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Marc Gasol

Mon 04/01/2019 22:20
Marc Gasol to start Monday night vs. Orlando - Marc Gasol | TOR

Marc Gasol will start at center for Mondays game vs. Orlando, with Kyle Lowry, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard and Pascal Siakam completing Torontos starting five.

Mon 03/25/2019 01:10
Marc Gasol gets 17/6/4, three blocks and more - Marc Gasol | TOR

Marc Gasol started again on Sunday and had 17 points on 7-of-9 shooting, six assists, four rebounds, three blocks, two 3-pointers and one steal.

Sun 03/24/2019 20:25
Marc Gasol will remain in starting lineup Sunday.

Marc Gasol will remain in starting lineup Sunday.

Sat 03/23/2019 03:00
Marc Gasol doesnt take a shot until late 4Q - Marc Gasol | TOR

Marc Gasol didnt attempt a field goal until the final minutes of the fourth quarter on Friday, finishing with two points, six assists, five rebounds, two steals and two blocks.

Tue 03/19/2019 03:00
Gasol posts first double-double as a Raptor - Marc Gasol | TOR

Marc Gasol scored 12 points (4-of-8 FGs, 2-of-2 FTs) with 11 rebounds, one assist, one steal, one blocked shot and two 3-pointers in Mondayโ€™s win over the Knicks.

Wed 03/13/2019 17:36
Marc Gasol: To play heavy minutes

Marc Gasol: Gasol is expected to play "heavy minutes" in Serge Ibakas (suspension) absence, Eric Koreen of The Athletic reports. Visit for more analysis on this update.

Mon 03/11/2019 22:20
Marc Gasol starting; Ibaka to the bench - Marc Gasol | TOR

Marc Gasol will return to the starting lineup for Mondays matchup with the Cavs, sending Serge Ibaka back to the second unit.

Mon 03/11/2019 21:42
Marc Gasol will start ahead of Serge Ibaka on Monday.

Marc Gasol will start ahead of Serge Ibaka on Monday.

Fri 03/08/2019 23:37
Marc Gasol will start Friday.

Marc Gasol will start Friday.

Sun 03/03/2019 21:46
Marc Gasol will remain in starting lineup Sunday.

Marc Gasol will remain in starting lineup Sunday.

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Marc Gasol 2017-2018 Game Log

05-15-19CL 100-10839.91103332.932.91250213612.810.60.82
05-12-19CW 92-9045.28027.2529.229.21100304787.50.65
05-09-19CL 101-11235.58222.2524.624.6341214712.69.30.69
05-07-19CW 125-8933.36027.2527.527.5532004118.15.60.83
05-05-19CW 101-963913026.2523.523.55300351619.615.90.6
LAST 538.69.20.427.227.527.
05-02-19CL 95-11629.1642528.228.2622213714.28.60.97
04-29-19CL 89-9434.76223.7523.923.9750103596.50.69
04-27-19CW 108-9525.88019.519.419.4240103814.980.75
04-23-19CW 115-96245424.7523.823.8920123916.28.10.99
04-21-19CW 107-8525.33020.524.224.262220225.93.10.96
04-19-19CW 98-9326.46022.7526.126.1314004910.55.80.99
04-16-19CW 111-8221.85029.7532.132.1354003910.84.91.47
04-13-19CL 101-104329227.526.226.264000013149.30.82
04-09-19CW 120-10023.4542018.718.7611021915.87.70.8
04-07-19CW 117-10933.2443130.530.5107000587.55.20.92
04-05-19CL 111-11326.82318.518.218.262011267.54.20.68
04-03-19CW 115-10527.110036.2537.837.8964022818.110.21.39
04-01-19CW 121-10925832523.823.84400021316.78.70.95
03-30-19CW 124-101291143937.637.6860113171810.91.3
03-28-19CW 117-9223.24215.751616541015211.45.50.69
03-26-19CW 112-10320.16016.518.718.7611212215.56.50.93
03-24-19CL 114-11522.89139.541.841.84613121722.910.91.83
03-22-19CL 109-11627.51024.25272756222224.92.80.98
03-20-19CW 123-11430.37023.523.223.2620105109.86.20.77
03-18-19CW 128-9221.68231.7529.729.711111331223.610.61.38
03-17-19CL 107-11036.87236.2535.235.21180122912.99.90.96
03-14-19CW 111-9826.410333.7533.433.47420231520111.27
03-11-19CL 101-12621.76117.2516.416.4741034219.28.70.76
03-10-19BW 125-10421.9602324.724.7632121617.88.11.13
03-08-19CW 127-104196019.7520.320.3910222416.96.71.07
03-05-19BL 95-10717.6529.259.29.2100002814.75.40.52
03-03-19CL 107-1123810836.538.138.1851216131511.91
03-01-19CW 119-11732.31314344.644.6862121192214.81.38
02-26-19BW 118-9523.46225.752626580101513.16.41.11
02-24-19CL 98-11323.613229.7528.528.55500141627.513.51.21
02-22-19BW 120-11716.97020.7519.419.4760025421.97.71.15
02-13-19BW 129-12019.37426.2529.429.4722212720.48.21.52
02-11-19BW 127-12522.1923030.230.26211221622.610.41.37
02-09-19BW 104-9918.8722122.722.7612121722.78.91.21
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