711121015.911.10.98
01-13-19PGW 140-13849.715338.2535.535.551120541214.615.10.71
01-11-19PGW 122-10522.9322121.421.428100446.53.10.93
01-08-19PGW 104-10132.412437.539.439.42641321622.715.31.22
01-06-19PGW 121-10531.610234.7535.635.6383143122113.81.13
01-05-19DNPW 123-1160000000
01-03-19DNPL 107-1250000000
12-22-18PGL 101-126311663938.738.76511222026.917.41.25
12-14-18DNPL 122-1280000000000000000
12-12-18SGW 113-9338.118454.25545451230212324.819.71.42
12-11-18SGW 123-9932.313142.7541.541.55711232121.314.31.28
12-09-18PGL 99-10433.55017.2516.516.5570133010.67.40.49
12-07-18PGL 105-10635.88025.2524.124.13111155314.911.10.67
12-05-18PGW 113-10232.78224.525.825.8443140715.710.70.79
12-03-18PGL 103-10633.87232.2534.134.13111333514.2101.01
12-01-18DNPW 106-950000000000000000
11-29-18PGW 131-12840.814045.545.645.681230111015.413.11.12
11-27-18PGW 122-1143714436.532.432.42600312425.319.50.88
11-25-18PGW 125-11534.71203128.428.421000141216.311.80.82
11-23-18PGW 125-10730.29635.7535.135.1392033152012.61.16
11-21-18PGW 124-10831.91246458.958.9121700212120.313.51.85
11-20-18PGW 93-9132.49026.524.324.3471033916.711.30.75
11-17-18PGW 122-8329.311034.7535.435.4783022818111.21
11-16-18PGL 116-12342.612829.528.928.92720431417.915.90.68
11-14-18PGL 104-10638.410231.2527.927.97700511416.613.30.73
11-12-18PGL 110-12633.1922220.920.92110021414.810.20.63
11-10-18PGW 128-11226.6632524.424.42800011011.96.60.92
11-07-18PGW 114-10535.313335.535.435.42830431620.915.41
11-05-18PGW 124-111299446.7543.943.97112043172313.91.51
11-04-18PGW 121-10733.41925958.758.76152111212618.11.76
11-02-18PGW 107-9831.99240.539.239.261220331118.812.51.23
10-30-18PGW 129-11237.414443.7539.639.631210532022.317.41.06
10-29-18PGL 109-12434.21454546.746.76152243922.616.11.37
10-26-18PGW 116-10735.814246.545.845.841201022017.813.31.28
10-24-18PGW 112-10534.9944141.241.261040641320.915.21.18
10-22-18PGW 127-10631.89347.547.447.421421121616.210.71.49
10-20-18PGW 117-11334.821454.7551.651.631211412830.522.11.48
10-19-18PGW 113-10134.3843331.231.26600031512.28.70.91
10-17-18PGW 116-10435.612345.2543.243.21811312720.114.91.21
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