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Isaiah Thomas

Thu 02/06/2020 21:00
Woj: Isaiah Thomas traded to Clippers - Isaiah Thomas | LAC

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Isaiah Thomas has been traded to the Clippers as part of a three-team deal between the Wizards, Clippers and Knicks.

Thu 02/06/2020 21:00
Isaiah Thomas not staying with Clippers - Isaiah Thomas | LAC

The Clippers will not be keeping Isaiah Thomas after acquiring him on Thursday, according to David Aldridge.

Sun 01/05/2020 00:00
Isaiah Thomas fined $25K for contact w/ ref - Isaiah Thomas | WAS

Isaiah Thomas was fined $25,000 for making inappropriate contact with an official in Fridays game against Blazers.

Sat 01/04/2020 00:13
Isaiah Thomas has been ejected Friday.

Isaiah Thomas has been ejected Friday.

Sat 12/28/2019 23:50
Isaiah Thomas starting, Ish Smith to bench - Isaiah Thomas | WAS

Isaiah Thomas will replace Ish Smith in the Wizards starting lineup on Saturday.

Sun 12/22/2019 02:40
Isaiah Thomas scores 20 PTS, ejected in 4th - Isaiah Thomas | WAS

Isaiah Thomas was ejected from Saturdays game against the 76ers in the fourth quarter after scoring 20 points (5-of-13 FGs, 8-of-9 FTs) with three assists and two 3-pointers.

Sun 12/22/2019 02:22
Isaiah Thomas has been ejected Saturday.

Isaiah Thomas has been ejected Saturday.

Tue 12/17/2019 03:10
Isaiah Thomas scores 23 points in return - Isaiah Thomas | WAS

Isaiah Thomas (calf) returned from a five-game absence in style in Mondays 133-119 win over the Pistons, scoring a season-high 23 points with six assists, one rebound, one block and five triples in 26 minutes.

Mon 12/16/2019 22:50
Isaiah Thomas will start; Smith to the bench - Isaiah Thomas | WAS

Isaiah Thomas (calf) will return to the starting lineup on Monday, sending Ish Smith back to the second unit.

Mon 12/16/2019 22:42
Isaiah Thomas (calf) expected to play around 24 minutes Monday.

Isaiah Thomas (calf) expected to play around 24 minutes Monday.

Isaiah Thomas Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Isaiah Thomas Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Isaiah Thomas Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Isaiah Thomas Did/Didn't Play Premium

Isaiah Thomas 2017-2018 Game Log

02-03-20PGL 117-12524.510216.2515.215.2140011918.89.60.62
02-01-20PGW 113-10722.61601916.916.92300211233.815.90.75
01-30-20PGW 121-10722.51422926.726.76100021827.312.81.19
01-28-20PGL 131-15119.210424.2522.622.63200021624.89.91.18
01-26-20PGL 133-15218.88216.2515.115.13100031019.47.60.8
LAST 521.511.622119.319.332.2000.61.81324.811.20.9
01-23-20PGW 124-11222.112024.7522.622.63401311331.714.61.02
01-22-20PGL 129-13424.511225.523.323.34310321424.512.50.95
01-20-20PGW 106-10018.42064.54.501002159.73.70.24
01-17-20PGL 111-14016.4601199020020818.76.40.55
01-15-20PGL 106-115258417.516.416.42200121219.410.10.66
01-12-20PGL 116-127205011.510.510.5030021815.46.40.53
01-10-20PGW 111-10122.81621211.911.9230002526.712.70.52
01-08-20PGL 89-12324839.756.26.2120052724.812.40.26
01-06-20PGW 99-9423.413423.2521.721.71300131729.914.60.93
01-04-20PGW 128-11416.7941199020034934.812.10.54
01-03-20PGL 103-1221.5101.511000010257.61.80.67
01-01-20PGL 101-12219.21021211.511.5011022928.311.30.6
12-30-19SGW 123-10522110161515041021826.612.20.68
12-26-19DNPL 102-1320000000000000000
12-21-19PGL 108-12525.11392421.521.50300302033.517.50.86
12-20-19PGL 118-12226.610425.524.924.92510131320.211.20.94
12-18-19PGL 109-110311542016.916.92100301624.916.10.55
12-16-19PGW 133-11925.513036.7534.234.21601242325.213.41.34
12-14-19DNPL 111-1280000000
12-08-19DNPL 119-1350000000
12-05-19DNPW 119-1130000000
12-03-19PGL 120-12734.214240.2539.539.5571133202316.41.15
12-01-19PGL 125-15024.611527.524.824.84400221623.211.91.01
11-29-19PGL 103-12521.9601413.513.50110131012.75.80.62
11-27-19PGW 140-13225.412024.7523.123.13510351225.313.40.91
11-26-19PGL 104-11721.9824.533020032322.410.20.14
11-24-19PGL 106-11329.21112522.422.4220135172112.80.77
11-22-19PGW 125-11821.37014.512.912.9250020518.38.10.61
11-20-19PGW 138-13223.910020.518180600201120.910.40.75
11-17-19PGL 121-12528.713224.526.526.50520021320.912.50.92
11-15-19PGW 137-11623.78021.7521.721.71510021013.26.50.92
11-13-19PGL 133-14032.614130.2527.727.71700221820.914.20.85
11-08-19PGL 100-11328.8902017.917.92500331117.210.30.62
11-06-19PGL 106-12119.710215.513130400311028.311.60.66
11-04-19PGW 115-9924.41202526.426.4261100920.510.41.08
11-02-19BL 109-13119.51423331.331.34701301635.414.41.61
10-30-19BL 158-15924.41133632.432.421010551727.714.11.33
10-26-19BL 122-12419.614028.2525.125.13500221634.3141.28
10-25-19DNPW 97-850000000
10-23-19DNPL 100-1080000000
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