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NFL Projections For Week 2 Are Here!
This is my first season doing NFL. Tools will continue rolling out over the next few weeks.
Taysom Hill4390.20.36
Tyrod Taylor34-4-0.1-0.16
Ryan Tannehill24000
Kyler Murray5457010.622.8
Matt Moore34-4-0.1-0.16
Cam Newton515591122.36
Matthew Stafford4551811.520.72
Ben Roethlisberger474659.918.6
Ryan Fitzpatrick3240212.616.08
Andy Dalton513817.515.24
Mitchell Trubisky453788.415.12
Matt Ryan463607.814.4
Josh Allen373449.313.76
Carson Wentz393438.813.72
Baker Mayfield38343913.72
Deshaun Watson3034011.313.6
Case Keenum443297.513.16
Jameis Winston36323912.92
Drew Brees433127.312.48
Aaron Rodgers3030810.312.32
Jameis Winston2530512.212.2
Dak Prescott323019.412.04
Tom Brady372897.811.56
Deshaun Watson2028814.411.52
Eli Manning482855.911.4
Jared Goff392576.610.28
Joe Flacco312437.89.72
Sam Darnold422285.49.12
Philip Rivers342256.69
Lamar Jackson262198.48.76
Cam Newton382155.78.6
Derek Carr262148.28.56
Lamar Jackson1621213.38.48
Philip Rivers1820411.38.16
Russell Wilson201979.97.88
Josh Allen201879.47.48
Kyler Murray241877.87.48
Patrick Mahomes341805.37.2
Jimmy Garoppolo271746.46.96
Jacoby Brissett271676.26.68
Dak Prescott161559.76.2
Aaron Rodgers191497.85.96
Marcus Mariota2414565.8
Russell Wilson1414310.25.72
Gardner Minshew331354.15.4
Andy Dalton251325.35.28
Matthew Stafford171287.55.12
Case Keenum131158.84.6
Tom Brady131148.84.56
Ben Roethlisberger151117.44.44
Eli Manning191045.54.16
Ryan Fitzpatrick89912.43.96
Kirk Cousins13886.83.52
Gardner Minshew12836.93.32
Jacoby Brissett18834.63.32
Marcus Mariota16704.42.8
Nick Foles33692.12.76
Jimmy Garoppolo17694.12.76
Kirk Cousins10515.12.04
Robert Griffin III26381.51.52
Daniel Jones48290.61.16
Josh Rosen32170.50.68