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Thomas Bryant

Wed 03/04/2020 19:00
Thomas Bryant (rest) wont play Wednesday - Thomas Bryant | WAS

Thomas Bryant (rest) will not suit up for Wednesdays game in Portland.

Mon 02/24/2020 18:00
Thomas Bryant resting on Monday vs. Bucks - Thomas Bryant | WAS

Thomas Bryant (right foot injury management) will sit out on Monday vs. the Bucks.

Fri 02/21/2020 23:00
Thomas Bryant (foot) will play on Friday - Thomas Bryant | WAS

Thomas Bryant (foot) will play on Friday against the Cavs.

Thu 02/20/2020 01:00
Thomas Bryant (foot) practices Wednesday - Thomas Bryant | WAS

Thomas Bryant (right foot stress reaction) practiced on Wednesday but hes still questionable for Fridays game.

Wed 02/12/2020 01:00
Thomas Bryant could play first game after ASB - Thomas Bryant | WAS

Scott Brooks said that Thomas Bryants (right foot) re-evaluation went "great" on Monday, and he could be back in action for Washingtons first game after the All-Star break.

Mon 02/10/2020 23:00
Thomas Bryant (foot) wont play on Tuesday - Thomas Bryant | WAS

Thomas Bryant (foot) has been ruled out for Tuesdays game against the Bulls.

Wed 02/05/2020 18:00
Thomas Bryant out at least next three games - Thomas Bryant | WAS

Scott Brooks said that Thomas Bryant experienced a setback with the stress reaction in his right foot will miss at least the next several games.

Sun 02/02/2020 04:00
Thomas Bryant double-doubles vs. Brooklyn - Thomas Bryant | WAS

Thomas Bryant double-doubled in 25 minutes on Saturday with 17 points and 10 rebounds (four offensive).

Fri 01/31/2020 04:00
Thomas Bryant scores 21 points off bench - Thomas Bryant | WAS

Thomas Bryant scored 21 points with eight rebounds, two assists and one block in 23 minutes against the Hornets on Thursday.

Thu 01/30/2020 23:00
Thomas Bryant not listed as starter Thursday - Thomas Bryant | WAS

Thomas Bryant isnt listed as a starter on Thursday, with Gary Payton II moving into the starting lineup.

Thomas Bryant Recent Fantasy Performance
Teammate Usage When Thomas Bryant Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Minutes When Thomas Bryant Did/Didn't Play Premium
Teammate Shot Attempts When Thomas Bryant Did/Didn't Play Premium

Thomas Bryant 2017-2018 Game Log

03-10-20CW 122-11524.29433323210210021418.89.51.32
03-08-20CL 89-10016.3204.753.63.6300026211.840.22
03-06-20CW 118-11224.25621.2521.421.47001011014.17.10.88
03-04-20DNPL 104-1250000000
03-03-20CL 126-13319.4422626.826.84212221215.66.31.38
03-01-20CW 124-11015.46120.522.422.42012101221.871.45
LAST 519.95.22.621.
02-28-20BL 119-12917.510223.521.921.92300111627.710.11.25
02-26-20BW 110-10614.95216.2515.415.4700013819.361.03
02-23-20BL 117-12614.12012.25131350100146.11.80.92
02-21-20BL 108-11316.17218.252020500203818.56.21.24
02-03-20BL 117-12529.43628.2529.929.9730203117.54.61.02
02-01-20BW 113-10725.311533323210001021722.211.71.26
01-30-20BW 121-10723.411433.531.631.68201532131.415.31.35
01-28-20PFL 131-15131.911443.5434310611231818.712.41.35
01-26-20PFL 133-15218.16217.2516165000121117.86.70.88
01-23-20PFW 124-11217.25013.2512.612.6300001913.74.90.73
01-22-20BL 129-13416.64020.522.222.262020169.83.41.34
01-20-20BW 106-10021.6902219.719.76101531328.9130.91
01-17-20PFL 111-14016.4314.754.24.2101032315.25.20.26
01-15-20PFL 106-11512.44010.259.19.1310010518.24.70.73
01-12-20BL 116-12715.56013.2513.113.13100028175.50.85
01-10-20DNPW 111-1010000000
01-08-20DNPL 89-1230000000
01-06-20DNPW 99-940000000
12-23-19DNPW 121-1150000000
12-21-19DNPL 108-1250000000
12-20-19DNPL 118-1220000000
12-10-19DNPL 107-1140000000
12-05-19DNPW 119-1130000000
12-01-19CL 125-15030.71162322.122.183001391811.50.72
11-29-19CL 103-12522.16215.2514.514.5530012514.16.50.66
11-27-19CW 140-13229.811342.2540.340.39500122319.211.91.35
11-26-19CL 104-11722.8723134.634.68222021014.36.81.52
11-24-19CL 106-11328.410225.523.623.68200331420.812.30.83
11-22-19CW 125-11834.412537.7537.237.211001022117.912.81.08
11-20-19CW 138-13222.57025.7524245600211116.67.81.07
11-17-19CL 121-12527.61013030.230.26401041416.39.41.09
11-15-19CW 137-11622.69225.7524.824.89200141218.78.81.1
11-13-19CL 133-1402913528.2529.929.97102041421.713.11.03
11-08-19CL 100-11333.616241.541.641.68411322324.3171.24
11-06-19CL 106-12134.210737.7535.235.211200132016.611.81.03
11-04-19CW 115-9926.510225.7524.924.97101251420.311.20.94
11-02-19CL 109-13119.8622426261022113315.56.41.31
10-30-19CL 158-15934.31044648.948.912514111314.610.41.43
10-26-19CL 122-12430.411223.7523.923.97102231019.112.10.79
10-25-19CW 97-8531.516049.2550.250.211223202123.615.51.59
10-23-19CL 100-10830.79631.7528.728.711300301419.412.40.93
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